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    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    Beth: It's an interesting point to note that Roderick Strong chose to initiate mind games with Velveteen Dream by burning his couch, when usually it's Dream who likes to play mind games, Roddy seems to be taking the psychological battle t- Mauro: -WILL THE VELVETEEN DREAM'S TITLE REIGN ALSO GO UP IN FLAMES?!?! Beth: ... I'm not anti-Mauro but this bit did absolutely crack me up. This was a home run showcase I thought, even though the move to USA and off the Network (live) has absolutely screwed me personally in the arsehole and I'll probably never be able to watch the damn show in a timely manner or spoiler free ever again. But hey, I still have NXTUK. The other thing that struck me is that here is WWE, launching a third branded show on a major network, live, and soon to be head-to-head with their main competition, this huge grand opening and they need a big bang to start off... and they throw the women out there. And not only women, but mostly women of colour. They trust these women to have a 15 minute balls out spotfest on live TV that makes the crowd go wild and chant "NXT" and demonstrate what the product is. With a female refereeing and a female announcer. And it was all so... normal. This is what the new normal has to be. Fuck Dream losing and fuck Nickelodeon Evolution but hey. On second thoughts I'm fine with losing TV if it's just going to be all Cole, all the time for another six months.
  2. Jimmy Redman

    NXT talk

    I may still watch the main event, and I have a squizillion things to say about Toni/KLR that will require a longer format, but for now just let me say Cesaro vs. Ilja WAS THE FUCKING BIZNESSSSSSSSSSSS. GET THE FUCK IN ME. I am totally here for Cesaro now being his own one man Manly Man Division, going to any and all shows WWE has to find all the manly men to have manly man matches with.
  3. She's having good undercard matches, and I've always had a soft spot for underneath, white meat babyfaces. I dunno. There's something pure and wholesome about her, which I guess is why I'm so intrigued by the first inklings of something darker now.
  4. Our review of SHIMMER Volume 7 is up! Young Becky Lynch unfortunately suffers a career-ending injury, and is absolutely, positively never heard from in wrestling again. We deal with the impact of her short but memorable time in SHIMMER, how her injury changed her career, as well as the fallout for the company. Plus the debuts of LuFisto and Nattie Neidhart, and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Daizee Haze in the main event. Check it out! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-7?in=prowrestlingonly/sets/shimmer-herstory
  5. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    When people started saying this not only did I not agree but I actively scoffed and derided the very thought, the very idea, as that of a nincompoop, but honestly for the first time in my life I think I enjoyed the WWE PPV more than the Takeover. Now, obviously there's a very specific, 43 year old, mother of two reason why that is true, but I was planning on watching Trish's match with bated breath and being bored enough for the other 47 hours to just clean the house instead. But lo and behold. The new Bray gimmick is FUCKING AWESOME. I actually want to say this more than anything else. THE FIEND IS AWESOME. The integration of the Funhouse gimmick, the creepy horror shit, the mask, the new entrance theme and lighting, the fucking DECAPITATED HEAD LANTERN?? Get IN ME. I love this shit. The whole package scared the absolute bejesus out of my girl ("when did wrestling get so scary??") which is a seal of approval worth more than gold to me. AND! Amazingly they didn't even fuck it up when the lights went up. I was scared it would be a normal match or Finn would get too much offense in but he didn't! I love Finn but he had to be the sacrificial lamb here, fuck protecting him, or anyone. This is Something Else. It's still the same man under the hood moving around the ring of course, but he made it feel different enough. Reminded me of his NXT ring work. That fucking evil assassin neck snap?? Jesus Christ, that is some serial killer shit. You can kill someone doing that. And the Mandible Claw is a perfect new finish. Even his horror movie exit ruled. I just loved every single living breathing thing about this. I am now in charge of booking Bray Wyatt. I'm taking over. And just like Dua Lipa, I have some new rules. 1. The Fiend NEVER wrestles on television. EVER. NEVER, EVER, EVER. Weekly TV is the death of literally everything in WWE, there's no way around it, there's just too much of it. But there IS a way around it, the Brock Lesnar way. Never wrestle on TV. Ever. Keep it special. It's impossible to keep it special if it happens every other week. So he never wrestles on TV. You have to PAY $9.99 for the Award Winning WWE Network to see The Fiend's entrance. (I can see potential for Bray to wrestle on TV as Mister Rogers in the red jumper if they (I mean, I) explore the split personality more. But just not The Fiend.) 2. Short, explosive matches. No selling. This match with Finn was fucking perfect. Nobody on earth wants to see the Fiend gimmick wrestle a 15 minute back and forth match. It's not built for it. The entrance and the package is the draw. He has short matches, he hits big offense, creepy, neck snapping offense, doesn't sit in holds to "wear down his opponent", doesn't do nearfalls and kickouts, doesn't do anything like what happens in all the other matches. He stalks dudes, hits his shit, and when they're dead he sticks his hand in their face and chokes them out. When I say "no selling", I don't mean ever, I mean he shouldn't sell much, or for very long. Finn hitting a flurry and stunning him enough to climb to the top before his death, perfect. The Fiend should feel impenetrable, like a horror movie villain. Be different. What were the (men's) matches that stood out on this show?? Goldberg squashing Dolph, Fiend/Finn, and Brock/Seth. Other matches were good, but they weren't special, they weren't different. These stood out mainly because they had guys (Goldberg, Fiend, Brock) who are unique and do something that isn't like most other dudes. Like most other matches. WWE have 78 hours of TV every week and countless matches. They're all the same and none of them matter. After 40 workrate TV matches this month, Goldberg spearing Dolph into the afterlife is FUN. It's a change of pace. It stands out. (And NOT just because it's Goldberg from a better era, because they were ready to get behind Ryback and Braun doing basically the same thing in their own time.) The Fiend working as basically '92 Undertaker by having these infrequent "special event" matches where he doesn't sell and seems unhuman will stand out. ESPECIALLY in 2019. And on TV, stick to his strengths, the Funhouse and the promos and the gimmick. Have Mister Rogers wrestle like a face and wonder why everyone is scared of him. The Fiend chooses opponents wisely, for a reason, and then at the PPV he does his entrance and then murders them. Nothing else. Do that for 8 months, that gets us to Mania (start imagining the opulent splendor of a gigantic stadium-sized Fiend entrance now). Fuck it, I'll have him murder Old Man Taker in 5 minutes at Mania, avenge the Mania loss and formally take his place as the resident ghoul. Do it for 8 months, resist the urge to complicate it for 8 months, and then I'll figure out what to do next. Anyway The Fiend is awesome.
  6. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    *various unintelligible screaming noises*
  7. Jimmy Redman

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I want to have a go at answering this, since they are similar reigns and like I said, I love Shayna Baszler way more than is healthy or sane and I'm bowled over with every single in ring performance of hers so like, it's not her. There are differences. The first worth noting is to repeat what someone above me said, that we already had the long, dominant reign from Asuka, and this one started not long after it. For over three years the women's title has been largely held by dominant champions and defended in matches where people assumed it wouldn't change hands. That is a long time. Another difference is in how the two are presented. It's easy to forget now that she's just another main roster dork and more joshi workers have come in, but when Asuka came to NXT and started fucking sheilas up it was INSANE. It felt DIFFERENT. She felt different to everyone else, anyone who had come before her or anyone she was competing with. She was very much Other, almost like Brock Lesnar when he first came back to wrestling with the aura that he had. Her matches were not like other matches. Her appearances felt special. She was murdering folk for sport, and ACTED like she was murdering folk for sport. And during her reign, it didn't really hurt anyone to lose a title challenge to her. You were fighting The Other, the undefeated ace, and if you came close and gave her a fight, that was something. Plus, once she went over the year mark it became this historical, once-in-a-generation reign we got to witness too. Shayna isn't really the Other. She's just a super dominant athlete, who comes off as streets ahead of anyone she faces. And now, that coupled with having dorks to do run in finishes with, it just feels like nobody has a chance. And when people lose to Shayna, they don't really gain much from it because she's not Otherworldly in the same way. So you have the untouchable aspect, without having that special feeling to make it okay that nobody could touch her. And again I say this as someone who is in creepy ass love with Shayna. The other key difference is that Asuka was a face and Shayna is a heel. Sometimes we think we're too analytical to really be affected by things like that, but honestly, its just... nicer to sit through a strong babyface ace reign than a strong heel reign, especially one that comes with a lot of cheap run in finishes. It's perpetually disappointing, and that's not fun.
  8. Jimmy Redman

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I'm probably still on Team NXT more than anyone else who regularly posts here, but the booking of the women's belt is killing me. I love Shayna to an embarrassing and unsettling degree, she is my big gay mood and I still belt her theme music out in my car all the time but God fuckin' damn does she need to lose that title. This was the time to do it. Regardless of how you feel about Mia or her performance here, this was the time. She had the big babyface push with the redemptive underdog story. She spent the build taking out the dorks to remove the cheap run in finish from the equation. She wasn't intimidated by Shayna, and she came in here and got in her face and cheated out the ass to get the upper hand. She gave her a big arm injury early on that Shayna sold big time, and even did the big symbolic *do Shayna's arm stomp on her own arm* spot that is literally 2 years in the making. And she still lost clean as a fuckin' sheet. Like... what more can anyone do to Shayna at this point? How is anyone supposed to beat her? You'd have to get a literal bullet out and shoot her, and she'd probably still turn that into a submission. The women's match was dead because, at best, everyone was waiting for the dorks to run in before buying anything as a finish, or at worst, nobody believed Shayna would lose at all. The women's division has been treading water all year, with the exact same cheap finishes in every title match. They finally got the dorks out of the way and she STILL wins. What are they waiting for? "Not ready to call Shayna up until we know about Ronda" isn't good enough. Just have her do something else. She's been dominant for her entire NXT run and the division is dead now. At least with Asuka, Ember was the heir apparent and there were people waiting in the wings, plus it felt like a special, history making run. Shayna's run has just killed everyone in sight. Also, I know I'm preaching to the choir here but woah boy, that main event. Hot garbage.
  9. Hey dudes, Steven Graham and I are back in business reviewing SHIMMER from the very beginning. Volume 6 is up, featuring Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif in a Last Woman Standing match, and Allison Danger vs. Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) in a Pure Rules match in what would unfortunately be Becky's last hurrah in SHIMMER, but between this and her promo, and unmissable one. We're still finding our feet with this podcast, and we just got back on the horse, so as always any feedback or comments are welcomed and encouraged.
  10. Jimmy Redman

    Wrestling Observer / Torch subscriber question

    This is exactly what I was worried about, thanks guys for the info.
  11. Hey guys, quick question for anyone who has an Observer or Torch subscription, how complete are their newsletter archives? I'm mostly interested in the 2000s and 2010s, and I just remember the last time I had an Observer sub (approximately 3,000 years ago) the archive wasn't complete with the more recent years and I don't want to waste my money if that's still the case.
  12. Jimmy Redman

    Money In The Bank 2019

    I've been pretty out of the loop with wrestling for a good while, and I know I'm like two weeks late to be talking about this PPV that I only half watched but I had a thought that I still want to unload so bear with me. Bayley winning MITB was a really cool moment. Of the people in the ring she seemed like the best possible option, so I was expecting a cheap heel win for someone like Mandy and was pleasantly surprised that they went with her. And that people reacted so well to it shows you that there's still always potential there to salvage someone who was once as over and as captivating to her audience as Bayley was. I'm fine with what they did with the title switches on the show in the context of current TV, wanting to get a belt off Becky and onto Smackdown. This isn't about that, but more of a general point about how WWE TV *feels* in 2019, from something that just struck me all at once, when she grabbed the briefcase. What a wasted opportunity that was. The idea of 2015 NXT Bayley graduating and eventually holding the MITB briefcase on the main roster is a FASCINATING prospect. (Even moreso if you pretend she hadn't already won the Raw title a bunch of times already, but here we are.) Bayley is the ultimate babyface. Good and sweet and upstanding and our eternal rooting interest. Very Cena-esqe, in the sense that her character's instinct is to always do what is right, even when it is hard. What would she do with the ultimate heelish shortcut device? Would she give into the temptation to make a surprise cash in, like so many other babyfaces have? Would she do what Cena did and announce it in advance, being noble, perhaps, but foolhardy? Would she grapple with the decision? Consider also her best friend, Sasha Banks (yes I heard she's on holiday, continue to bear with me). Sasha who loves Bayley, who idolises Bayley, who has always wanted to BE Bayley, going back to the start of their NXT rivalry. But a Sasha who has historically NOT been able to live up to her idol's ideals, who has taken the easy way out and turned heel in the pursuit of championships and success. She ultimately doesn't see the value in principle if it's not going to get you to your dreams. Not for her, anyway. So after becoming closer than ever as a tag team and having a title run, only to lose them on the grand stage, how would Sasha react to Bayley's win? Would she be happy for her? Jealous? Resentful? Supportive? Would she try to convince Bayley to do the smart thing and cash in unannounced, tell her to resist the urge to be a hero? Or would she support her best friend, and admire her even more for sticking to her principles? Or would Bayley cashing in and becoming women's champion again stir up all of Sasha's inadequacies and jealousies and cause her to snap? Would that be the catalyst for the main roster Bayley/Sasha feud they always wanted to do? There's an extra layer if both champions are (as they were for a moment in real time) the other members of the Four Horsewomen. Would Bayley feel conflicted about ambushing one of her fellow sisters with a cash in? Would a heel Charlotte belittle Bayley and tell her she wouldn't DARE? How would Becky Lynch confront Bayley holding the briefcase? And if the champ was a heel like Alexa or Lacey, say, would Sasha be in her ear telling her to cash in, they deserve it anyway? Would that kind of heel champ mock Bayley for being weak and stupid if she hesitated? If she was unsure? But wouldn't pure at heart, ultimate babyface Bayley hesitate about taking the biggest shortcut in the business? There are just a million possibilities, and a million storyline beats they could hit with that, IF they had any fucking clue how to develop characters on the main roster, and IF Bayley was anywhere near the person she was in 2015. Of course, those are IFs so big you could land a plane on them. My other side point to that is how frustrating, and narratively limiting it is that a surprise MITB cash in is portrayed as just something you do, instead of a heelish cheapshot. They literally have no ideas for it other than "I wonder when X will surprisingly run in and cash it in!" The point where cash ins became like... nearfalls, where they'd run out and stare at a dead guy and stare at the case and stare back at the dead guy and then signal for a cash in but then OH someone distracted me so nothing happened and it wasn't a cash in we were just teasing, until the next time we try it... eww. I'm glad Brock is having fun dancing on telly but this shit needed to die yesterday. Anyway hi guys what the fuck is up.
  13. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    I don't think I have one in me at this point. But I was absolutely going out of my entire tree. Kofi is my dude. Him going completely nuts and firing up and kicking out of everything and going up top to try to hit the world's biggest crossbody to win the WWE Championship of the World straight out of my 2011 dreams and making people BELIEVE sent me into complete and utter meltdown. Suddenly I was 20 years old again. And if they don't pull the trigger on Kofi at Mania I'm going to sulk through whatever the Title match is at Metlife.
  14. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

  15. Jimmy Redman

    Stacey's Divas Deep Dive

    Dang it. Mate if you want me to write the Golden Girls Deep Dive I will but one thing at a time. I'm trying to redeem Torrie Wilson here I've got my hands full.