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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 15, 1993

‘Volunteer Slam II Special’

  1. Recap of Jimmy Golden vs Stan Lane and the subsequent confrontation between Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong from last week
  2. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (jip, from Barbourville, KY) - Fuller is about to put the Fuller leglock on Tom Prichard when Cornette interferes and cracks him with the racket allowing Prichard to get the pin.  Fuller puts the leglock on Lane after the match, while Golden stops Prichard or Cornette getting in the ring to help.  He ends up injuring Lane and it’s only when Killer Kyle comes out does Fuller release the hold and the Stud Stable leave.
  3. INT: Jim Cornette, Tony Anthony
  4. Robert Gibson vs Tasmaniac (jip)
  5. Robert Fuller vs Killer Kyle (jip) 
  6. Brian Lee vs Stan Lane (w/ Jim Cornette) (jip)
  7. Jimmy Golden vs Kevin Sullivan (jip)
  8. Ricky Morton vs Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette) - Mark Curtis dives out of the way to avoid being caught up in the action and with the briefest of opportunities, Cornette sprays something in Morton’s face allowing Prichard to get the pin and give his team the advantage in the Rage in the Cage.
  9. INT: Rock & Roll Express & Brian Lee - post-match dressing room interview. Ricky Morton is sporting an eye patch after it transpires that it was chemicals that Jim Cornette sprayed in his face.  Lee says that Cornette will do anything to get an advantage, but Ricky is still standing tall.  Morton says that as long as he’s got two feet to stand on and one eye to see out of, nothing will stop him from the Rage in the Cage.  He questions where the Stud Stable are as they were in their dressing room and wouldn’t talk to them.  He tells them not to double cross them before they are joined by Bob Armstrong.  He also doesn’t know where the Stud Stable are, but he is the referee for the match and will ensure that the best team wins and as far as he is concerned, he is with the best team.
  10. Rage in the Cage: Rock & Roll Express & Brian Lee & Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle & Kevin Sullivan & The Tasmaniac (jip) - Morton makes Stan Lane submit to the Figure Four and after the match, with everyone still in the cage, Cornette nails Bob Armstrong in the back with the tennis racket as he is uncuffing the face team.  Bob doesn’t sell it and turns his attention to Cornette, but is attacked by Tom Prichard.  Armstrong manages to hold both of the Bodies off, however Cornette starts to uncuff the heel team and the numbers are too much for him.  Fuller and Golden (the only faces he uncuffed) just leave, locking the cage door behind them and Lee and the Rock & Rolls are helpless (Lane subsequently cuffed Morton to the cage) as it is a six on one attack on Armstrong.  Mark Curtis tries to climb the cage but to no avail.  Cornette waffles Armstrong with some hard racket shots and they then handcuff him to the cage in the crucifix position.  Smothers and Horner are out to try and help but they’re kept at bay, all while Cornette is slapping Armstrong and hitting him with numerous hard racket shots to the chest.  They eventually manage to get the door open and Smothers and Horner get in front of Armstrong to protect him and Cornette’s team leave.  The beating seemed overly long and didn’t need to go on for as long as it did, although it was a chaotic scene.
  11. INT: Tim Horner, Tracey Smothers
  12. Aftermath of Rage in the Cage with the medics seeing to Bob Armstrong in the cage
  13. INT:  Jim Cornette - Lance Russell tells Cornette he better hope Bob Armstrong is dead, because if he comes out of this he won’t forget it.  Cornette hopes he is dead too!  He swore to everyone that he wouldn’t let him get away with putting his hands on him and the day he hit him in the head was the day that he signed his own death warrant.  He says he’s not going to stop there because he knows he’s got a family, but the greatest feat he’s ever been responsible for is sending his decrepit carcass out of the Knoxville Coliseum on a stretcher, into an ambulance, into a hospital and maybe into the morgue.  He’s going to rule Smoky Mountain Wrestling and as he (Armstrong) saw tonight, there is nothing he can do about it.  Footage of Armstrong being carried out on a stretcher continues to play as Cornette cuts the interview.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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