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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired December 26, 1992

Clairfield School, Clairfield, TN

  1. Recap of what led to the impromptu Heavenly Bodies vs Rock & Roll Express match from last week.
  2. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs Rock & Roll Express - Robert Gibson decks Cornette and the Stud Stable come out to check on him.  They throw his tennis racket in the ring for the Bodies to use but as Tom Prichard is picking it up, Gibson hits him with a sunset flip for the pin.  Match was nothing special but stokes the fire for the three team feud.
  3. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette
  4. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (w/ Dutch Mantel) vs Daniel Little Bear & Reno Riggins - Jim Cornette joins them on commentary for this bout, although he is a bit upset as all of those bodybuilding supplements he’s been taking to improve his massive physique have given him a blocked up nose, have raised his blood pressure and his body is all out of whack.  He says that he doesn’t remember asking for any assistance last week when his Heavenly Bodies were facing the Rock & Roll Express, and they don’t need any help as they can take care of themselves.
  5. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Dutch Mantel - Golden says that they saw that the Heavenly Bodies weren’t getting the job done so they came out to help and the gratitude they get is Jim Cornette saying they didn’t need any help!  Fuller says that next time they might end up doing something that Cornette doesn’t like and that they’re coming after the Rock & Roll Express.
  6. Tracey Smothers vs Dark Secret
  7. INT: Tracey Smothers - he wants to get in the winner takes all TV tournament and wants to prove to himself and everyone that he is here to stay.
  8. INT: Bob Armstrong - says he’s been trying to find the SMW Heavyweight title to return it to the Dirty White Boy but has been having no luck.  He's asked Tim Horner about it but he doesn't know where it is, he's looked in the dressing room, he's doing the best he can but just can't find it.
  9. INT: Tim Horner - from Horner’s home and he is accompanied by a young lad called J.T. who is holding the belt.  J.T. has been sick and Horner wanted to win the belt for him, this lad has made Horner know what is important in life etc. (Horner lays it on thick here even starting to cry).  Horner says that he knows in his heart that he is the SMW champion and the Commissioner's office has said that he has to give the belt back.  Whether he does or he doesn't, he is the champion and the fans know he is too.  I didn't know what to make of this.  The whole angle of Horner stealing the belt has reeked of desperation and then topping it off with the exploitation of a seriously sick child?  Why on earth is a face stealing the title?  Odd, uncomfortable, ass backwards booking.
  10. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Paul Lee
  11. INT: Tony Anthony & Ron Wright & Paul Orndorff - Anthony says that he’s been robbed, that there is a thief in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and his name is Tim Horner.  If he was any kind of man he would come out right now with his belt and hand it back, but he won’t because he’s gutless.  Wright says that his heart is acting up again, he’s got gout and is worrying himself sick over these matches that are coming up.  Orndorff says that Ron Garvin and Tim Horner are one and the same, they’re both cowards and come Christmas Chaos they’re going to put so much pain and agony in their lives that they’ll wish they’d never stepped in the ring.
  12. Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Nightstalker) vs Dixie Dy-No-Mite - Sullivan gets DQ’d after choking Dy-No-Mite with a coat hanger which he then uses to drag Dixie out of the arena to the back.
  13. INT: Tracey Smothers, Tim Horner
  14. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - The Nightstalker says that Commissioner Armstrong is sadly mistaken if he thinks anyone can stop ‘The Master’ Kevin Sullivan and himself.  Armstrong interrupts them and tells Sullivan it’s the last time he’ll put a coat hanger around anybody’s neck and if the Mongolian Stomper can’t do it, if Brian Lee can’t do it, he’s going to find someone to get him out of Smoky Mountain for good.  Sullivan starts goading Armstrong and says that it will be a cold day in hell when they get rid of The Nightstalker and him.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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