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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired November 28, 1992

Sullivan East High School, Bluff City, TN

  1. Tim Horner vs Paul Lee
  2. INT: Tony Anthony & Ron Wright - Wright tells Bob Caudle that they shouldn’t be worrying about the lumberjack match like that as he’s been worrying about it for the past week.  He’s been trying to get his four men lined up to be in their corner, but has found out that Tim Horner and his cohorts have been paying them off so he’s not been able to get the men he really wants.  He assures Caudle though that they’ll have four men down there to help his beloved man hang on to the title.  Dirty White Boy is a bit concerned and Wright says that some of the guys he originally signed up are trying to back out, but tells him not to worry too much as old Ron will sort something out.  Anthony then tells Horner that Wright is a man of his word and that they’re on a mission to get this legend out of his chair.
  3. INT: Brian Lee - from home. The stitches are out, the bruises, and even his burns, are healing, but he’s still not 100% and the doctors haven’t released him.  The docs have told him that if he comes back to soon after the injuries he suffered it could be fatal and he doesn’t want any excuses this time, because when he gets his hands on Kevin Sullivan it isn’t going to be pretty.
  4. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that Thanksgiving Thunder is upon us and the Mongolian Stomper is coming back just for Kevin Sullivan, who isn’t going to get away with what he did to Brian Lee.  He says that the Stomper is the baddest man in all the land and he’s going to enjoy watching him take Sullivan apart.  Armstrong has some more video footage of the Stomper in action showing what he does “to guys like you”. This time I think it’s of the Stomper against Dennis Condrey from the Mid-South Coliseum.
  5. Kevin Sullivan paid commercial - he says that the people who watch Smoky Mountain Wrestling now know that he is for real and that Commissioner Armstrong has sent for the Mongolian Stomper, a man that he once hated, he's now shaking hands with.  He says that he is not going away and that he has heard a rumour that Brian Lee is planning to get out of his sick bed to try and give some inspiration to the Stomper.  He tells Lee that when someone has had a near death experience you always see the light, and that light is telling you not to get in any more near death experiences and that goes for the Mongolian Stomper too.
  6. INT:  Jim Cornette
  7. INT: Tracey Smothers - says he’s grateful to be in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and wants to thank everyone for making him feel welcome, but one day wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight title.
  8. Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs Jeff Daniels - the Nightstalker jumps both men after the match.  Paul Lee, Robbie Eagle and Reno Riggins try to make the save but he sees them all off, until eventually Tim Horner and Tracey Smothers come out and clear him from the ring.
  9. Down & Dirty w/ Danny Davis - Davis says that he didn’t ask to be in neck brace, he didn’t stick his nose in Paul Orndorff’s business, “Paula” just gave him a piledriver and nearly ended his career.  All he was doing was watching Ron Garvin’s back like he always has as he is a longtime friend of his.  Dutch questions him on how long he’ll be wearing the neck brace for and he says that a couple of weeks ago he got the feeling back in his right arm.  Only he and his doctor know how long he’ll have to wear it, but he won’t be disclosing that information.  Davis confirms that he will be at Thanksgiving Thunder at which point Orndorff comes to the ring and confronts him.  The two of them get into a shoving contest before Mr Wonderful decks Davis.  With his back turned to him, Davis takes off the neck brace and chokes Orndorff with it.  Orndorff eventually gains control and is about to piledrive Davis again when Ron Garvin runs out for the save.
  10. Recap of Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette vs Rock & Roll Express & Ron Garvin from last week
  11. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs Reno Riggins & Robbie Eagle
  12. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Cornette says that this afternoon in Knoxville is the most dangerous of the ‘Four Faces of Fear’ matches, the barbed wire cage, and after they tried to assassinate him last week he isn’t going anywhere without Killer Kyle.  He promises the Rock & Roll Express that after he gets through with them they’ll be in so many pieces that they’ll look like a jigsaw, only that some of those pieces will be missing.
  13. Rock & Roll Express music video - Thin Lizzy ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’
  14. Ron Garvin vs Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) - Tim Horner joins them on commentary for the match.  Wright tries to pass Anthony some brass knux but Horner dashes from the commentary position to try to stop and grab them off him.  Wright and Horner start fighting over the knux while Garvin drops Dirty White Boy with a punch.  Referee Mark Curtis is trying to see to Wright and Horner when Paul Orndorff comes down and throws a chain to where the in ring action is, Curtis turns round and goes to count the fall but stops on seeing the chain.  Orndorff tells him that Garvin used it and then Curtis raises Anthony’s hand.  A second referee then comes out to explain to Curtis what happened but we go to the local interviews.
  15. INT: Rock & Roll Express & Tim Horner
  16. INT: Bob Armstrong - says after what happened in the previous match he has taken it on himself to declare Ron Garvin the winner, however as no three count took place he can’t take the title away from the Dirty White Boy and he remains the champion.  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden come out and interrupt the interview saying that they’re the best tag team in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, they’ve beaten the Rock & Roll Express, they’ve beaten the Fantastics, there’s no-one they haven’t beaten except the Heavenly Bodies.  Armstrong says that he’s had a bad day and if they want a title shot with the Heavenly Bodies they can have one, and if they come back next week he’ll tell them where and when.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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