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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired December 12, 1992

Clairfield School, Clairfield, TN

  1. Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs Dark Secret (Brian Armstrong)
  2. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that they asked for this title match at Christmas Chaos with Jim Cornette on the Heavenly Bodies side because he is always out there with that tennis racket.  This way they can keep an eye on him in the ring, and can also hit him and not get disqualified.
  3. INT: Tracey Smothers
  4. INT: Bob Armstrong - despite his objections, Kevin Sullivan will be allowed to wrestle on television.  He has received a letter from Sullivan’s lawyer which states that they feel their client, Mr Sullivan, is being wrongfully denied his rightful and lawful chance to further his career through TV exposure.  The lawyers also state if this ban is due to disciplinary action, please forward the name and details of all wrestlers fined or suspended in the past year, reasons for doing so, and if Mr Sullivan was barred from TV for rule infraction, please show where all others who broke the rules were banned also.  Failure to do so we will consider as discrimination and seek recourse in federal court.  If he was barred due to the psychological counselling he has undergone, we will consider it a violation of his civil rights.  Armstrong says that this is the lowest form of abuse and its people abusing the legal system, however the Stomper likes abuse and Brian Lee is ready to abuse Kevin Sullivan after what he did to him.  They then recap Armstrong’s interview from Thanksgiving Thunder where the Stomper goes to attack Sullivan in his dressing room.  This is followed by a Brian Lee interview, who says that the doctors are going to release him in six weeks, however when Bob Armstrong told him about Christmas Chaos and that Kevin Sullivan is going to be there, he told him if Sullivan is going to be there, so is Brian Lee.  Armstrong closes the segment by saying that the SMW Board of Directors have been on to his case and the Mongolian Stomper & Brian Lee vs Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker match at Christmas Chaos will be non-sanctioned.
  5. INT: Tim Horner & Tracey Smothers
  6. Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Nightstalker) vs Jeff Daniels - Sullivan brutalizes Daniels and busts him open.  The Nightstalker eventually gets involved in the action and Sullivan is DQ’d.
  7. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - Bob Caudle says that Kevin Sullivan being allowed back in the ring to wrestle on TV has got to be a miscarriage of justice.  Sullivan says that he has lawyers and everybody gets a chance in this country, even Charlie Manson had a lawyer.  Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Commissioner Armstrong can’t keep him and his followers from doing what they want.  He says that he hurt Brian Lee one time but it was an accident he didn’t meant to keep stabbing and stabbing him with the spike, but he can do anything he wants because he has lawyers, he has great lawyers, and what a country they live in when you can do anything you want if you’ve got great lawyers!
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Ron Wright & Tony Anthony & Paul Orndorff - Wright says that Christmas Chaos is coming but he’s never been so sick of a holiday in his life!  He’s supposed to be getting 16-18 hours rest a day and wants to tell all those snotty nosed kids in his neighbourhood to quit singing those Christmas carols, aggravating him and keeping him awake all hours of the day and night.  He says that he’s liable to have a heart attack if they don’t slow down on it. Christmas Chaos, bah humbug!  Anthony says that Tim Horner won’t make it to Christmas Chaos as he’s got a shot at his SMW title today and that means more to him than anything.  Orndorff doesn’t think that Horner is man enough to take the title from the Dirty White Boy and says that come Christmas Chaos they’ll show them what a true legend team is all about.
  9. INT: Tim Horner - says that Christmas Chaos will be the icing on the cake but today he is winning the SMW title
  10. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs Daniel Little Bear & Reno Riggins
  11. INT:  Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette says that the Rock & Roll Express have been to Bob Armstrong to get a handicap match against them at Christmas Chaos.  He insists that he isn't a wrestler, but the Rock & Rolls want to get their hands on him and to get a kick out of seeing him being killed!  He says that he is going into training that Richard Simmonds is a very good friend of his and he is going to get into the best shape of his life.  The Heavenly Bodies will keep the Rock & Rolls away from him and then they'll get their titles back.  Prichard tells the Stud Stable to stay out of their business as he would hate anything to jeopardize their friendship, while Lane says that they need to stay in their local, regional matches and leave the main event stuff to them.  Cornette closes by saying that next time we see him he'll be ripped to shreds and that everything about him will be hard!
  12. Tim Horner vs Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) - Horner atomic drops Anthony into the turnbuckle, he bounces back and collides with Horner and they both fall to the canvas.  Horner falls on top of the Dirty White Boy and as Mark Curtis counts the pin, Ron Wright puts Anthony’s foot on the ropes.  Curtis hands Horner the belt and he starts to celebrate before appearing to have second thoughts after seeing the foot on the ropes.  Horner leaves with the title whilst Curtis still appears to be undecided over what the result is.  Very hokey stuff again with Curtis.
  13. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette & Tom Prichard
  14. INT: Bob Armstrong - he has Jeff Daniels with him and tells Kevin Sullivan that Daniels is a young man just trying to make a living for himself, but he has a gash in his forehead that will take 15-20 stitches to close as well as a concussion and they’re going to find a way to get rid of Sullivan for good.  He then says that he is very happy that Tim Horner got the three count in the previous match, but the Dirty White Boy’s foot was on the ropes.  Whether Ron Wright put it there or not, rules are rules, and he’s going to have to ask Tim to give the belt back to the Dirty White Boy.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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