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[2015-07-29-WWE-Main Event] Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella

Jimmy Redman

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Main Event 29th July 2015 - Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella

This is Becky Lynch's first singles match on the main roster, albeit on a C show. She didn't take long to start making history, because I feel like this is clearly, at least through 2015, the best match Brie Bella ever had.

There is an AMAZING moment early where the bloke on PBP is putting over Becky's performance at Takeover Unstoppable and Jerry Lawler, with a completely straight face, goes, "Yeah, that was awesome!" There is a 100% chance that he had NO FUCKING IDEA ON EARTH what he was talking about.

Anyway, this match was Actually Good. Becky shines early going for arm holds, working the arm, and seems to be so shoot excited that she's kind of wobbly, which they explain by stating the obvious saying that it's main roster nerves, which I like as an extension of the NXT style of "Enhance the story by just showing their real emotion."

We get a neat story where Becky is going for the arm early, but then she gets posted and Brie is the one that takes over with arm work. She looks good doing it, and throws in nifty stuff you wouldn't expect, like a cross armbreaker with her foot in Becky's face, all nice and rough. Full credit to Brie, she not only stepped up physically for this but she was calling the match, and I know that because she was yelling louder than Cena throughout. Becky made a nice comeback and Brie cuts her off by going back to the arm. She hangs Becky's arm on the rope and hits a HUGE missile dropkick for a big nearfall. In the end Brie Bella actually does LA MAGISTRAL and Becky rolls right into the armbar and wins.

This was just good shit, and like I said I believe the career Brie Bella match, if anyone was wondering. Judging from the rest of 2015, Becky Lynch is FAR AND AWAY Brie's best match up, and it's a real feather in Becky's cap that she was always able to work so well with her.

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