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    AEW Double or Nothing 2022

    I did watch the PPV, I've just been down with COVID since then, and to be honest the show didn't whip me up into my usual frenzy. The Anarchy match was insane and so far and away the best thing on the show. Felt super special. Chaos from the get go and mayhem at every turn. Wild Thing just continuing to play in the background over and over until Jericho wrecked the sound system was awesome. Eddie and Garcia going to the back and eventually getting trapped in a lift to kill each other unseen... only for Eddie to reappear covered in blood with a fucking petrol can ready to set a motherfucker on fire... that was pretty much the greatest visual in the history of our great sport. And I liked how Eddie dousing Bryan in petrol was the catalyst for Bryan to lash out at him and eventually lose the match and start something between him and Eddie because, well, yeah. The threat of immolation is a pretty valid beef. Whole thing ruled from start to finish. I like the idea of the Owen Cups, and everything Owen-related, up to and including Martha Hart giving that speech and (unironically) controlling her narrative in wrestling, I guess. Plus I am super pumped for next year's PPV crowd to dress up like they're going to the races. Make it happen. The Owen Cups in terms of wrestling, I just don't really understand what they were trying to be. What do the winners get? Who gets to enter? Is it for midcarders, stars, somewhere in between? And I guess more to my point, what ultimately was the point if they went through all that just to give Britt fucking Baker another title? They just refuse to sit her down and it is hurting everyone else in the division. And at least Charlotte is Charlotte, I really don't get anything out of Britt except for her ability to find the hard cam. I mean they do this big "redemption" angle for Ruby and bring in RANCID for her to just lose another match clean to the fucking dentist? You beat Toni Storm just to put the fucking dentist over again? I'm pretty sure I said this exact thing after the last PPV and nothing has changed. They need to do something with the fucking women. Britt all over everything. Barely heard a peep out of Thunder Rosa since she won the belt. Jade learning on the job with the midcard title makes sense, but it also makes for foregone conclusions for title matches. It just feels like nothing is moving forward with any of them, even as they add theoretically valuable pieces like Toni, Mercedes, now Athena. I am also the person on earth who cares the least about Cole so that doesn't help either. The more AEW becomes like late-stage NXT the less interested I am. Also the heels wearing pink in their respective matches really telegraphed the winners and took me out of it. The show was still 17 hours too long. Lucky for me I had to watch it in shifts. Could not care less about Kyle fucking O'Reilly. I love Jade but again, her matches are foregone conclusions and TBS Title defenses are probably best left for TV. Didn't even bother watching the Hardyz match. The Sammy Guevara match seemed pointless besides debuting Paige Van Zant in a safe environment, but again, seemed like something better suited for TV. The tag title cluster exceeded expectations, especially that late in the show, but why the fuck do they keep doing these multi-man tag title matches only for the champs to retain when they seem to be the least interesting team at any moment? And I say that as someone who loves Jungle Boy and likes the literally dinosaur more than most. Again, it seems like absolutely nothing has changed about the tag titles since the last PPV, three months ago. Rosa vs. Serena I really liked, especially the first half when they leaned heavily into the technical stuff. It felt almost lucha title match-esqe. Wish I could have had more of it, and in a better spot. Not really sure what to make of the main event. I liked it, it had intensity, but it also felt like it missed a higher gear. I kind of agree with the above discussion, that Punk stealing the Buckshot would have worked better if he'd tried it and fucked it up, and never did it again. It would sell the idea of him being a dick and stealing the move, but also being Old Man Punk and not being able to physically execute it. But I just generally hate finisher stealing spots. The finish itself I didn't like at all, because I fucking hate it when babyfaces are made to look like fools. Standing there staring at a foreign object with CONFLICTION~! for way too long just to turn around into a finisher and get pinned made him look stupid, not complex. But in the bigger picture, I think the time was right to end the Hangman reign and also to give Punk the belt, and I'm intrigued by what an Old Man Punk title reign looks like. Also what Hangman does next. The MJF squash was perfect, whether or not you factor in the weird weekend stuff. They need to go nuts with Wardlow. Super not wild about the idea of continuing this worked shoot nonsense with Max once it inevitably becomes mostly a work. I feel like we're hurtling inevitably towards Tony Khan becoming a TV character, and honestly I think some small piece of AEW's soul will die when that happens. As much as we enjoy his coke-fuelled nonsense and markiness on Twitter, a significant thing AEW has going for it is the lack of on-screen authority figures, and a lack of the real life boss as a TV character. If this devolves into MJF vs. Tony I'm gonna fucking hate it.
  2. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Revolution 2022

    EDDIE KINGSTON VS JERICHO RULED SO MUCH HOLY SHIT! Yes I'm back for my quarterly freak out as scheduled. Holy shit that ruled. God Bless Eddie Kingston, God Bless the run that man is having on national TV in 2022, against all possible odds. There is nobody more believable in wrestling. I haven't been watching TV so I have absolutely no idea what this feud is about, no idea if Jericho is supposed to be a heel now, no idea what the Inner Circle stuff is. But I watch Eddie Kingston stomp out to the ring staring death at someone and I KNOW that he hates this man with a thousand sun fire and has to destroy him in his soul. It takes an instant to get this man. And the fucking open!! Dropped him on his fucking HEAD! When I tell you I YELPED in my kitchen. Christ some of the bumps these guys both took on their heads were sickening. And listen. I have not cared a single fuck about Jericho in years, but full credit to him he was FANTASTIC in this. He worked Eddie's style of match and brought it and laid it all in and made it all pop. That's easily the best Jericho performance - and Jericho match - in years and years, surely. Possibly in a decade. What even was his last great WWE match? Just look at that moment with Aubrey Edwards. Jericho was so good during this match that people were actually cheering him and booing Eddie by the end of it! Booing Eddie!! So he confects this little temper tantrum with the ref and puts his hands on her - not enough to be gross but just enough to offend the crowd and remind them that while he may be fighting his ass off, in this match he is still the bad guy. That REALLY took the whole thing to another level because it reset the crowd to rally completely behind Eddie just in time for his comeback. I fucking bought that backfist nearfall too. I bought a lot of those nearfalls. That backfist one in particular was great because we, along with Eddie, had that split second of "hey he's going to win!" followed by the inevitable, "Oh, right, Eddie Kingston never gets to win a big match..." and at the exact moment you think that watching it, you can see the same thought all over Eddie's face. It was like a double nearfall, because after the kickout I was totally convinced Eddie would lose again. Which in turn made his eventual win so much more impactful. I was SCREAMING. And again, Eddie selling it like he was struck dumb by the idea that he had actually won this time, for real... brilliant. Give this man everything on earth. Also, Eddie Kingston getting SUPLEXED TO THE FLOOR and selling it like his heart exploded in his chest was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Fuck that ruled. I could care less about the Elite, but I watched the tag match while I typed all that, and it was a fun spotfest. I would die for Jungle Boy, and I see people down on Luchasaurus, but I'd much rather watch him than all four heels in this. They have a good thing going, Jungle Boy works the whole match, and a literal dinosaur comes in to do stupid big man highspots. It works. Having said that, without context I still found it odd that they retained and one of the heel teams didn't steal the titles from the other. The champs felt like an afterthought. Ladder match was another stupid ridiculous fun spotfest. Orange is the fucking best, I'll never tire of him doing his thing. The thing he did on the ladder bridge was amazing. And all the big meaty men slapping meat stuff in this ruled too. So many fucking absurd bumps and spots. There were a couple times where time seemed to stop while someone set up furniture for the next highspot (Christian standing around in the ring alone for about 10 mins after the stage spot was the worst example, he could have won about 50 times over in that time). The final powerbomb Starks took on the ladder was DISGUSTINGLY FERAL. Yikes. Jade Cargill took me on a WILD RIDE. The big PPV entrance. Starting a match with sexual assault. (I assume/hope beyond hope that it was an allusion to the character she was dressed as that I didn't understand.) Busting out a frogsplash. But I actually liked what they did here a lot, they kept up such a fast pace that they never let the crowd fall into a lull after coming down from two crazy spotfests. Jade should never lose. M I S E R I A C A N T A R E !!!!! MISERIA FUCKING CANTARE. TAKE ME NOW LORD I AM READY. Since this is Punk's Punk tribute feud I've been daring to hope that this was a real possibility. You don't understand dudes. I was a 13 year old girl when Sing the Sorrow came out. Miseria Cantare is my motherfucking JAM. When I first heard about CM Punk I thought coming out to this song sounded like the coolest shit in the world. I never actually watched ROH so I never saw his entrance. I saw AFI at a festival once but they didn't play the fucking song and I was so bummed. So a wrestling entrance is the closest I'm probably ever going to get to seeing it live. And thank the fucking heavens that AEW is the land of wish fulfillment because MISERIA CANTARE. INCINERATE! I should probably watch the match too. Yeah that was fucking GNARLY. Punk has surely overtaken whoever it previously was as the Best Bleeder in Wrestling. This was just a picture perfect blow off, exactly what it needed to be. Glorious revenge babyface Punk is a good Punk. They've been slowly building to that Wardlow moment for ages, and I like how it came just after Wardlow won the ladder match and he knew for sure he didn't need to put up with Max's shit ever again. It's also the perfect way to redirect MJF after losing to Punk. Anthony Khan old mate, we need to talk about the women. One thing that unfortunately hasn't changed in AEW is the women always being stuck in a bad spot on PPV. They use PPV matches to build to more TV more often than not it seems. They really need to do better. The Lights Out match was about 12 months ago now, if I remember right, and it feels like exactly NOTHING has happened or progressed to get us to this match, which should in theory be a huge PPV grudge match for the title. It just isn't treated like it. And what's worse, what happens is the exact same, tired, disappointing "Baker retains after a bunch of interference" finish. Rosa looked stupid as fuck here falling to the same old shit. It will look good when Thunder Rosa (presumably) wins the belt on TV in Texas, but at this point it will feel more like "Thank God Baker finally dropped the title" and not like the cathartic coronation of Thunder Rosa after a meaningful chase. And it doesn't excuse the entire women's division basically flatlining for 50 out of 52 weeks of the year. Do better. Bryan/Mox was good but frankly William Regal coming out like a pissed off dad to bonk their heads together was far more cool and badass than anything in the actual match, save perhaps for Mox SHOOT DRAWING BLOOD scratching up Bryan's back. Filthy. I worked a night shift and was holding out on no sleep, but as soon as Adam Cole came out I was out like a fucking light. I caught up and I thought they did well to keep the crowd involved after such an exhausting show, even if it was in the "your turn my turn" ironic chanting style. But the match itself was the usual Adam Cole your turn, my turn blur anyway. What does anyone see in that guy? I would die for that cowboy though. Hangman desperately needs a major angle. Ever since he won the belt he's felt like the 6th most interesting thing happening at best. I had absolutely no interest in this match going in. But it was fun enough and the finish was good, and it didn't super feel like it outstayed its welcome.
  3. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Full Gear - Nov 13 2021

    I watched this show in three separate shifts and I still found it exhausting. I get that they're always trying to top themselves and PPVs are more scarce, but it's too much, and I'm only on my second PPV. I missed the opener live and started with the tag title match, and it was great and even my family watching were into it, thought the Lucha Bros were so cool, popped for the high spots, bought all the nearfalls, for a while... and then by the millionth nearfall they were just numb. So was I. By the time they got to the actual finish, it was like, oh, okay, that's what did it. It's just too much. And even THAT would be okay in a vacuum as the one insane never ending match (kind of like how Bucks/Lucha Bros was at All Out), but then the next match felt the same way, going on and on and on. Then the next one. Then the next one. And we didn't even see the fucking 25 min opener! They have to do something about these PPVs, I love AEW and I don't even know if I want to watch the next PPV live all in one go next time, even if I'm able to. I know they used to go all out on Takeovers, but they were like 5 match cards and still stayed under 3 hours. Even trying to add variety by making street fights, falls count anywhere, etc. doesn't work when you have the same pace, the same length, the same fatigue from a million spots in every match. Punk vs. Eddie was the best and most satisfying match on the show, not only because of the story and the match itself, but also because it was the only match on the card that didn't feel like it should have been 5+ mins shorter. Having said that, it was still a really good show. Every match was at least good I guess, but like I said, they were just all long, and it was hard not to feel that was the main takeaway. I've just caught up on Darby/MJF and it ruled pretty hard. I know they're probably building MJF up for a title shot next year, but honestly I only want to see MJF wrestling that well like once a year max, just to prove he can. He's too much of a shithead to be doing Eddie Dean sequences and getting stand off applause. But it was fun shit, and once he took over his offense was fucking insane. That powerbomb onto the knee killed me. And I liked the bullshit at the finish despite it making the babyface look like a fucking moron, which I hate. But MJF can brag about winning with a headlock takeover forever so it worked. The Cody tag had no business being on the card, and was another thing that made the show needlessly long. I could not give less of a fuck about Cody and everyone in his orbit. God Bless Tay Conti, she's great and works so hard, but absolutely nobody on earth thought she was winning here. I really hope they move to Britt and Rosa, and possibly give Rosa the belt too, because Britt has no other credible challengers and it's hurting the division. Another thing that bugged me was the Eddie spots. Not that they did something for Eddie, I get why and it was nice, but just that they did the exact same tribute spots in like three different matches. Like, if you're going to do it, pick one guy and let them do the tribute. By the time Jericho did his (and he's the guy with the closest actual connection to Eddie) it felt cheap because I'd already seen it twice. Felt like a left hand, right hand situation. Eddie Punk fucking ruled from start to finish. The build was amazing, the way they came out laser focused and just fucking got into it was the best. Punk doing fucking John Cena spots and leaning into the fact that he's basically the Being John Cena champion of AEW, glorious. We are inching closer and closer to full on asshole Punk. And Eddie is great and deserves the world. They have to give him a big win on a big show soon man. Anywho for all my whinging I watched the show to see them strap up Page, and they did so it was worth every penny. Fucking loved the horse entrance. The note on the graphic DES-TROYED ME completely. I'm not even 3 months in and Hangman has only just come back and I barely have the slightest clue who he is or what the story is between him and the Elite but I am ALL FUCKING IN on this sweet little cowboy bloke. If they fucked this up I probably would have tapped out of wrestling again and gone back to living a fulfilling life in the real world. Heaven forbid. The match was good but one of those matches I couldn't possibly pay any attention to because I was too concerned about the result. Also please let Omega go away for a long time and heal and do whatever because frankly I just can't get around Omega. I did not enjoy the Bucks thing at the finish AT ALL. First of all, it completely distracted me from the finish and took away from it being a big, momentous climax. I was too busy watching them and trying to figure out the angle to realise that it WAS the finish. Also, just the way that they shot it, with the weird long close ups on both Bucks ACTING~ just wasn't good, I didn't even get what they were going for until I started reading things afterwards. I understand that it was a callback to the wider Hangman story and wasn't for me, but it felt unnecessary. They could have completed the story by just staying the fuck away and not interfering. But anyway that's a minor complaint because the main thing was that he won clean as a fucking sheet and he won clean as a fucking sheet. I hate that all the things I had to say were complaints because it was a good show with a great title win.
  4. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Rampage - October 29, 2021

    ALSO Britt Baker and Abadon fucking ruled too! I was not expecting to get into that but that was cool. Perfect use of Abadon. Also full credit to Abadon, there were two other girls dressed as zombies in this match, which you might think would kind of soften her effect, but it was the opposite because it literally felt like watching the difference between someone dressing up for Halloween and an actual zombie. (You know what I mean.) She is fair dinkum committed to the bit. But it was a fun piece of garbage match theatre. I know the point of the table is to break, but honestly it looked so much more painful that it DIDN'T break, those two big spots looked fucking gnarly. And the thumbtack spots worked, especially as a callback to Britt/Rosa. I'm a deathmatch novice so don't shoot but I don't think I've ever seen anyone shove a handful of tacks into someone's mouth, that was the coolest spot in the world. Enjoyed all of this. I also enjoy Britt Baker as a Hardcore Legend in a 2004 Randy Orton, adding credibility kind of way.
  5. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Rampage - October 29, 2021

    Tracks with me too because despite my early hesitation I fucking love AEW Bryan and Bryan vs Kingston was fucking IMMENSE. Clearly I just don't really like Kenny Omega. Beautiful match but. Everyone knows who they are in AEW and acts accordingly. I love the level to which Bryan understands just when and how much to sell, even in the middle of the no selling strike exchanges. Look at that exchange right at the end - a lesser dork would have done it, taken it all and screamed, then jumped right into the triangle or started running the ropes to hit a move or some shit. Bryan and Eddie do all the huffing and puffing, no sell, yell, then Eddie hits THE uraken and Bryan CRUMPLES. Then he found a submission from his back. That middle finger finish too, my God. I think this is the first time since like maybe 2014 when I've felt the urge to make a list of my MOTYCs. Pissed off dad Mox stomping in, beating the living shit out of 10, leaving him lying in a pool of blood and stomping out was legit frightening. I'm a little concerned that he's going to actually kill Orange Cassidy live on television. Mox vs Bryan might be the most sadomasochistic match ever. So pumped for the Eddie/Punk tease too, that was so well done. Little Thing I Appreciate About AEW #47: They number the rematches they do as like, "Andrade vs. Pac 2", "Dante vs. Sydal 3". It plays so well into the "pure sportz build" nature of the shows, with the rankings and everything, making them seem like a big UFC or boxing match up. It also, consciously or not, separates them from WWE and their endless rematches with the same pairings that don't mean anything. Imagine promoting "Kofi vs. Dolph 30!!" (I don't know what the current day equivalent is...) And like, when I was obsessed I used to do that for myself! I have notes calling things like, "Kofi vs. Swagger IV" and I know which exact Smackdown TV match from 2010 that is, because the workers took it upon themselves to do something interesting with their pointless rematches. But like, the actual promotion getting behind the idea and promoting them as such, and making rematches special, it's so neat. All hail Tony Khan the TEW booker of our dreams. I guess they also have a roster so gigantic that they can afford to keep everyone away from each other, and still put on important unique matches literally every week on TV while not compromising the PPV events either. Like, it turns out if you literally just give a message board dork enough money they can book a better show. Also Dante vs. Sydal 3 ruled.
  6. @Grimmas and I review SHIMMER Volume 16 in a hot fresh episode of SHIMMER HERstory! We have the greatest, funnest, most shtickiest trios match EVER, the highly anticipated rematch between Sara Del Rey and Sarah Stock: Two out of Three Falls for the SHIMMER Title, and Amazing Kong vs. the amazing Cheerleader Melissa. PLUS, thanks to a teeny tiny editing snafu there is 24 mins of BONUS CONTENT~!: We run down the card for the next show, Canada vs. Australia at the Winter Olympics, and I try to explain the Aussie football codes to poor Steven Graham. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-16?si=71c3add5dd0b4462ba30d0c941f652ff
  7. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    So get this guys, I actually fucking LOVED Bryan/Suzuki. I was full on captivated. Starting to think it's a case of, it's not what, but who, and why. I don't want a card or a promotion full of constant strike exchanges, and I don't want anyone and everyone doing them. But I DO want Minoru f'n Suzuki doing them with unleashed Bryan Danielson in a one-off dream match we almost never got. The way in which they were doing the exchanges was so far above the level of what I usually see it's laughable. The way they began and how the tone and seriousness kept changing and escalating through the match. Early on it was, "Okay, knock yourself out, let's have some fun" and by the end it was, "There is NOTHING you can hit me with on God's green earth motherfucker." Out of sheer hubris and force of will. But the way they fucking SOLD that shit too. Bryan being the dumb fuck for getting into the battle in the first place and then getting fucking LEVELLED TO DEATH with the first forearm was incredible. Bryan is tough, but he's no match. There's an actual moment after that where you can see Bryan realising he's never going to win this your turn-my turn battle, so he abandons it and just starts a flurry of kicks to get back on top. Even later with the "kick me and I crunch up and no sell" thing. Minoru does it, again, again, but it's getting harder and harder each time. This is his thing. Then he gets a chance to kick Bryan and Bryan HAS TO DO IT BACK for a huge pop, but then Minoru keeps kicking him, and Bryan tries to keep doing it back but HE CAN'T. He couldn't bridge up the third time and just collapses and gets covered. This is Minoru's thing. Bryan is trying to hang and match him as best he can, but he can't. He's smaller and he's not a murderous grandfather. He needs to do something else. Little shit like that was just genius. It wasn't just taking turns, it was taking turns and finding out who hit harder, and then reacting to that information, and then trying something else, but always going back to the battle because, well, men are dumb I guess, and taking turns to find out who's still hitting harder or who's more hurt, and reacting again. It had meaning to it. At no point did I feel like they were just trading for the sake of it, which is a feeling I get from those spots 90% of the time. Also, the matwork was killer shit. That moment where Bryan turned Cattle Mutilation into a pin, *mwah* I could watch that match a hundred times. In fact I probably should since I was distracted during the finish and kind of missed what happened before The Knee That Beat John Cena. So I guess in conclusion my problem isn't necessarily with strong style, maybe it's just with people who aren't Suzuki doing it.
  8. Jimmy Redman

    All Elite Wrestling

    Speaking of Cody, I forget which show the skit was on this week, but is there a reason why Cody was wearing a three piece suit in his own house in the middle of the night?
  9. Jimmy Redman

    Modern Indie Wrestling

  10. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Dynamite - October 6, 2021

    I'm catching up on TV today, and as soon as my partner sat down the first thing she said, honest to God, "Are the ring ropes higher than normal?" "No honey, everyone is just short.." I cannot even. She is also obsessed with Jungle Boy's hair, but then again, so am I. I had fun explaining who his shoot father is. 8 man was a pretty good time. Sammy got over with her in 5 seconds for having purple sparkly tights and doing flipz, so Tony Khan, since you need help with the female demographic, here we are. Sparkles and flips. I hate to be this guy but I'm already kind of over CM Punk doing the same promo in the same spot every week. Like, it's nice for him and I'm happy for him. But he's going to be skippable as a promo until he has something juicy to do. Serena Deeb is the fucking BEST and Serena-Shida ruled. The whole set up with the 50 wins trophy and Serena playing spoiler was great. I'm still new to this I guess but I love the records gimmick. Shida's front facelock airplane spin was amazing. I assume this TBS Title is for Jade Cargill to have some direction while she dominates the undercard. Although her taking her first loss in the finals on the TBS debut would be decent too. Maybe this is what they give Ruby to do since they want to keep Britt Baker on top for a while. I loved the theme of the ladder gimmick being Orange wanting to do his cute shit and there literally just being no time for it. Too many ladders, too many bodies. Some really gnarly bumps in this, and I had that "Ooh do you really want to be killing yourself during an ad break?" thing. I guess it was an anniversary show, but it's kind of hard to do ladder matches on TV with ads. Hangman coming back and being so fucking over was great and I instantly like Hangman so it worked on me.
  11. Weeeee're back! Steven Graham and I review SHIMMER Volume 15 for all of your ears, up now on the PWOM Podcast Network. Sara Del Rey defends against Amazing Kong! Daizee Haze and Sarah Stock have a (spoiler) motherfuckin' barnburner! Along with a rare and elusive Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew tag match, the final (?) Danger vs. Rogers match, and the debuts of Jetta, the future Madison Rayne and the future Canadian Ninjas. We will be bringing you new episodes every Monday, so check it out and check in with us! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-15?in=prowrestlingonly/sets/shimmer-herstory&si=1bca8a55db5a4ac4a8dc0c4653fd122e
  12. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Rampage - October 1, 2021

    I appreciate that, I just got around to Rampage and yeah I enjoyed Bryan vs Nick. It had more of the matwork stuff I enjoy from Danielson and (slightly) less head trauma. Basically I want Danielson to lean into his lucha cosplay aspirations rather than his NJPW cosplay aspirations. But that's just me and I realise NJ heavyweight matches are the style of the time. Also Orange Cassidy is the best. I had never considered the idea of Orange doing a promo, but he is Orange. The best.
  13. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 09/20 - 09/26 New Day vs Bloodline YESSIR

    This is why I appreciated Billie Kay trying to sound like the biggest bogan she possibly could.
  14. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    I want to preface this by saying that I really enjoyed the match, and the entire show, and this isn't just me being difficult. I loved Bryan-Omega, and the spectacle of it all and the moment was incredible and they hit another massive home run. But I didn't come away from it thinking it was a five star match, or one of the best TV matches I've ever seen, or the best Bryan match I've ever seen. I've seen a lot of reactions like those and while I fully understand, it didn't do that for me. I think I've hit upon one of the reasons why, so this may sound weird but I pose this as a genuine question. Where were the wrestling moves? To me it felt like half an hour of mostly guys just kicking and kneeing and chopping each other really hard. Which is like, cool, but maybe not entirely what I expected from this. They opened with chops and kicks and strikes. Every time Bryan got an opening all he seemed to do was just go back to throwing those kicks. Omega hit what felt like half a dozen of those running knees, which look fucking disgustingly stiff, but by the end of the match I had become completely numb to them since he kept throwing them and they kept not doing anything. (Except the big running one on the ramp because that was cool as fuck.) Apart from that, Bryan took the Dragon suplex on the ramp, he did the backdrop off the top and did Cattle Mutilation... and that's literally the only moves I can recall from the match. In 30 minutes. You all know I'm not the kind of person to get all "moveset", but like, it really stuck out to me how little wrestling or wrestling moves were in this. Not even any matwork early on. As I was watching, as long as this match went, I just kept kind of waiting for the "wrestling match" to start, if that makes sense, and I felt like it never did. It just felt like a beating, who can hit each other with more of the same repeated stiff strikes. So my question is, is this a typical Kenny Omega match? Is it a typical pre-WWE Bryan Danielson match? Is it just representative of the typical workrate style du jour in general? I haven't seen enough of Omega, Danielson or wrestling in 2021 to really know the answer to that, so I'm asking. I don't get the hype about Omega at all, but that's a snap judgment from a very limited sample. Something about him leaves me cold, and I don't see what he does in-ring that sets him apart from literally any technically good guy going long and having indy epics. He's Adam Cole to me, and I don't mean that as a good thing because I feel the same indifference towards him. So maybe it's me and the house style, so to speak, has passed me by since the mid-2010s. I felt the same watching All Out at times, whether it's the proliferation of no selling and "take turns" mirrored no selling, or just the fact that so many guys seemingly have a strike or strikes that looks like a death blow to the head that they hit ten times a match without winning. Like, literally. Where are the moves?
  15. Jimmy Redman

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    I just signed up for the Fite trial for the same reason, except I can't watch live. I can't even remember the last time I avoided the internet so I could watch wrestling on TV spoiler free. It was probably like 2011 when I was obsessed with Smackdown. This is all still super weird, but in a good way.