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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired February 27, 1993

Jellico High School, Jellico, TN

  1. Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Ted Allen
  2. Rip Rogers vs Reno Riggins - Riggins gets the pin in a good little bout
  3. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that they are getting bills every week from Kevin Sullivan’s therapist and these bills are staggering.  They’re looking for a way out of it because he is trying to bleed the company dry and is doing a very good job of it.  He then goes on to say that their attorneys are investigating the situation with the Heavenly Bodies because three people defending two belts just doesn’t add up.  Finally he announces that on 4/2 in Pikeville, KY, Smoky Mountain Wrestling will present an event called the Bluegrass Brawl.
  4. INT: Tracey Smothers, Rock & Roll Express
  5. Video of Kevin Sullivan’s latest therapy session with Dr Michael Phillips, after which he gets a cranium massage from Nurse Kratchett.  Sullivan says how it is going to be a long session and thanks Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Commissioner Bob Armstrong for paying for it.
  6. Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Nightstalker) vs Lynn Fields - Sullivan is DQ’d for throwing Fields over the top rope to the floor and the Nightstalker then has to cover Sullivan’s eyes to stop him from beating on Fields.
  7. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker - Sullivan says that he has heard Brian Lee likes to gamble, so he has a deal for him.  In Knoxville on 3/21, he would like to challenge him to a match never seen before, a Russian Roulette match.  It could be any type of match, he’s not going to tell Lee the rules or what type of match it is, just come on down!  The Nightstalker then tells Tim Horner that his luck has run out because he stuck his nose in his business and he has upset ‘The Master’, and no-on upsets ‘The Master’.
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Tony Anthony & Ron Wright - Dutch opens the show by recapping what happened between the Dirty White Boy and Tracey Smothers last week, before playing a video interview from Smothers.  Smothers says that everyone saw what the Dirty White Boy did to him last week, he cost him $5,000 and cost him the TV title.  He says that he has carried the rebel flag since he started in professional wrestling and a lot of people don't like it.  To him, the confederate flag brings back good memories, it reminds him of where he came from, where his father came from and his father before him.  Some northerners always try to make them look like dumb, backwards hillbillies, but we're proud of our home and by carrying that flag it was a message to those who knock them that we're proud of where we're from and we love where we're from.  There is no place on earth that he would rather be than here in the South and the Dirty White Boy tried to take that away from them.  He then tells the White Boy that Southern people will treat you like you treat them and that he's messed with the wrong man.  Back in the studio and Dutch is now joined by Ron Wright and Tony Anthony.  Wright says that he has never been so heartbroken in his life, he made Southern wrestling what it is, he’s the Southern living legend and all these people are cheering for this no good Tracey Smothers.  It makes him feel ashamed and disgusted off the South.  Bob Armstrong comes out and tells them that Smothers is getting his shot at the Dirty White Boy’s title on next week’s TV show.  Wright can’t believe it and says that they’re going to move to New York City and they can have the South.  Anthony states that it will take more than Tracey Smothers and Bob Armstrong to get this belt away from him.
  9. The Nightstalker vs Larry Santo
  10. INT: Brian Lee & Tim Horner
  11. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that they have two problems: first, every time they wrestle either the Heavenly Bodies or the Stud Stable it’s always three on two, the other problem is that every time they have the Heavenly Bodies beat, Jim Cornette pulls out one of his old tricks.  He says that individually, one-on-one, they know they can beat either member of the Studs or the Bodies, but they’ve signed some six-man tag matches for Knoxville and Johnson City and have got themselves a mystery partner who hates Cornette as much as they do.  Morton reiterates that one on one they could beat either member of the Stud Stable or Heavenly Bodies and when Bob Caudle asks who this mystery man is, he tells them that they’re keeping it a secret.
  12. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette
  13. INT: Jim Cornette & Bobby Eaton & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette says that he heard the Rock & Roll Express talking about this 'mystery partner', but they aren't worried because he knows that they can't find anyone who would give the Heavenly Bodies a fight.  He then says how they had the gall to claim that either one of them could beat anyone of his guys individually, “but neither one of them could beat half of us with the other one helping!”  At this point the Rock & Rolls come out, soon followed by Bob Armstrong.  Ricky Morton says again that either he or Robert could beat any one of them at any time and Cornette tells him to prove it.  Morton responds by telling him that they'll prove it right now, there is a ring right there, just pick someone?  Armstrong says that if they want to go one on one that is up to them, he'll take care of the rest.  Cornette picks Bobby Eaton to face Morton and Armstrong says he's going to ensure it's one on one, and gets security to take everyone else back to the dressing room.
  14. Bobby Eaton (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Ricky Morton - the Stud Stable and Dutch Mantel interfere for the cheap DQ finish, attacking both men and leading to the match being thrown out.  Gibson and the Bodies come out to help their respective partners, soon followed by Killer Kyle.  Larry Santo, Lynn Fields, Rip Rogers, Reno Riggins and Dixie Dy-No-Mite all rush out to try and separate everyone, but this appears just to be an excuse for Cornette to start waffling them with his tennis racket!  The post-match here is great and a really wild and chaotic scene with everyone fighting amongst each other.  Things only start to get restored when Bob Armstrong (sporting a fluorescent yellow cap) comes out saying that's enough and tries to calm the situation.  I felt the match itself was nothing special (a phrase I'm tending to use a fair bit whilst watching the SMW set) and the fact that it started so late in the show meant that you kind of knew that it wasn't going overly long, even if in the past they have gone off the air with matches still in progress.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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