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  1. August 22nd NXT TAKEOVER: BROOKLYN - Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - NXT Title What a time Brooklyn was. It's a show that doesn't lose a thing watching it back now. The magic of NXT during that time was just something else. I had completely forgotten that Steph came out here before the match to suck her own dick. The thing that sticks out the most in 2021 is how hard they were trying to push the "Double Main Event" line, instead of just putting them in the main event. It's very... quaint, would be the nicest possible way to put it. The video package, on the other hand, is an amazing piece of business, weaving through the stories of Bayley and Sasha rising through NXT, with the story of everyone turning on Bayley while she stayed true to herself, plus now being left for dead by the other Horsewomen going to the main roster, all leading into this title chase and her NEEDING to win this match. Everything about this rules. So Bayley comes out in fucking 'Merican Dweem polka dots. Stop it! Sasha has worked Raws and PPVs by now, but this was Bayley's first ever big arena show. She must have been going nuts. And not to be outdone Sasha ROLLS OUT IN A CADDY. Imagine Eddie Guerrero being your favourite wrestler and you are granted a wish from a genie to just cosplay as him in WWE whenever you want your entire career. By the time she comes out in this car wearing her PPV coat and is lifted up onto the apron by her security team, she looks like the coolest fucking person on earth. Every. Thing. About. This. Rules. The first cool moment was the debut of the Bayley springboard elbow in the corner, which actually looked super organic, since it was the first time, plus Sasha leaned into it so naturally without looking like she was feeding for it. Sasha is ri-fucking-diculous. Like seriously, ridiculous. I say this in every one of my reviews from 2015 and I am running out of words for her. She misses the knees, but then shoves Bayley to the floor HARD, mocks her, and beats the shit out of her. Then she misses the knees AGAIN, but Sasha headscissors her back into the corner, beats more shit out of her, and goes up the top to hit the FUCK YOU SUPER DOOPER KNEES! That was one of those spots where you can see the crowd literally rise to their feet in anticipation of this big move. Great way to bust out something big for this, plus show how hard Bayley made her work to hit the knees, and how determined Sasha was to actually hit them. The work and the moves and the physicality is so great, from both, but everything still centres around the story. The match starts with Sasha getting in Bayley's face and bitching at her, which only fires Bayley up to start unloading offense on her. After the big knees, Sasha again goes back to bitching in Bayley's face, telling her she's not good enough, telling her she'll never be champion, all the things she kept telling her during the build. Every word is just fuel for Bayley's fire, and she comes right back but BAM - Sasha turns to the weakness she was always going to exploit: the injured hand. She whacks it, pulls all the strapping off, then jams the hand between the steps and the ring and KICKS THE STEPS INTO HER MOTHER FUCKING CHRISTING HAND. Then as the ref checks on Bayley through the ropes Sasha busts out the REY MYSTERIO JUNIOR SOMERSAULT SENTON OVER THE REF'S BACK~! The girl just does what she wants. And she can do what she wants, because when the time comes she EATS ALLLLLL THE SHIT. Sasha tries to do a fucking rope walk lucha armdrag by squeezing the bad hand, but Bayley just HURLS HER INTO NEXT WEEK to block it. There's a great strike battle here, where Bayley can't use her broken right hand, and is forced to just throw these awkward left armed forearms as hard as she can until she can make a comeback. Bayley attempts a Belly To Belly, but Sasha avoids it and hits A FUCKING BANK STATEMENT TO BAYLEY'S BAD ARM AND PUTS ON THE BANK STATEMENT! Bayley reaches for the ropes with her bad hand and SASHA STOMPS THE FUCK OUT OF HER BROKEN FUCKING HAND! I can feel this moment in my BONES, I swear to fuck. A moment where this went from awesome to something different altogether, something transcendent. Bayley reaches the ropes with her left hand instead, but Sasha pushes off them with her foot to flip over and continue, only for Bayley to REVERSE INTO HER OWN CROSSFACE. Sasha is so desperate selling this and grabbing for the ropes. HUGE momentum changer. Bayley picks Sasha up by the legs and flips her up to her feet and IMMEDIATELY HITS THE BELLY TO BELLY! SASHA KICKS AT 2!! Crowd is going BANANA at this point, and so am I. Holy fucking shit. It can't be stated enough just how fucking smart these girls are. Just how much you are rewarded for watching along every week and following their journey. On the road to Brooklyn, Bayley finally beat Charlotte by hitting a Super B2B off the top. So when Sasha kicked out of her B2B here, what does she do? She throws her up top to try the Super version. But Sasha is Sasha Fucking Banks, and she blocks it, tosses Bayley off and SPIKES HER ON HER FUCKING HEAD, and hits her own SUPER METEORA KNEES for a big nearfall. Now both of them are looking for a super dooper death move to finish this off, so Sasha puts Bayley back on the top. This time Bayley blocks her and HITS THE SUPER DOOPER POISON RANA OF DEATH AND DOOM!!! SASHA IS KILLED DEAD, BAYLEY IS AFLAME, THE CROWD IS LEVITATING, PULL THE PONY, BELLY TO BELLY, ONE TWO FUCKING THREE. Bayley bursts into tears. Charlotte and Becky run out and hug her. Sasha eventually gets up, and just straight up hugs Bayley with zero hesitation. No tease, no kayfabe, just real emotion and love and feeling and the universe converging to create magic in the vibrations between human beings. This was the culmination of so many things at once. From a storyline perspective, it was the end of Bayley's long road to the NXT Title, and really her entire character arc, going from the naive fangirl of 2013 to the matured, focused ace of the division we have now. Beyond that, it also felt like the end result of everything the women had been building the division towards since NXT began. The Bayley character actually started during the first NXT Women's Title tournament (with the Paige/Emma final) and really everything they've been doing since has lead to this moment of utter triumph. Even if it was a "co-main event", it was undoubtedly a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Sometimes in WWE's history the women have had certain opportunities; they've had a good storyline to work with, or they've had the luxury of getting *time* for a match, or they've been given licence to go wild physically, or they've been made to feel important for once. I don't think any two women in WWE, in the history of the company, have ever had all of those things at once the way these two did here. They'd never truly been given a chance to knock it out of the park like this, and they not only knocked this one out, it left the stadium and I'm pretty sure left earth's orbit on the way to the moon. Now everyone is crying. I'M crying. And they do the big Four Horsewomen Curtain Call. Watching it back I enjoyed spotting Becky tell the others to pose to all four sides of the ring for the crowd. The veteran. This match is beautiful, it is everything, it is far, far more than pro wrestling. It is perfect.
  2. NXT TV August 5th 2015 - Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair Bayley has begun her road to Brooklyn, she'd been out with a broken hand and returned, still bandaged up, and set upon her goal of working towards the NXT Women's Title. She had just beaten Emma, whom she'd been feuding with for months, and challenged Charlotte to a match. Bayley has been chasing that win over Charlotte for literally years, ever since Charlotte turned on her originally in 2013. Bayley chased her for the title in 2014, couldn't beat her. The four way from Takeover Rival was still built around Bayley chasing Charlotte, but then Sasha won the belt and that big victory still eluded her. Now she's chasing Sasha, but Bayley knows that she has to go through Charlotte first, even just for her own satisfaction. It's the one big accomplishment that she needs to tick off, besides winning the title itself. They start out with a handshake, everyone is a babyface now, and they get going. Bayley hits the first tackle, and Charlotte immediately kips up. Fuck you and your dreams Bayley, Charlotte is still Charlotte. Bayley is on a mission and hits a flurry of offense early, including the dropkick through the turnbuckle, all the way until she hits the corner, somersaults out, waves her a-BIG BOOT CUTOFF. Bayley gets cut off but never really succumbs to any kind of heat, she just keeps unloading all the offense she can think of, and caps it with a huge FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP! This kid is DETERMINED. That spot woke the crowd up too, they started out polite and even had duelling chants with the persistent rudo section from mid 2015, and by the stretch they were going apeshit for everything. From here it was just bomb after bomb, a battle of wills. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker-spear combo. She does the Figure Four, but can't bridge, and Bayley reverses it. They do a backslide sequence, and Bayley's lightbulb goes off and she flips out of the corner Bret-style and lands right in a BELLY TO BELLY! Charlotte kicks out! Bayley hits a sweet German, but then gets rolled up into the bottom turnbuckle and eats it. Charlotte goes up top and Bayley hits the SUPER BELLY TO BELLY to finally, ultimately, definitively pin Charlotte. A pin she's been chasing for two years. Izzy is bawling at ringside, and Bayley gives her a headband after the match, in I think the first inkling that she would become a recurring character in the ensuing months. This match was very stretch-heavy, but it was a great stretch, the big moves popped, and they really made this feel like a meaningful result. It felt like Bayley's whole title chase was at stake here - if she couldn't beat Charlotte, she couldn't go on to win the title.
  3. Main Event 29th July 2015 - Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella This is Becky Lynch's first singles match on the main roster, albeit on a C show. She didn't take long to start making history, because I feel like this is clearly, at least through 2015, the best match Brie Bella ever had. There is an AMAZING moment early where the bloke on PBP is putting over Becky's performance at Takeover Unstoppable and Jerry Lawler, with a completely straight face, goes, "Yeah, that was awesome!" There is a 100% chance that he had NO FUCKING IDEA ON EARTH what he was talking about. Anyway, this match was Actually Good. Becky shines early going for arm holds, working the arm, and seems to be so shoot excited that she's kind of wobbly, which they explain by stating the obvious saying that it's main roster nerves, which I like as an extension of the NXT style of "Enhance the story by just showing their real emotion." We get a neat story where Becky is going for the arm early, but then she gets posted and Brie is the one that takes over with arm work. She looks good doing it, and throws in nifty stuff you wouldn't expect, like a cross armbreaker with her foot in Becky's face, all nice and rough. Full credit to Brie, she not only stepped up physically for this but she was calling the match, and I know that because she was yelling louder than Cena throughout. Becky made a nice comeback and Brie cuts her off by going back to the arm. She hangs Becky's arm on the rope and hits a HUGE missile dropkick for a big nearfall. In the end Brie Bella actually does LA MAGISTRAL and Becky rolls right into the armbar and wins. This was just good shit, and like I said I believe the career Brie Bella match, if anyone was wondering. Judging from the rest of 2015, Becky Lynch is FAR AND AWAY Brie's best match up, and it's a real feather in Becky's cap that she was always able to work so well with her.
  4. Jimmy Redman

    [2015-07-27-WWE-Raw] Paige vs Sasha Banks

    This was a pretty good TV match, and a great statement of intent coming just off the Revolution stuff, but most of all it was a spectacular Sasha Banks performance. At this point she was really demonstrating every single time she was on TV just how great she was, at a level well above everyone else in sight. Her shit talking, the way she laid everything in, the smooth way she transitions to everything. I just love her. I think my favourite part may have been how desperate her cover was after the big knees in the corner. Paige had made her comeback and Sasha knew she had to capitalise. Paige stepped it up for this and it's one of her better singles matches as well. There were still moments where it really felt like Paige was coming from a different era that would soon be obsolete, like when she did her creepy bisexual crawl and headbutt spot, which feels like it's from a completely different planet already by the end of July.
  5. NXT TV July 15th 2015 - Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte - NXT Women's Title By my count, this is only the second time that the women had the main event spot on NXT TV. The first was also Sasha vs. Charlotte, from March, which was also great but I lost my notes for that one. Story of my life. Anyway this was the fucking BUSINESS. Right from the first lock up they were ON. Charlotte has a great thing where she uses the kip up to make a point. It's an exclamation point, a snappy comeback, a statement of intent. Here, it's a way for her to regain dominance after Sasha won the first lock up - Charlotte immediately started showing off and kipping up, just to get some power back and assert herself. Then when Sasha hits the big knees and takes over, she asserts herself by doing a Flair strut and mocking her, and also by stealing her moves. Her power is in being a dick. The other thing about Sasha is that she was CRAZY brutal. She puts the straightjacket stranglehold on, and just fucking RAGDOLLS Charlotte around the ring. Sasha... ragdolling someone the size of Charlotte. The things Sasha was doing physically at this point were ridiculous. I love the way she transitioned in and out of things physically and always kept holds on, preventing separation. Sasha knows separation means the spear, it means the Big Boot it means being vulnerable to Charlotte's power. She put the triangle on and slams her head into the mat (stolen from Charlotte), then they get into a fucking SLAP BATTLE in the hold, and then Sasha rolls her up into a pin, AND THEN Charlotte Charlottes Up and stands up in it and oh, almost loses her but saves it and bang! POWERBOMB TO FUCKING HELL! All with this fucking triangle choke on. Later in the match, Sasha does a backslide rollup, and after it's kicked out of, she keeps the hold on and twists around into her straightjacket hold again, and drops down into a slam. She is RIDICULOUS. She also eats offense like a motherfucker, and Charlotte comes back and absolutely fucking OBLITERATES her with shit. STIFF CHOPS. A HYUUUUGE SPEAR. A BIG BOOT OF DEATH. The best Charlotte is ENRAGED ANGRY HULK CHARLOTTE, and she fucking hulks up in this. At this point Sasha has been eating the comeback and trying to find any opening she can to go for a rollup and get out of this, starting with the backslide, but just a bunch of sweet ass T-I-G-H-T rollups. Charlotte turns Sasha's running knees right into the Figure Four, but when she does she sees that Sasha has PULLED HER WEAVE OUT in the midst of all this fighting, and just LOSES IT and starts swinging at Sasha instead of trying to bridge up. She ends up rolling off the apron to the floor, in the hold (no separation!) and Sasha EATS SHIT on the bottom rope. We get even more desperate rollups, until Sasha HITS the Bank Statement and pulls, Charlotte fights and fights and tries to roll her up in it, but Sasha fights her off. Sasha is pulling so fucking hard she's UPSIDE DOWN, and Charlotte eventually chokes and dies and barely manages to tap. Your Women's Champion. This was the week after THE REVOLUTION and was essentially Charlotte's swansong from NXT TV, so they're both crying there in the ring. They hugged it out, total shoot. The thing about the NXT Curtain Call stuff like this is that it totally, in the context of TV, works. Everyone knew that they had Done Something here. They knew, we knew. We get their real emotions and friendships bleeding through onto TV, but in a way that doesn't take away from the show. In fact, it enhances it. Part of following NXT in this moment was being a witness to this, to something bigger than wrestling TV and kayfabe. To history.
  6. Kadaveri's review above goes into every single detail about why this match rules. I almost don't want to even post now. But like, just imagine watching this match now. Knowing what we know now. And imagine it holding up. It more than holds up, it's incredible. It's hard to overstate just how much this match did. Before this Becky was brown hair, old gear, second-fiddle heel Becky. By the end of this match she's orange hair, steampunk gear, beloved babyface Becky. Literally overnight. Even Full Sail didn't really care about Becky leading up to this - the crowd was chanting for Sasha, the heel, when the bell rang. By the end of the match they loved Becky so much they not only gave her a standing ovation as she shed real tears, but spontaneously burst into singing the tune of her theme song out of pure adoration. All because this match was so good. Sasha was other-worldly in 2015. I've finished up the year now and it is un-fucking-believable how fucking good she is at pro wrestling. She has all the tools at this point and this is the match where she puts all of them together in one package - great chain wrestling, really brutal targeted limb work, bumping and selling, and being a complete and utter asshole. She never lets up on beating the shit out of the arm, beating the shit out of Becky, and also never lets up on bitching at her and mocking her while she does. Sasha was fucking GNARLY in this match. Shit like doing the double knees right on the arm, even doing a Shayna-esqe bend the arm around and stomp it to death. This isn't to sell Becky short because she sold like a motherfucker, kept fighting back and eventually posted Sasha's arm and made a great comeback, trying to find ways to do it one handed, like putting some submission she made up on with her legs instead. Plus just the whole idea of Becky going for the arm early and Sasha flipping the switch and targeting Becky's arm instead fucking ruled. Sasha isn't a shitty undeserving heel, she is the Women's Champion and an amazing wrestler. She's a heel because she acts like a fucking dick and takes the easy way out when she wants to. It doesn't mean she has to. Sasha WILL go for a fucking tope late in a big championship match, not because she's a spot monkey or doesn't know how to work heel, but because she can, and she's desperate, and she wants to win. And Becky will catch her - kind of, because she only has one arm and couldn't hold her up, but she fires up and picks her up and hurl her into the stairs, because she's the babyface and she gets the last laugh, and the momentum has swung back on her side. So she goes for her own Hail Mary, but she's so beaten down with one arm that by the time she climbs to the top Sasha KURT ANGLES UP THERE and hits a fucking top rope super Divorce Court and GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE BANK STATEMENT. I'm screaming now because the one thing I have to emphasise is how amazing the transitions were in this. Between early on when they were chain wrestling, to the way Sasha took over on the apron, to the way they'd use the one-two-counter on three rhythm, to the way that Becky blocked that suplex and flashed right into the Disarmer (it was SICKKKK) - literally everything they did was so smooth and so tight and so... logical, physically, the way they moved from one thing to the next. I am Divas Fan #1 and this match was as if the in-ring style of the women had skipped ahead decades, literally decades, in one match.
  7. Jimmy Redman

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Me at Mania 35. Tailgate first, then Mania was 37 hours long, then I had no way home, waited in the pouring rain for maybe 3 hrs, got on the last train out of MetLife, finally caught an Uber at Hoboken on 1% battery and got back at like 4.30am. Mania 34 was even longer and I fell asleep during Roman/Brock.
  8. Jimmy Redman

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I've been poking my head in reading these threads now that GWE has started back up. It has piqued my interest, and hopefully might eventually get me back into watching wrestling with any regularity, like it did the first time. At the moment I'm not there, the only wrestling I can handle right now is SHIMMER (hence why I've largely ghosted y'all for a while) but five years is a long time. In general I'm sure I will be able to mainly contribute as a voice on the (North American) women candidates. Obviously there will be a lot more this time around, and I definitely have the receipts to come up with cases and match recommendations and all the rest of it. There are also a lot of women that I find interesting as potential candidates and look forward to the opportunity to discuss their careers - already from my SHIMMER watching through 2007, I know there is a lot of unexplored (by me) territory in terms of women who have largely had careers on the indies or in TNA who really should be considered. I also may fuck around and nominate Natalya just to try to build a case for her. Who can say.
  9. I've been a bad podcast co-host, but we are still going strong with SHIMMER HERstory, reviewing all the SHIMMER Volumes show by show. We have covered a lot of great stuff this year, including the amazing tournament to crown the first SHIMMER Champion on Volumes 11-12, the addition of Dark Angel Sarah Stock, the rise of Lacey the Superworker, and some of the very best matches in the history of the promotion. Current episode is Volume 14, SHIMMER's first foray outside of Chicago! Make sure you give us some feedback if you're listening! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/sets/shimmer-herstory
  10. Jimmy Redman

    Wrestlemania 37

    WELCOME TO TAMINAMANIA~! My mind is boggled, and will be boggled forever more, that a match at Wrestlemania, The Grandest Stage of Them All, The First Show Back in Business in Front of a Live Crowd, in Front of You, the WWE Universe was built around Tamina - TAH MEE NAH - getting a showcase Wrestlemania Moment (tm). On both nights!!! I cannot stop laughing. What a world. Like, even in my wildest dreams I would think of spending two matches showcasing Tamina at Wrestlemania and go "Nah, I know I'm crazy but I wouldn't put you guys through that." And fucking VINCE went there. I'm less of a Divas stan than fucking Vince Mac Man booking Wrestlemania. Baffling. And you know what? God bless her! This is a single mother of two who packed up and became a wrestler at like 32 and went on the road to toil away as basically the lowest dork on the totem pole for the next ELEVEN YEARS. She's doing her business. If there's no such thing as booking anymore and twats like Zack Ryder get a Wrestlemania Moment (tm): Lifetime Achievement Award for no reason, then Tamina can go 43 YEAR OLD MOTHER OF TWO WILD on fucking everybody for a weekend. Let her live. God bless.
  11. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

    I dropped into NXT this week for the first time in a while, because I heard about Io vs. Rhea and, well, I'm nothing if not a good lesbian. This is the first time I'm seeing it, and I think the chain link COVID fence actually improves the look of (what I assume is still) Full Sail heaps. Gives NXT a semblance of grit it has been missing for years. Also Wade Barrett was born to be a commentator so this is a good move. INDI HARTWELL IS ON TV??? The kid from Melbourne I've been watching on the undercard of my rinky dink indy in Marayong... what a world. I missed seeing the first, and probably second generation of Aussie indy talent locally, I only started going to local indies in the last couple years. So Indi is the first local kid to make it that I feel a "I knew them before it was cool" connection to. Good for her. Kacy and Lacey Lane's New Name need to team for a million years and flip over everything on earth. WHAT HAPPENED TO DON'T YOU REMEMBER ONE EMBER SPARKS THE FIRE, ONE EMBER FANS THE FLAMES???? A travesty. I sure hope Ember asked to go back to NXT, because woah boy should she be carrying one of those God forsaken main brands by now. Conversely, I think Toni's entrance has improved immeasurably. Billing Rhea as 5'10" is fucking hilarious and I am all for it. Rhea is #1 in my big gay heart of course, but I actually have no fucking idea who is supposed to be the heel or babyface here. By the end I think I realised, nobody is, but then I still couldn't figure out if they were both faces or both heels. Everyone is just angrier and tougher and cooler than everyone else. An entire roster full of Triple Hs. This is why I'm much happier watching SHIMMER shows from 2007 where the babyfaces happily slap hands with the crowd and the heels are despicable pieces of human scum who spit at babies, punch their nannas in the tit and burn down orphanages. Despite my 2020 grumble grumble, this did bang and bang hard. Loved the big moves, loved the strikes, loved the arm work, loved how it got meaner and meaner. IO DROPKICKED RHEA'S FUCKING EARRINGS OUT OF HER EAR~! FUCKING TOPE SUICIDA SUNSET FLIP BOMB THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE~! They shot the finish a gem because all you see is Rhea's corpse JUST diving in to beat the count after her death, and rolling around selling on the mat and then suddenly BAM MOONSAULT. Nice work. This was sick stuff, and my semi-annual reminder that I should really watch more wrestling because I love these women and they're so fucking talented and are getting all the time in the world to show it. I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Well, I might try to watch the War Games.
  12. Stacey and Steven are back to regular scheduled programming, with a brand new episode covering Volume 9. We get new talent coming in, new match ups, new entrance themes! Plus Allison Danger taking Cindy Rogers under her wing, MsChif squaring up to Amazing Kong, and a mouth-watering main event in Sara Dey Rey vs. Cheerleader Melissa. Available now on the PWO Podcast Network, and also for an exclusive one-time only, on the THROH The Years podcast feed! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-9
  13. I don't know why they didn't do the old "combine the names of two famous players" trick, but maybe they didn't think a retired Australian footballer was big enough to worry about legally.
  14. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Aussie Rules. You are indeed free to whack your knee into the back of someone's neck to catch the ball to your heart's desire. All this footy stuff reminds me that I'm so glad I don't watch NXT any more, because from the day Daniel Vidot debuts on TV and they call him a "rugby player" I would be twitching uncontrollably on a weekly basis. (Vidot played rugby league, which is a different sport to rugby union and isn't shortened to "rugby" in the same way.)
  15. We're back! From deep in the SHIMMER HERstory archives comes this rare and exclusive "lost episode", our July 2019 recording on SHIMMER Volume 8. Did we know the world was about to end? Probably not or I wouldn't have spent so much time talking about Australian country music. But this is a fun volume with the much anticipated third match between Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez, a rare Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew tag team appearance, and much more. Can Melissa and MsChif get along as a tag team? Can Mercedes finally defeat Del Rey? Can I cope with Cindy Rogers' continued descent into evil? All this and more, check it out now on the PWOM Podcast Network! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-8-lost-episode