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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired December 19, 1992

Clairfield School, Clairfield, TN

  1. Paul Orndorff (w/ Tony Anthony & Ron Wright) vs Reno Riggins - good little bout and Orndorff rolls through on a Riggins crossbody off the top and hooks the trunks for the pin.
  2. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony & Paul Orndorff - Wright says that they took the belt and now won’t give it back.  He says that they need to get Bob Armstrong out here and get some ruling so the belt can be back where it belongs.  Dirty White Boy says how you can never find Bob Armstrong when you need and he wants his belt back.  There’s a thief in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and his name is Tim Horner!  Armstrong comes out and Anthony tells him that he wants his belt back now, “You’re the Commissioner, so do something about it!”  Armstrong says that he’s looked for the belt and can’t find it and has asked Tim Horner but he doesn’t know where it is either.  He says that he tried to have a singles match between then to find out who the best man was and the winner of that would get the belt, however as Christmas Chaos is coming and they have a tag match, he is going to put the Dirty White Boy’s belt up in that.  Anthony says that he can’t do that as it’s like a handicap match and their opponents have nothing to lose.  Orndorff tells Armstrong that he is a fair man “so do the right thing,” he then decides that as it is a tag team match, the belt will only be on the line for the first 30 minutes.  Orndorff goes crazy saying he wants his robe back whilst Anthony wants his title belt back.
  3. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette
  4. Personality Profile: Tracey Smothers
  5. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden - Fuller questions Dutch Mantel as he said things were going to turn around, that they were going to get a title match and that he was going to see to it personally, but nothing has happened and they are still in the same boat?  Golden claims that they're afraid to give them a title shot as they know what will happen.  Dutch says that there is some political maneuvering, some back stabbing, some insider stuff going on!  He doesn't quite understand it, but his investigation is continuing.  Fuller then says that he doesn't care who they wrestle and that they should be the champions now, but as soon as they get that title shot that is exactly what they will be.
  6. Recap of Kevin Sullivan massacring Brian Lee with the spike
  7. INT: Brian Lee - says Christmas Chaos is one week away and while the doctors have told him that his internal injuries haven’t healed, he knows that he’s fine and when he gets his hands on Kevin Sullivan it’s going to be all over.
  8. Recap of Kevin Sullivan vs Mongolian Stomper from Johnson City, TN
  9. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that Brian Lee is coming back too soon and against the doctor’s advice.  For that reason, Smoky Mountain Wrestling cannot be responsible for the match at Christmas Chaos and that is why they’ll have to non-sanction it.
  10. The Nightstalker (w/ Kevin Sullivan) vs Daniel Little Bear - Nightstalker throws Little Bear outside to Sullivan who starts attacking him and gets the Stalker DQ’d.  They both double team on him before the Nightstalker hits a powerbomb and they leave him lying in the ring.
  11. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - Sullivan tells Brian Lee to come on down and if the Mongolian Stomper has crazy thoughts he knows a great psychologist.  He did wonders for him, he’ll send him his card. 
  12. INT: Sawyer Brown - they say that they are behind Brian Lee and tell Kevin Sullivan that he will be back
  13. Down & Dirty w/ Tim Horner - opens with a recap of Tony Anthony vs Tim Horner from last week.  Dutch asks Horner where the SMW Heavyweight title belt is and he says that he doesn’t know.  Dutch says that he left with the belt so he must know, but Horner continues to stonewall him.  Dutch then asks him about the upcoming tag team match at Christmas Chaos and enquires about where Ron Garvin is?  Horner says that he’s not here today, he’s hunting in the woods in Virginia.  Tony Anthony and Paul Orndorff come out and Anthony says that he wants his belt back, Horner stole it, and he wants it now!  Mantel casually lets Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy know that Garvin isn’t here today, Anthony swings at him, he ducks the punch, crawls through Orndorff’s legs and out of the ring while Anthony screams that he wants his belt.
  14. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette is in his workout gear and Stan tells everyone to feast their eyes on the best conditioned, most finely tuned athlete in the world (just as Cornette starts coughing).  Cora Evans from Bodyshaping is writing him love letters, while Joe Weider wants him on the cover of Muscle Mag next week!  Cornette does some shadow boxing and appears to be tiring himself out.  He says that he is going to be training until Christmas Chaos comes around, is on a diet of Twinkies white chocolate covered fudge Oreos and is stocking up on carbohydrates.  He attempts to tear a phone book in half, struggles, so rips a few pages out and claims he’s done it.  He then tells the Rock & Roll Express that they won’t know what’s hit them.
  15. Rock & Roll Express vs Paul Lee & Dark Secret
  16. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton tells Jim Cornette that the worst mistake he’ll ever make is stepping in the ring with them.  Cornette then comes out to the ring and challenges Morton saying that he is in the best shape of his life and he’ll hit him so hard his grandkids will be dizzy.  Morton accepts but it is all a plan as the Heavenly Bodies jump Robert Gibson, and with his back turned, Cornette clocks Morton with a coke can that’s been wrapped in his towel.
  17. INT: Tracey Smothers, Tim Horner
  18. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Cornette says that he’s heard of athletes having a problem with coke in the past, but Morton has got rocks in his head  He claims again that he is in the best shape of his life, has just beat up both of the Rock & Rolls by himself and is afraid he’s going to kill someone with his bare hands he’s that tough!  Stan says that he’s so proud of Cornette and in one month he’s gone from 150 pushups to 2,000.  Cornette demonstrates by doing women’s pushups, he sees the Rock & Roll Express coming, ups and flees and they attack the Bodies which leads to an impromptu match.
  19. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs Rock & Roll Express - the show goes off the air with the match in progress

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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