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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired January 9, 1993

  1. INT: Bob Armstrong - announces that next week they’ll crown their first ‘Beat the Champ’ TV champion.  He says that four men have been selected at random to take part in the match and they are Jimmy Golden, Killer Kyle, Tracey Smothers and Tony Anthony.
  2. INT: Brian Lee & Mongolian Stomper - Lee’s ribs still aren’t 100% but Kevin Sullivan didn’t get the job done.  He says that The Nightstalker has all the attributes to be a great wrestler but he doesn’t have a mind because Sullivan is leading him around like a dog, and if you want to talk about lunatics check out his partner, he doesn’t have one brain cell left and it will be curtains for Kevin Sullivan when they get their hands on him.
  3. Brian Lee & Mongolian Stomper vs Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker (highlights, from Christmas Chaos)
  4. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - The Nightstalker says that Brian Lee made a grave mistake, he came out of the hospital too early, he’s not ready and he can’t beat this team.  He doesn’t care who he brings as Bob Armstrong can’t help him, the Mongolian Stomper can’t help him either, there is no-one anywhere who can beat ‘The Master’ and The Nightstalker.
  5. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette
  6. Chris Comet vs Jeff Daniels
  7. INT: Bob Armstrong - he is joined by Tim Horner and J.T. who is carrying the SMW Heavyweight title.  Horner says that in his mind he pinned the Dirty White Boy for the three a few weeks ago, but knows that Armstrong has a job to do and if he has to give the belt back that is what he’ll do.  He guarantees the White Boy that next time there won’t be any discrepancies, he’ll beat him for the three count and the title will be his.  Horner returns the belt to Armstrong who says that he’s going to give him another chance against the Dirty White Boy.
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Ron Wright - Ron is so happy at the moment; he’s managing the Dirty White Boy who is the Heavyweight champion, he’s beaten everyone in the country and before too long they’re going to be having the TV title too.  He then says that he’s been watching Reno Riggins and this man has showed him a lot of potential.  Wright gets them to play some footage of Riggins in action from previous weeks before he joins them on Down & Dirty.  Wright tells him that he has some real raw potential and if he had an old pro like the legendary Ron Wright to give him a few pointers and a little coaching, he could probably make a star out of him like he did with the Dirty White Boy.  He says that he’s been mulling the idea over and talking to the Dirty White Boy about it and tells Riggins if he comes in and signs a contract with him they’ll let him go to all the matches with them.  He may have to polish the Dirty White Boy’s belt, his boots, carry his bags, but he will be associated with the top wrestler and manager in the world.  Riggins says that ever since he came to Smoky Mountain he wanted to be a champion and if Ron wouldn’t mind he’d like to think his offer over for a bit.  Wright isn’t happy that he wants to think on an offer from the “world renowned wrestler and brain of the wrestling empire” Mr Ron Wright.  He tells him that if he wants to think about it he better do his thinking quickly, as an offer like this only comes across once in a lifetime.  Dutch closes the show by telling Riggins that it is a good offer.
  9. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Dutch Mantel - Golden says to Dutch that he knows he's got them a title match and wants to know when and where it is?  Dutch sheepishly responds that he hasn't got them a title shot yet but is been working on it.  He went to see Bob Armstrong in his offices and Armstrong told him to leave, he wouldn't even speak with him saying it is none of his concern and he wanted to speak to “you guys”.  Fuller then tells him that maybe he should take a lesson from Jim Cornette as he has taken a mediocre team like the Heavenly Bodies and has gotten them somewhere.  He then guarantees that the first time that the Stud Stable step in the ring with the Heavenly Bodies or the Rock & Roll Express that they will find out who the greatest tag team who ever wrestling in Smoky Mountain Wrestling is.  Golden says that the Rock & Rolls should be called the drugstore toy champions as they've beaten them numerous times, they could beat the Bodies too and deserve a title match.
  10. Handicap Match: Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette vs Rock & Roll Express (from Christmas Chaos) - The Stud Stable make their way to ringside and Prichard nails Gibson with the loaded boot and covers him.  Meanwhile Mark Curtis is seeing to Jimmy Golden and trying to get him down from the apron whilst at the same time Cornette is trying to drag him over to count the pin.  With Curtis still distracted, Morton comes off the top on to Prichard, pulls Gibson on top, Curtis turns round and makes the three count.  After the match the Stud Stable and the Bodies square off, Cornette passes the tennis racket to Lane and three of them beat on the Studs until the Rock & Rolls come back out to run the Bodies off.  The Rock & Rolls then offer their hands to the Stud Stable but they attack them instead, with Tim Horner and Tracey Smothers having to save the Express from the attack.
  11. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle - Cornette thinks that the Stud Stable are sticking their noses in their business and that's not where it belongs.  He tells them that they better stick their nose in somebody else’s business besides the Heavenly Bodies, as they want the Rock & Roll Express and aren't in the mood for anyone getting in their way.  Lane says that they have nothing against semi-pro baseball players, nothing against minor league hockey players and nothing against Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden... As far as small time regional champions, they're some of the best, but they should stick to the Armory's, the moose lodges and High Schools and leave the international stars, cable TV and the big jobs, like the Rock & Roll Express, to them.  Cornette then tells Bob Caudle to tell his broadcast partner to stick to talking instead of trying to manage as he'd hate something to happen to their friendship.
  12. INT: Sawyer Brown
  13. Paul Orndorff & Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Tim Horner & Ron Garvin - Orndorff pins Horner after nailing him with some brass knux that Ron Wright first passed to the Dirty White Boy, who then passed them onto Mr Wonderful.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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