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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired June 26, 1993

  1. Rock & Roll Express vs Jeff Daniels & Paul Lee
  2. INT:  Rock & Roll Express - they’ve got a match against the Bruise Brothers at Summerblast and this could very well be the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced.  Ricky Morton tells the Bruise Brothers that everyone has a weakness and they’re going to find out what theirs is.  It doesn’t matter how big you are because when that double dropkick hits you, that’s 442lb coming straight at you!
  3. Tracey Smothers vs Kevin Sullivan (jip, from Johnson City, TN) - Smothers is on the top turnbuckle when out comes Tony Anthony who nails him in the back with a chair.  Sullivan goes to slam Smothers, but he cradles him up for the pin.  The Dirty White Boy jumps Smothers after the match and the two of them go to work on him.  Brian Lee makes the save and is just about handling them both when Smothers pass him the chair and they exit the ring sharpish.  Lee goes over to Smothers, helps him up and then sits him in the chair raising his hand.  All of a sudden he bounces off the ropes and takes Smothers’ head off with a clothesline.  Lee puts the boots to him, hits a powerslam, comes off the top with a knee drop and spits on him.  A second knee drop off the top and he continues the attack, leaving Smothers laying in the ring.
  4. Chip Kessler is outside Brian Lee’s dressing room knocking on the door and trying to get some answers about what just happened.  Lee opens the door and says he’s “tired of being a big man living in a little man’s shadow,” before slamming the door shut.  In a matter of moments it is evident that Lee was horribly miscast as a face; the clothesline and subsequent beat down were great.  This gives Smothers a new challenger after the Dirty White Boy although their rematch for the held up Heavyweight title appears to have been completely forgotten on TV, which is very uncharacteristic for this program.
  5. INT: Jim Cornette
  6. Chris Candido vs Chris Comet
  7. INT:  Chris Candido - he’s finally realized why Smoky Mountain Wrestling refuse to acknowledge him as the real World champion, and that’s because they are afraid he’ll beat all their talent and they will have no-one left.  He was thinking of leaving because he hates the South and hates these rednecks, but he’s having fun and an easy time of things down here.  It’s not like New Jersey, the mecca of professional wrestling, so maybe he’ll stay a while.  If they don’t start recognizing him as the real World champion, his close personal friend WWA president Dennis Coraluzzo will look into it for him.
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Tim Horner & Tracey Smothers - Dutch has his doubts that these two are friends after what happened, despite what they may say.  He plays the video of the ‘Coward Waves the Flag’ match and of Horner vs Jim Cornette.  Dutch does his best to stir things up between the two of them, which leads to Smothers questioning whether Horner waved the flag on purpose and Horner to wonder whether Tracey attacked him on purpose.  On 7/2 in Morristown they will meet in the ring for Smothers’ Heavyweight title.
  9. INT: Tammy Fytch - it opens with a recap of Tracey Smothers turning her down from last week’s show.  She says that some of her girlfriends thought it would be fun to bring a cute little Southern boy like Tracey Smothers home, to bring him to some sorority parties and show him off, though now she realizes to take him anywhere would be a complete embarrassment.  She has just signed a man to a contract who will get even with Smothers, but she’s not going to reveal whom just yet, “let’s call him the bounty hunter.”  He will collect the $20,000 bounty and put Tracey Smothers out of wrestling for good.  Smothers has made the biggest mistake of his life and no-one gets away with insulting her.
  10. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Larry Santo & Robbie Eagle
  11. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Bruise Brothers & Killer Kyle - the segment opens with a video interview from Bob Armstrong and he feels so good as next weekend he’ll be sitting at ringside with his boys.  He has also received a letter from his doctor and on 7/8 he’ll be able to get back in the ring for the Summerblast tour to team with his sons against the Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette in a six-man tag match.  Armstrong’s Army is on the move, they’re coming straight for Jim Cornette and if he makes it past this weekend he’s in for a hell of a ride come Summerblast.  Back in the studio Cornette is laughing, he says he’s got a present for Bullet Bob and is going to get him an industrial sized bottle of Geritol that will maybe get that 85 year old heart started one more time so he can have a war.  By the time they get finished with Armstrong’s Army they’re not going to look like General Patton’s kids, but Jerry’s kids!  He says the Bruise Brothers are the most intimidating, physically dominant tag team on the planet, they’re under contract to him and they are whats in the Rock & Roll Express’ future.  They don’t care about the tag belts, all they want it to win, bring them back to him and get paid, and they will get paid well.  As for the Armstrongs?  The Heavenly Bodies are in their future and he tells Bullet Bob that he is not going to get his hands on him and he will not last if he gets back in the wrestling ring.  Killer Kyle is going to collect that $20,000 bounty on Tracey Smothers and in case Bob Armstrong gets too close, Kyle will always be watching his back.
  12. INT: Kevin Sullivan - he’s in Japan looking for Yukihiro Kanemura as he’s heard he is coming to SMW for Summerblast.  He tells him that he is going to end it in his own country and he’s not going to make it to Summerblast.
  13. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Bobby Blaze - the Dirty White Boy had him beaten on several occasions but kept lifting Blaze up at the count of two.  He climbs the turnbuckles and comes off the second rope with a diving headbutt but Blaze moves.  Blaze then leans back on Anthony and gets the pin to become the new TV champion.  The White Boy attacks Blaze with a chain after the match, busts him open and DDTs him on the chain.
  14. INT: Tracey Smothers, Steve & Scott Armstrong
  15. INT: Tony Anthony & Ron Wright - the Dirty White Boy is irate and claims the referee counted three when his shoulder was up.  He tells Bobby Blaze that if he ever sees him round the wrestling ring again he’s going to stick his chain down his throat and to do himself a favor and get out of the wrestling profession.  Good interview.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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