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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired August 1, 1992

Polk County High School, Benton, TN

  1. Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller vs Ben Jordan & Richie Dye
  2. INT: Ricky Morton - repeat from 7/25
  3. Recap of Paul Orndorff’s piledriver spree
  4. INT: Ron Garvin - repeat from 7/25
  5. INT:  Tim Horner - wonders where is Buddy Landell?  He seems to be hiding.  He’s missed a few matches, maybe he’s in jail or maybe he’s scared?  In the “I Quit” match you have to make your opponent say “I Quit” and there is no doubt in his mind he can make Landell say “I Quit”, but there’s a big doubt in his mind he can make him say “I Quit”.  Tells Landell to put his name on the dotted line and he’ll see him wherever if he has got the guts to show up.
  6. INT: Tim Horner, Brian Lee
  7. Recap of the end of Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs Killer Kyle
  8. INT: Dixie Dy-No-Mite - after he got taped to the top rope by Killer Kyle and then he taped his fists and beat on him, the Smoky Mountain have ordered a taped fist match between the two of them.
  9. Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs The Stormtrooper - after the match Killer Kyle comes down to ringside and into the ring.  The Stormtrooper leg dives Dixie, Kyle attacks him and then starts to choke him with a coat hanger.  Gary Scott and Ben Jordan come out to try and get him off Dy-No-Mite, but he just no sells their efforts.  Hector Guerrero then runs out with a chair and hits Kyle in the head with it, but he no sells that too.  Kyle removes his jacket and they square off until Bob Armstrong rushes to the ring, gets between them and puts a stop to things.
  10. Down & Dirty w/ Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden - It's one of the proudest days in Dutch's life to have Fuller and Golden as guests on today's episode of Down & Dirty.  Fuller returns the compliments and then starts to tell a tale about how he went to his barn the other night and saw two new born twin ponies.  He called one of them Ricky and the other Robert and then says how he kicked those ponies until they yelped.  When he got done with them he went and sat down, but those two ponies came over to him and rested their heads on his lap.  Golden then says that it goes to show you can whip a little respect into something, and that's what they're going to do to the Rock & Roll Express.
  11. Lengthy recap of the Fantastics vs Heavenly Bodies feud - incl. clips of the Smoky Mountain street fight at Summerblast which is the first airing of those on TV
  12. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Tom Prichard is wearing heavy duty gloves and carrying some barbed wire, whilst Bob Caudle says that Jim Cornette has been smiling about everything, but Bob Armstrong is going to be the referee and he is going to even things up.  Cornette says that Armstrong only takes care of his friends and those who mean something to him, but he will be in the barbed wire cage with the Fantastics and the Bodies (kind of implying that there is every chance he will get hurt as well).  Cornette goes on to say how the barbed wire will rip cows, horses and will sure rip the Fantastics.  He then uses some tomatoes to represent the Fulton's and shows what will happen when they step in the cage, and shreds the tomatoes on the barbed wire.
  13. Brian Lee vs Gary Scott - after the match Tony Anthony comes to ringside with The Stormtrooper and Paul Lee.  He sends them in the ring to attack Lee but he quickly sees them off.  When they fail he attacks Lee himself and referee Mark Curtis signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell and another match commences.
  14. Brian Lee vs Tony Anthony - Lee gets the pin but Bob Caudle questions if he can do it next Saturday when the pressure is on.
  15. INT: Tony Anthony
  16. INT: The Fantastics - Bobby Fulton tells Bob Caudle that you know what it means to be a paper champion don't you?  They're the kind of guys that go into the ring and don't win by ability (all whilst shredding a newspaper on some barbed wire that Jackie's holding).  Fire on the Mountain is going to be the end for somebody and whilst they figure they are going to end up in the barbed wire a few times, they are going to throw the Heavenly Bodies into it a few more times and plan on leaving as champions.  He then warns Cornette that if he gets in the ring he's going to get shredded, whilst the Bodies are going to get cut, and cut bad. Excellent build again.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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