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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired February 13, 1993

Newton Recreation Center, Newton, NC

  1. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - the Dirty White Boy says that Reno Riggins made the biggest mistake of his life when he came out here, humiliated and embarrassed the living legend, Mr Ron Wright.  He says that it’s about time that they start getting the respect that they deserve and they’re going to start with Riggins.
  2. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Reno Riggins - Anthony punishes Riggins the whole match including picking him up after hitting him with his finisher.  The Dirty White Boy unloads a barrage of punches to Riggins and as he appears to show him no sign of mercy, and as Riggins refuses to quit, Tracey Smothers comes out and throws in a towel to stop the match.  Anthony kicks Riggins low after the match which leads to Smothers getting into the ring.  The two of them just stare at each other before Anthony leaves and Mark Curtis reverses the decision and disqualifies him for the post match low blow.
  3. INT: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Dutch Mantel
  4. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - Sullivan says that he is ready to face Bob Armstrong’s family of rats!
  5. Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Nightstalker) vs Bart Batten - the Nightstalker interferes for the DQ.  He powerbombs Batten and then Sullivan starts attacking him with the spike opening him up.  Brian Lee runs out for the save and Sullivan and the Nightstalker make as if they are going to leave.  Lee tends to Batten and pick him up to carry him from the ring, but Sullivan and the Nightstalker get back in the ring and attack him.  Sean Powers and Johnny Kidd try to help but to no avail, and the heels only stop when Tim Horner carrying bar bells comes out.
  6. Down & Dirty - Dutch says that in one of the most serious breaches of wrestling etiquette in history, the feud between the Heavenly Bodies and the Rock & Roll Express has spilled over into other territories.  At a recent WCW TV taping the Heavenly Bodies invaded WCW looking for the Rock & Roll Express and Dutch then plays footage of that ‘invasion’.  Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton and the Heavenly Bodies are out with Bill Watts and Jim Ross on an episode of WCW Saturday Night.  Cornette says that he and Stan Lane walked out of WCW two years ago because the people that run this company tried to make the Midnight Express look like idiots.  After they left they found Dr Tom Prichard and formed another tag team the Heavenly Bodies, went to Smoky Mountain Wrestling where they appreciate wrestling talent and became the SMW tag team champions.  Then all of a sudden, like some sort of cancer, the Rock & Roll Express appear and steal their tag team belts.  Next thing he knows he is sat at home watching TV and Bill Watts is showing the Rock & Roll Express beating their brains out on national television.  He tells Watts that he is not going to stand for it, he broke up the Midnight Express because he didn’t want TBS to make them look like idiots and he’ll be damned if he’ll let them do it to the Heavenly Bodies, especially when they don’t even work here.  He says that he bought back Bobby Eaton, a man that they have used and abused for two years, and they got their titles back.  He tells Watts that he wants a public apology for showing that video to everyone, for trying to make them look like clowns and if they don’t he’s going to file a suit against Watts, TBS, WCW and Ted Turner if he has to.  Watts says that there are a lot of people he would apologize to but Cornette isn’t one of them.  He says that he has been working with Bob Armstrong to get all the necessary releases required to show that footage and next time he butts in on their show he’ll get Doug Dillinger and Atlanta’s finest to escort him straight to jail.  Cornette responds that he should get the Rock & Roll Express arrested and put in jail for murder as last week they came out and killed his ratings!  The Rock & Rolls come out and Watts tells them if they want to settle it in the ring they can do so in their ring, on neutral ground.  This leads to an impromptu match between the teams with all participants in their street wear.  The Rock & Rolls hit the double dropkick on Prichard when Eaton interferes for the DQ.  The three of them plus Cornette then beat on the Express, while a bunch of lower level WCW guys try to help but just get beaten down themselves.  After airing this segment Dutch has a summit meeting in the dressing room with Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden.  Golden isn’t happy that the Heavenly Bodies and Rock & Roll Express are only concerned with each other, they’re going off into other federations, when are the Stud Stable going to get an acknowledgement round here?  Fuller then tells Cornette they’re going to get their attention and he better be looking out for it, because if they don’t, they’ll just get them from behind.
  7. INT: Tim Horner & Brian Lee - Horner says that he told Lee he would be there for him no matter what and that he will be in Knoxville on 2/19 as well.  Lee says that Kevin Sullivan claims that he’s crazy, well he’s not all there himself now and come 2/19, First Blood, he’s busting him wide open.
  8. Rock & Roll Express vs Dark Secret & Robbie Eagle
  9. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Morton says that the only thing on their mind is to get the SMW tag team titles round their waist.  Jim Cornette may talk about the Heavenly Bodies being a corporation, but it doesn’t matter to them as they’ve been through a lot with the Midnight Express, things haven’t changed, just the name.  He then tells Cornette any time, any place he wants to put the belts up they’ll be ready.  They’re interrupted by Cornette who is in the ring with the Bodies and Bobby Eaton and he challenges them to get in the ring right now.  Bob Caudle says that they’re outnumber 4 on 2, Cornette calls them yellow and Morton responds that “sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do” and they make their way to the ring to accept the challenge.  It doesn’t take long before the Bodies and Eaton gain the advantage, then Cornette joins in the attack with his racket and laying the boots into the Rock & Rolls.  Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and Dutch Mantel come out and the Studs start clobbering the Bodies with chairs (Prichard and Lane protect themselves, but Eaton takes some pretty brutal shots from Fuller).  When the Bodies flee, they turn their attention to the Rock & Rolls, destroy them with chair shots and leave them laying in the ring.  Good angle, the Stud Stable finally will get their acknowledgement and after the attack on the Rock & Rolls there is no way they will be turned face (which at times looked as though it could have happened with this storyline)
  10. The ring announcer introduces Paul Lee for the TV title match but Tony Anthony and Paul Orndorff come walking down the aisle.  The Dirty White Boy gets on the mic and says that Lee has come down with the flu or possibly pneumonia, but Mr Wonderful knew how important this match is so he is going to take his place.
  11. Paul Orndorff (w/ Tony Anthony) vs Tracey Smothers - Anthony is up on the apron arguing with the referee for stopping Orndorff go for a piledriver.  Smothers catapults Orndorff into him and as the Dirty White Boy takes a bump to the floor, Smothers schoolboys Orndorff for the pin.  After the match Orndorff piledrives the referee holding him responsible for the loss.
  12. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette
  13. INT: Tracey Smothers - says the win over Paul Orndorff is the biggest of his career, but he can’t believe what he did to referee Darryl Morris, what’s wrong with him?  He is interrupted by Tony Anthony who says that there is no way Smothers is going to get that $5,000 bonus for successfully defending the TV title five times because he is going to see to it personally.  He then tells him that he will never get a shot at his Heavyweight title either.  Smothers tells him to shine that belt up because he is going to kick his ass and then take that title!

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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