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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired September 5, 1992

Avery County High School Newland, NC

  1. Tim Horner vs Robbie Eagle - Tony Anthony joins them on commentary, but quickly scarpers after Horner gets the win and he sees him making his way over to the desk.
  2. INT: Tim Horner - he just wants an opportunity against the Dirty White Boy.  He’s happy to leave it to the luck of the draw, but wants his name in the hat alongside the other top ten contenders.
  3. Recap of Heavenly Bodies vs Fantastics from Fire on the Mountain, and then of Jim Cornette’s efforts to get a rematch
  4. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Cornette says The Fantastics were so cowardly and scared of the Heavenly Bodies that they wouldn’t get in the ring with them for any amount of money, but he found their price.  They are accompanied by Robert J. Lacey (who is VP of the Third National Bank in Morristown) and he has $20,000 in cash in a briefcase.  Cornette promises the Fantastics that they are never getting their hands on the money and the Bodies are taking it, and the belts home with them.
  5. INT: Rock & Roll Express
  6. No DQ Match: The Fantastics vs Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) - the referee gets bumped and then Mark Curtis comes out to take his place.  Curtis then gets bumped himself in a rather contrived manner (something that’s becoming a habit for him) and whilst Bobby Fulton has a sleeper on Stan Lane, Cornette soaks a rag in ether and uses it on Bobby to knock him out.  He throws the first referee back into the ring who counts the fall and the Bodies regain the titles.  Bob Caudle is convinced that Cornette knocked Fulton out with something, whilst Dutch Mantel just thinks he's a heavy drinker, was drunk before he went out and ended up passing out in the match!  A very good match and best TV match of the year so far, although there was no need for Mark Curtis to be involved and subsequently get bumped.  They could have easily carried on the match and do the same ether rag finish with the first referee still being out and KO'ed on the arena floor.  Screams of being overbooked.
  7. Down & Dirty w/ Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Dutch opens by thanking Cornette for coming on to his programme and from keeping the Fantastics off it and killing his ratings!  Cornette is a little choked up he is so happy, but what the people don't realize is that the referees were knocked out and as a result there was no official to keep an eye on things and make sure none of the participants in the match suffer a serious injury.  He saw an old wound on Bobby's head begin to open up, so pulled out his first aid kit, sprayed disinfectant on a cloth and then went in to wipe the wound and make sure that he wasn't hurt that bad that he couldn't continue.  After cleaning the wound he was fine, but then he passed out almost straightaway.  Maybe he has a drinking problem?  Maybe he was bitten by a tsetse fly?  But either way the Heavenly Bodies are the new tag team champions.  Stanfield says how he smelled liquor on Fulton, so no more Fantastics and from now on it's the Rock & Roll Express.  They've beaten them so many times in the past that it will be like taking candy from a baby!  Cornette then pours the $20,000 over him and is almost bathing in it in the ring.
  8. INT: Paul Orndorff - says that if Ron Garvin is the man that he says he is, why didn’t he step in the ring?  Garvin claimed that he is going to piledrive him?  Well no-one in the world is ever going to do that to him.
  9. Texas Death Match: Tony Anthony vs Brian Lee (jip, from Knoxville, TN) - the ‘stalker’ (Mongolian Mauler) again comes from somewhere to attack Brian Lee and lay him out.  Tim Horner comes to help Lee and the arena security take the stalker away.
  10. INT: Bob Armstrong & Brian Lee - Armstrong says that the reward posters were bad enough, but he has now received a letter in the post.  The letter says “Commissioner Armstrong, I see one of my followers has disturbed you, it won’t be the last time.  Professional wrestling has wronged me, you Armstrong turned your back on me and because of this your fair haired boys will pay.  Brian Lee will be the first and you’ll have to watch it happen.  Don’t try to find me, when it’s time I’ll find you.”  Armstrong doesn’t know what they’ve got against him that they’re taking it out on Brian Lee, but he’ll get it settled when he can.  Lee says that he has no problem when it is one on one, but this letter has got him a little shook up.
  11. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden
  12. Recap of Rock & Roll Express vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden from last week
  13. INT: Rock & Roll Express
  14. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs Brad & Bart Batten

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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