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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired April 17, 1993

  1. Bobby Eaton (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Robbie Eagle
  2. INT:  Jim Cornette & Bobby Eaton - Cornette is going to appeal the decision from last week by Bob Armstrong, but Bob Caudle informs him that they’ve got something else (another video) from the Commissioner that he may be interested in.  Armstrong has been digging and has found out that Bobby Eaton is still under contract to WCW.  He never told them he was leaving, just showed back up with his old boss Jim Cornette.  WCW didn’t say a thing about it because he was such a troublemaker there, so they let it slide.  Armstrong then informs them that Eaton hasn’t got a contract with Smoky Mountain Wrestling either.  He was in Japan when he arrived and just assumed he had all the correct contractual agreements.  He says that he can’t get rid of him as he is the Beat the Champ TV title holder and Jim Cornette will take them to court, but the moment he loses that belt he is out of here.  Cornette says that Bob Armstrong will do anything.  Bobby Eaton is a member of Heavenly Bodies Inc., his name wasn’t on the original charter but that doesn’t matter because he’s a member of the corporation.  He says that Eaton got his release from WCW and Armstrong can’t force him to go back there.  He claims that Armstrong is trying to dismantle Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies and he’s not going to let it happen.  He then blames the Rock & Roll Express for putting Armstrong up to it because they’re scared of them.
  3. Recap of Brian Lee vs Kevin Sullivan from Bluegrass Brawl and Sullivan’s fallout with the Nightstalker
  4. The Nightstalker music video - KISS ‘War Machine’ - it’s a shame that within a month he becomes Adam Bomb as he could’ve been a top face heel after the turn.
  5. Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Tasmaniac) vs Roger Anderson - Sullivan is DQ’d for attacking Anderson with a metal bar
  6. INT: Kevin Sullivan & The Tasmaniac - they see that the security are about to carry Anderson out of the ring on a stretcher so head back to the ring to attack him again as well as the security.
  7. INT: Sawyer Brown
  8. INT: Tracey Smothers, Rock & Roll Express
  9. Down & Dirty w/ The Nightstalker - says how he followed ‘The Master’ from day one, he was his disciple and did everything he asked of him.  In Pikeville, at the Bluegrass Brawl, he slapped him, blamed him for something he didn’t do, and with that slap he saw the light.  He has a match upcoming against Kevin Sullivan and while Sullivan taught him all he knows, he has to realize that he’s a big man and he can’t be pushed around no more! Dutch pretty much walks him through this.
  10. Recap of Tony Anthony vs Tracey Smothers from the Bluegrass Brawl and the post-match dressing room attack
  11. INT: Tracey Smothers - says the Tennessee Chain match at the Bluegrass Brawl was the toughest match he’s ever had, and he’s been in there with everyone from Antonio Inoki to Terrible Ted the Wrestling Bear.  The Dirty White Boy jumped and embarrassed him in the dressing room on the biggest night of his career.  They have some more Chain matches and while he may not be an expert in them, he’s coming right for the Dirty White Boy, and when he’s through with him they’ll change his name to the Dirty White Trash!
  12. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Mike Sampson
  13. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton is sick of Jim Cornette coming out and saying that he’s going to get rid of the Rock & Roll Express, but says that they’re going nowhere.  Cornette and Tom Prichard come out and Cornette says they’ve got them a little going away present, so why don’t they come on over and open it?  Morton says that he’s tired of this so the two of them go over, but it’s just a ruse (surprise, surprise) as Prichard throws powder in both of their faces.  Cornette attacks Gibson with his racket and here comes Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton to make it four on two.  The Bodies and Cornette tar and feather Morton until Brian Lee and Tracey Smothers rush out to see them all off.
  14. INT: Jim Cornette & Bobby Eaton & Heavenly Bodies - they make a bunch of chicken based puns whilst Stanfield is clucking.  Cornette says that they planned to humiliate the Rock & Roll Express out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and they’ve embarrassed them so bad that they will never want to show their faces here again.  They’ve only just begun, Bob Armstrong is going to feel the wrath, the Rock & Roll Express have already felt it and the Stud Stable will feel it.  Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden interrupt them and say if they’ve got any guts they’ll get in the ring and defend the belts against them now (with a few profanities bleeped out for good measure too).  Cornette says that no redneck is going to talk to them like that and if they want a title match, let’s give it them “and we’ll finish these two off too!”
  15. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (w/ Dutch Mantel) vs Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) - Bobby Eaton interferes for the cheap DQ and Cornette claims they beat them convincingly as they leave.
  16. INT: Jim Cornette
  17. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton hasn’t showered yet and is still tarred and feathered.  He swears that one of them, either the Rock & Roll Express or the Heavenly Bodies is going to leave SMW and it's not going to be them! 

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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