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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 22, 1993

  1. Coward Waves the Flag: Tony Anthony (w/ Don Wright) vs Tracey Smothers (w/ Tim Horner) (jip) - Don Wright, seconding the Dirty White Boy instead of his brother Ron, goes around to Horner’s corner and attacks him, however Horner soon gets the better of things and starts beating on Wright with the flag.  Referee Mark Curtis thinks that he is waving it though, rings the bell and awards the match to the Dirty White Boy.  Wright sneaks back to his own corner, but is caught by Curtis as he throws Horner’s flag back across the ring to their corner.  He tells the ring announcer that since the bout is being videotaped they will review the footage and for the moment, the belt is held up.
  2. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - Ron has just about recovered, but he had to travel down in an air ambulance today or he couldn’t have been here.  He says that what we have just seen is a disgrace!  He was trying to get to Johnson City to take care of his man and make sure the white flag wasn’t raised, but he had a serious wreck, totalled his automobile and was completely unconscious for four days before coming to.  He’s seen the video and they’re accusing his brother of waving the flag, but Tim Horner was waving it like a wild idiot and the match should have been stopped and awarded to his beloved Dirty White Boy.  A rematch has been signed for 6/11 and this time there has got to be a winner.
  3. INT: Tracey Smothers - he says there is no way Tim Horner waved that flag and everyone has seen exactly what happened.  Don Wright jumped on him and all he did was knock him off and hit him with the flag, but the referee saw it and thought he was waving it.  The belt is held up and he feels naked without it, but on 6/11 in Knoxville he’s getting it back.  Just as he is leaving Tammy Fytch comes out and says that she’d be more than willing to manage whomever comes out on top in that title match, whether that is he or the Dirty White Boy, well maybe not the Dirty White Boy as he’s a little more her type.  She says that she would be glad to add him to her stable and tells him to get his pen ready and she will sign him that night.  Smothers is a bit flustered, but says that he has more important things to worry about and will cross that bridge when he comes to it.
  4. Lengthy history piece on Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong
  5. INT: Jim Cornette
  6. Continuation of the history of Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong
  7. Last Tangle in Tennessee: Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Rock & Roll Express (jip) - a double dropkick on Prichard and Cornette pulls Mark Curtis out of the ring to break the count.  Morton goes out to deck Cornette and they all end up fighting at ringside as the match is a double count out.  Sandy Scott, as representative of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, then gets on the mic and says that there has to be a winner and orders the match to continue.  Gibson pins Lane with the Gibson leglock to send Stanfield packing from SMW and for the Rock & Rolls to once again become the tag team champions.
  8. INT: Jim Cornette - he’s received the largest fine in Smoky Mountain history, $10,000, but all that is to him is a call home to mother.  The people may have expected to see him upset be he’s got news for them.  The ‘Last Tango in Tennessee’ didn’t go there way and Bob Armstrong did everything in his power to make sure that they came out on the losing end of everything, but the man who came out on the losing end was Armstrong himself.  He’s resigned as Commissioner, he’s in the hospital, is no longer involved in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and he was responsible for it.  He’s still has a few scores to settle though and the first of these is with the Rock & Roll Express.  He says that he has been a few places in the wrestling world, he’s been a big deal for a long time; he’s ridden in limousines with Ric Flair, has been a guest at Terry Funk’s Double Cross Ranch in Texas, has been on MTV, ESPN and every channel in between and has been on private airplanes with the biggest promoters in the country for the past ten years.  He’s done a lot of stuff, made a lot of connections and two of those connections, two big national stars, two big time wrestlers are coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling at his request to take out the Rock & Roll Express.  Who are they?  They’ll just have to wait, wonder and try and figure it out.  As for the Armstrong boy’s, he’s got a little surprise that is coming up next.
  9. Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Mike Sampson & Bobby Blaze
  10. INT: Rock & Roll Express
  11. INT: Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette - Bob Caudle opens by playing a video from Bob Armstrong who is at home and flanked by his sons, Scott and Steve.  He says that it's an Armstrong tradition that they pay their debts and he owes Cornette plenty.  In over twenty years he's never taken a beating like he did in Knoxville; his ribs are cracked, his sternum is cracked and the handcuffs cracked his wrist.  All he's got to do is wait and heal up and there are enough of us Armstrongs to make an army.  His Mama can't pay her way out of this as there isn't enough money to buy him and his boys.  He's resigning as Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, but along with that resignation letter will be a letter of application as he wants to be a wrestler.  This isn't going unpaid, Cornette may be laughing now, but he'll have the last laugh and will see him sooner than he thinks.  Back in the studio and Cornette is laughing at Armstrong and says he's never had a beating like that because he's never come across a real man like Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies.  Armstrong is no longer Commissioner and he was hospitalized at his hands; he got what he wanted and got even for all those times that he stacked the decks against them.  The only satisfaction he got was at the ‘Last Tango in Tennessee’ the Rock & Roll Express came out on top and Stan Lane was sent packing, but he has pulled the rug out from under him and put together the ultimate Heavenly Bodies combination.  Prichard introduces his cousin, 'Gigolo' Jimmy Del Ray, and says that he is happy that he gets to make his professional wrestling debut alongside him.  He has been training in Palm Beach for the past four years with the best, waiting for an opening and opportunity which has now arrived.  Cornette warns Steve & Scott to come on with their vengeance and vendetta as he's got something waiting for them in the form of the Heavenly Bodies and this time they will rule Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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