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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired November 7, 1992

Sand Lick Elementary School, Haysi, VA

  1. INT: Dutch Mantel - he’s at the back of the arena awaiting the arrival of ‘The Master’.  He can see a van in the parking lot and thinks that he is here.
  2. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Mike Sampson - after he gets the win Anthony calls for Tim Horner to come out and face him.  He continues to attack Sampson while at the same time calling out Horner.  Horner then runs to the ring from the opposite side that Anthony is facing, rolls Sampson out the way and switches places with him.  Anthony grabs what he thinks is Sampson’s hair, but is in fact Horner’s and he punches the Dirty White Boy who exits the ring sharpish with Horner on his tails.  Anthony ends up getting behind Ron Wright and wheeling him to Horner who proceeds to spin Wright’s wheelchair round and round whilst Ron clutches at his heart. Very funny stuff.
  3. INT: Tim Horner - says how Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright have been running every time he gets a chance to come and get them, so a lumberjack match has been signed for Thanksgiving Thunder and there will be nowhere for him to run to.  Dutch Mantel goes to see Ron Wright who is still clutching at his heart, saying that he can’t see, needs some fresh air and doesn’t know whether he will make it or not.
  4. INT: Jim Cornette - “Eastern Kentucky is a place where men are men, the women are too and the sheep are scared”
  5. INT: Danny Davis - from his home.  Says he’s been doing a lot of thinking these past few weeks about whether he should come back to wrestling, whether he should find a new career, but he’s not going to be intimidated by what Paul Orndorff did to him.  He says that if he has to, he will buy himself a ringside ticket and every time he wrestles Ron Garvin he will be in the front row cheering Garvin on.  He then tells Orndorff to watch his back as only he and his doctor know when he’ll be ready.
  6. INT: Paul Orndorff - he doesn’t care about Danny Davis, all he cares about is getting his $15,000 robe back.  He then states that he could beat both Davis and Ron Garvin at the same time, it would be nothing to him as they’re just midgets.
  7. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs Paul Lee & Robbie Eagle
  8. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Cornette says that after what has happened the Rock & Roll Express are anxious to get rid of the Heavenly Bodies, whilst the Bodies have always been anxious to get rid of the Rock & Rolls.  The Express went to Bob Armstrong and said that they wanted some kind of showdown, some way to get rid of the Heavenly Bodies out of professional wrestling for good.  Armstrong came to him with their idea and he accepted.  On the Thanksgiving Thunder weekend, from 11/26 to 11/29 it will be 'the four faces of fear', the four most dangerous types of match in wrestling on four consecutive days: Texas Death match, Falls Count Anywhere, Barbed Wire Cage and Smoky Mountain Street Fight.  He goes on to say that it's all coming down Thanksgiving Thunder and no-one can come through that without getting hurt, and that's exactly what they want.
  9. Down & Dirty w/ Tracey Smothers - Smothers says how he sees some of the greatest wrestling talent ever assembled here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Dutch says that whenever someone comes to a new federation they’re going to get tested and he asks how he thinks he’ll do when that test comes.  Smothers then says how Dutch has been sat back there all night saying how bad and tough he is and asks why doesn’t he test him?  Dutch says that he just might and Tracey tells him he’ll see him later.
  10. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that ‘the four faces of fear’ are the most dangerous type of matches in wrestling and at any time himself, Robert Gibson or the Heavenly Bodies can be put out.  He then mention that what Jim Cornette forgot to say was that all of these matches are no-DQ and that means that they can get to him too, do anything they like to him and not lose their title matches.
  11. Jackie Fulton vs Bobby Fulton - Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden join the commentary desk for this match and Fuller says that someone needs to show these boys how to wrestle as this is boring him to death.  With the referee bumped the Stud Stable go down to ringside and Fuller put something around his fist and clocks Bobby.  Jackie goes to pin him but realizes that something is up, asks the fans what happened and then launches himself over the top rope with a plancha on to the Stud Stable.  The three of them fight until Bobby regains his bearings, comes to help his brother and the Studs leave.
  12. INT: Bob Armstrong & The Fantastics - Armstrong says that they already had the Stud Stable vs The Fantastics scheduled as a dream match for later in the month, but due to what’s just happened he’s scheduling it for next week.
  13. Lengthy history piece on ‘The Master’ and how we arrived at the upcoming match
  14. Brian Lee vs ‘The Master’ - 'The Master' slowly makes his way to the ring to the sounds of some creepy music, keeping his identity covered by a black cloak.  Brian Lee charges at him and 'The Master' unleashes a fireball, then pulls down his hood to reveal he's Kevin Sullivan.  Immediately he starts to hit him in the head with a spike, while the Nightstalker and Molokai both come into the ring to help with the attack.  Sullivan spikes referee Mark Curtis and continues the assault bloodying Lee up.  Paul Lee tries to come and help his namesake, but he is the next victim of the spike and they then hang Brian Lee in the tree of woe.  The non-stop attack is relentless as Sullivan spikes him some more.  Robbie Eagle and Mike Sampson run down to try and help but the Nightstalker is keeping guard, preventing anyone get to Lee and he sees them off.  Meanwhile on commentary Bob Caudle is saying that someone's got to stop this “call the law, call the army, do something?”  A cameraman ends up getting up on the apron trying to help, but he gets spiked as well, leading to Caudle leaving the commentary desk and going over to where the assault is taking place, waving his arms and trying to get them to stop.  Lee's face at this time is an absolute bloody mess and Dixie Dy-No-Mite is next to try and help, but like everyone before him the Nightstalker keeps him at bay, while Sullivan keeps spiking Lee and digging it into his forehead.  The Fulton brothers come out but it makes no difference and it seems like no-one is able to get to Lee to help him.  There is some visual at this point with Lee lay on his back, head hanging over the apron, covered in blood with his hair turned red and Sullivan still continuing to spike him.  In the end the Rock & Roll Express, Tim Horner, Tracey Smother and Bob Armstrong all rush out and Sullivan leaves, with Dutch saying “We ain't going to see none of this shit on TV” and then tells Caudle that he should've stayed over there with him.  Armstrong starts to massage Lee's heart and check for a pulse.  He then goes over to Dutch and Caudle and says that he made a mistake by allowing Sullivan to come in here but he's correcting it now, and from this point on he's banned from the area for the rest of his life!
  15. INT: Tim Horner, Rock & Roll Express
  16. A chaotic scene as they continue to tend to Brian Lee.  Bob Armstrong then gets on the mic again and tells Kevin Sullivan that “You’re banned from Smoky Mountain Wrestling you son of a bitch (bleeped out) for the rest of your life.”  Dutch Mantel says that he disagrees with a lot of Bob Armstrong’s decisions but he agrees with this one as it was totally out of hand and should never have happened, as Lee gets carried out on a stretcher. This was incredible and the violence levels were off the charts with the repeated spike shots and Lee's face (and hair) being drenched in blood.  Caudle getting involved and then Dutch agreeing with Armstrong when he bans Lee just adds to everything.  After years of hearing Cornette rant on ECW, IWA-MS, Ian Rotten etc. and then watching this?  Probably more pure violence in this one angle than anything I have ever seen in those promotions.  Crazy, wild, chaotic, an unbelievable angle and piece of wrestling television.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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