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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired August 15, 1992

Avery County High School Newland, NC

  1. Brian Lee vs Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) (jip, from Fire on the Mountain) - the finish comes when Ron Wright grabs Mark Curtis’s leg distracting him.  Lee hits the Cancellation Fee on Anthony when the Mongolian Mauler (unnamed at this point) runs out, clotheslines Lee and Anthony covers him for the belt.
  2. INT: Brian Lee - dressing room interview.  He doesn’t know who the mystery man was but there was definitely something in the elbow that he hit him with.  Says that if he finds out Ron Wright and the Dirty White Boy were behind it there will be hell to pay.
  3. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - Wright claims he doesn’t know who it was, but evidently some spectator didn’t like what Brian Lee was doing and jumped in the ring and sucker punched him.  He knew nothing about it until he saw the video as he was having a heart attack out there.  He had forgotten his heart monitor and left it in the dressing room he was so nervous over the title match!  All he was trying to do was tell the referee he was having a heart attack and to call for an ambulance and to get him out of there.  Anthony says that the only thing that matters is that he’s the champion and is going to be a fighting one, when Bob Armstrong comes out to interrupt them.  He tells them if he finds out that they were behind that mystery man he’ll strip Anthony of the title immediately, and Wright will have to put that operation on hold.
  4. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden
  5. INT: Tim Horner - he heard Tony Anthony say that he would be a fighting champion and makes a challenge to him for a title shot.
  6. Barbed Wire Cage Match: Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs The Fantastics (jip, from Fire on the Mountain) - Cornette throws some powder in Bobby Fulton’s face and is spotted by Bob Armstrong who ejects him from ringside.  Later in the match he sneaks his way back down and throws his tennis racket into the cage for the Bodies to use.  Tom Prichard catches it and as he goes to swing it at Jackie, but Armstrong grabs it and snatches it off him.  Jackie then rolls him up and Armstrong (fast) counts the three for the fall and the title change.  Good action, although this is the second time in a row that the face wins a title due to Armstrong getting involved in the action.
  7. INT:  Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - dressing room interview.  Tom Prichard says that Bob Armstrong was going to make sure that they lost the titles regardless of what it took and they're not standing for it.  It was a barbed wire cage match where anything goes and he wants to take something away from him?  Cornette says that they understood from the start that Armstrong meant for them to lose the belts but they thought they could do something about it.  He let the Fantastics do everything they could and the one time Tom Prichard got his hands on something, he stuck his nose in.  He tells Armstrong to sign a rematch between the teams within 24 hours otherwise he's getting his lawyers involved and will sue both Armstrong and SMW until they are flat broke.
  8. INT: The Fantastics - dressing room interview.  Bobby Fulton says that he’s been involved in wrestling for fifteen years and has never seen anything as brutal and bloody as that barbed wire match.  He then tells the Heavenly Bodies that they don’t have to defend the belts for 30 days and when they do it might not be against them, they’re going to have to sit back and wait for a title shot.
  9. Down & Dirty w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle - Cornette says that Kyle doesn’t speak because there is no-one round here worth speaking to.  He did however have a chat with him backstage and it turns out that they have some common interests and he told him he would be happy to interpret his feelings to these redneck, hillbillies so they know what he is thinking.  Cornette then talks about the upcoming boxing match that Kyle has with Dixie Dy-No-Mite and says that Kyle has a punch like a jackhammer!  He gets Kyle to demonstrate this power by breaking a board (held by Mike Sampson) with his fist, and tells Dixie that he’ll break him in half just like he did this board.  Dutch then asks him if this means he’ll be managing Kyle and he confirms he will.
  10. INT: Paul Orndorff - he’s still not happy about his piledriver being banned and is going off about Bob Armstrong when he shows up at the interview position.  Armstrong mentions how Orndorff had problems with Brian Lee earlier in the year and then questions whether he had anything to do with that guy showing up at Fire on the Mountain.  Orndorff says that he has never seen him before in his life, whilst Armstrong tells him that if he can prove he did have something to do with it, the price may be more than he can pay.
  11. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs Rock & Roll Express (highlights, from Fire on the Mountain)
  12. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden - backstage interview
  13. INT: Rock & Roll Express - say that they might’ve won the battle but they lost the war, and they’re not happy with that.
  14. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Dixie Dy-No-Mite - Killer Kyle comes out some way into the match and hits Dy-No-Mite in the knee with a foreign object.  Dixie’s leg later gives way when he tries to slam Anthony and the Dirty White boy falls on top of him and hooks the tights for the pin.
  15. INT: Brian Lee, Rock & Roll Express
  16. INT: Dixie Dy-No-Mite - says that despite everything that Killer Kyle has done to him he’s still standing tall and has him in ten rounds of boxing and doesn’t care where it goes.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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