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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired July 25, 1992

Polk County High School, Benton, TN

  1. The Fantastics vs Joe Cazana & Gary Scott
  2. INT: The Fantastics - say that if you don’t want to see blood then don’t come to the Fire on the Mountain, cause we’re ready to bleed to beat the Heavenly Bodies.
  3. Recap of  Jimmy Golden vs Robert Gibson from last week
  4. INT: Robert Gibson - says how Jimmy Golden called an old friend up in Robert Fuller, but he's got old friends too and called up someone who he hasn't spoken to in over a year who will be glad to be by his side.  A video is then played and it's Ricky Morton.  Morton says how he's made a lot of mistakes in his life, but was in a situation where he lost everything that means anything to him and when that happened he turned against friends and family.  When family fights it's okay, but no-one else interferes.  He tells Golden and Fuller that you do not lay a hand on Robert Gibson and that they've got the Rock & Roll Express back together.  He says how he lost everything he had, signed a big money contract, but it was a mistake as the money ended up meaning nothing as he had no-one to stand behind him like he used to.  The Rock & Roll Express are going to reunite and he'll stand by Robert Gibson through thick and thin.
  5. INT: Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller - Golden says that Gibson hasn't got the right to bring in anyone from another organization and he just hasn't got the guts to face him on his own.  Bob Armstrong shows up and Fuller tells him that he knows what the rules and that they're not going to let him step out of one organization and into another when he doesn't even have a license here to wrestle.  Armstrong says that he doesn't care what 'they do', but he's going to let Ricky Morton come in here and the Rock & Roll Express will roll again!  Fuller then says he's signing Morton's death warrant by allowing him to wrestle here.
  6. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies
  7. Tony Anthony & Paul Orndorff vs Ron Garvin & Brian Lee (jip, from Knoxville, TN) - Lee pins Anthony, but the heels attack them after the bout and Orndorff gives Garvin a piledriver.
  8. INT: Paul Orndorff - dressing room interview.  Says Ron Garvin took the ultimate piledriver from the greatest piledriver technician in the world.  Next time he steps in the ring with him he’ll give him the ultimate, ultimate piledriver and it’ll be over!
  9. INT: Ron Garvin - dressing room.  Says that Paul Orndorff made a mistake as he’s still around to talk.  When Ron Garvin piledrives someone they stay down, they’re crippled and out of the business, now we’ve got piledriver vs piledriver!
  10. Brian Lee vs The Stormtrooper (wearing a swastika, nazi vest)
  11. INT: Brian Lee
  12. Down & Dirty w/ Tony Anthony - a special edition of Down & Dirty as Dutch Mantel is on location in Bucksnort, TN, the home of the Dirty White Boy.  His home is in fact an abandoned auto car park and Dutch is a little scared so has bought some protection with him in the form of a dog.  Dutch tells the dog if anyone comes at them to kill on sight and if they bother them, to rip their arms and legs off.  He then starts calling out 'White Boy' whilst going past all these rusty, broken down vehicles until Anthony jumps out of one of them, startling the dog in the process who would've ran off if he wasn't on a lead.  It transpires that Dutch woke him up, so he pours some water over his head to wake himself up, cleans his teeth with a swig of beer and then dries his face on Dutch's poncho.  Dutch is here to ask him about his 'title vs leaving town' match against Brian Lee at Fire on the Mountain, and whilst the tables are stacked against him, Dutch believes he can take him.  Anthony says that he knows he can take him, that he's going nowhere, that this is his home and after it's over the Dirty White Boy will walk out as the SMW champion, throw a party and get Mr Wright out of his wheelchair.
  13. Tim Horner vs Paul Lee
  14. INT: Davey Rich - says his broken leg (suffered at the hands of the Heavenly Bodies) is getting better and he’s devising a plan to get Jim Cornette.  He’s got plenty of people calling him to take care of the Bodies if the Fantastics don’t do it first.
  15. INT:  Jim Cornette - says Davey Rich is crying because he’s got a broken leg and plaster of paris all the way up to his hip.  He thinks he’s got bad luck?  Well he could’ve not got hurt this time, have to face the Heavenly Bodies again and get beaten up time after time, he got the lucky way out!  The Fantastics wanted this match at Fire on the Mountain to keep everyone in the ring, but he doesn’t think they realize how it will feel when you’re wrapped in four pronged barbed wire.  Maybe they need a visual demonstration…
  16. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan - after the Bodies get the win they start to hog tie Jordan with the barbed wire until the Fantastics make the save
  17. INT: Tim Horner, The Fantastics
  18. INT:  Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette says the Fantastics are going to look like coleslaw when they get through with him and they’ll hog tie them better than they did Ben Jordan at Fire on the Mountain.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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