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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired June 12, 1993

Cawood High School, Harlan, KY

  1. Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze - Candido hooks the trunks for the win
  2. INT:  Chris Candido - he’s still the WWA champion and Smoky Mountain Wrestling better be ready as he’s here to take on all comers.  He doesn’t appreciate that Bob Caudle said he cheated in that last match though, it’s bent camera work, he doesn’t cheat!  Caudle replays the video and Candido still proclaims he didn’t cheat and it isn’t his fault that Blaze wore trunks that don’t fit him.
  3. Recap of Brian Lee vs Tony Anthony from last week
  4. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - they’re both happy and the Dirty White Boy is jumping for joy while Wright has had a triple dose of heart medicine to prevent it beating out of his chest.  He’s got two men in the back who are going to collect the bounty and Ron tells them to keep the cameras on him as he may walk on water before he’s out of here.
  5. Brian Lee vs Paul Lee
  6. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - they say that today on TV they will be finishing the Armstrong’s off.  He doesn’t care what Bob Armstrong says, he doesn’t care what he does because he is never coming back.  After today, Daddy’s little boys are going to tuck their tails between their legs and run right back after their Dad who is probably at home, drunk on Thunderbird because he knows he can’t handle Jim Cornette.  Jimmy DelRay then tells the Armstrongs that they could get a lot more training and work done if they stopped their girlfriends from calling them.  Cornette even claims that Bob’s old lady has been ringing up the Bodies!
  7. INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong
  8. Rock & Roll Express vs Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) (w/ Jim Cornette) (from Pikesville, KY) - The Bruise Brothers are revealed as Cornette’s mystery team.  Cornette is cutting a promo on them (that you can’t really here) and the Express are jumped from behind by the Brothers.  Not really a match as they attack Mark Curtis early and get him out of there before putting a lengthy beat down on the Rock & Rolls.  Tim Horner comes out and tries to help but doesn’t really get anywhere.  He is followed by Steve & Scott Armstrong but one of the Bruise Brothers is wielding a chair and preventing them from getting in the ring.  Tracey Smothers eventually comes out and with the numerical advantage they charge the ring and the Bruise Brothers stop the assault and leave.
  9. INT: Rock & Roll Express - dressing room interview.  Ricky Morton is all bloody and says that he has never seen a tag team like that since the Road Warriors in the 1980s.  He tells Cornette that his mystery team maybe big and bad and they may have their backs against the wall, but next time they’re coming out fighting.  They don’t care what it takes anymore, so bring your mystery team because the Rock & Roll Express is here to stay, not here to play! Really good fired up, heated promo from Morton.
  10. Down & Dirty w/ Tammy Fytch & Robbie Eagle & Tim Horner - Dutch reminds us that last week Fytch told Eagle if he gets her in contact with some wrestlers who want to talk serious contracts then she would go out with him.  Dutch speculates that Horner may have serious contract negotiations on his mind and Eagle tells him that this is the chance of a lifetime, so please do it for him.  Horner says he did come out to talk seriously, but he wants to talk to Robbie Eagle and not her.  He tells him he doesn’t need a date with this girl, if you lay down with a dog you’re going to wake up with fleas and you’re about to get bit, before leaving them to it in the ring.  Dutch wonders what happened and when he asks Fytch if she’s still going to honor the agreement and go out with Robbie, she says she’d rather go out with one of these filthy, dirty, Kentucky people and tells Eagle to call her when he’s a somebody.
  11. INT: Tracey Smothers - says that he’s never had anyone put a bounty on him before, but he saw what happened to Brian Lee when he had just a $10,000 bounty on him.  There are top stars from all over the world calling Smoky Mountain Wrestling to collect that bounty and he was even nervous coming out for this interview.  Ron Wright is then out and says that he has these men in the ring who are going to collect the bounty and tell Smothers to be man enough and get in the ring now.  Smothers sees that it is Paul Lee and Mike Sampson and doesn’t seem that bothered so makes his way over and into the ring.  He says to both that he has nothing against them, that $20,000 will make people do a lot of crazy things and lets just forget about it.  He tells them that he thinks they are overmatched anyway and as he turns to leave they jump him.  Smothers is handling them both when out from the back comes Tony Anthony and he attacks him from behind.  He puts a plastic bag on his head and Bob Caudle says that someone has got to help him, “he could kill him like this!”  The Rock & Roll Express and Tim Horner make the save and the Dirty White Boy exits the ring.
  12. INT: Bob Armstrong - he’s in the garden in front of a pullup bar and says every day he’s doing a few more pullups and it’s getting a little easier.  He’s heard what Jim Cornette is up to with all his antics, but he’s heard enough, the general of Armstrong’s Army is on the way!
  13. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Steve & Scott Armstrong - Cornette cracks Steve in the head with his racket while the referee was getting Scott out of the ring and the Bodies take the win.  Decent last few minutes after Scott hooks DelRay’s arms following the second legdrop off the top.
  14. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruise Brothers
  15. INT: Rock & Roll Express & Steve & Scott Armstrong - Ricky Morton says that they both have had their troubles with Jim Cornette, but he tells him to remember one thing, that it won’t be long before The Bullet is leading the pack.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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