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Aired July 3, 1993

  1. Dutch Mantel says that due to the beating Bobby Blaze took last week, the interim Board of Commissioners have decided to grant him an extension to let him recover from his injuries.
  2. Bruise Brothers (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Robbie Eagle & Jeff Daniels - the Bruise Brothers are DQ’d for throwing down Mark Curtis and then beat on the jobbers after the match
  3. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Bruise Brothers & Killer Kyle - Cornette says that Summerblast begins this weekend; the Rock & Roll Express will come to an end at the hands of the Bruise Brothers and then Scott, Steve and old man Armstrong will face the Bodies and himself in a six-man tag match.  Cornette has no doubt that Bullet Bob could break his neck with two fingers, but Armstrong has been hurt before and can be hurt again.  The Heavenly Bodies will take care of his boys and Killer Kyle will always be around to protect him.  One way or another, Bob Armstrong is not going to get the revenge that he’s sought for and while he will be in the ring, it will be to stand over his body once again as it is carted off to the hospital.  Good interview.
  4. Tammy Fytch Press Conference - Tommy Noe is outside an apartment in the affluent part of Knoxville as this is where Tammy Fytch is residing during her stay in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and she has called a press conference to announce who she will be managing.  Noe knocks on the door and is greeted by Fytch who is in her gown and she tells him to go round the back as this is where she will be holding the conference.  They’re poolside and Fytch tells Noe that her man has some topics that he wants to discuss, so don’t ask him any questions as he won’t answer them.  Fytch says how these hillbillies round here have been saying some bad things about her, knocking her a bit and whilst it got to her at first, she then realised that Hilary Clinton’s first 100 days were just like that too.  Everyone knocked her, but now she is settled in the White House and ready to govern the country.  Fytch says she is now ready to become the first lady of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and introduces her first charge and next SMW Heavyweight champion, Brian Lee.  Noe can’t believe it, but Lee says that he is tired of being a big man living in a little man’s shadow.  He says that Tracey Smothers gets everything handed to him, while Brian Lee never has anything handed to him.  When Tracey Smothers was cheated for the title, Smoky Mountain Wrestling held the belt up, yet when he was cheated for the belt they didn’t even recognise it happened!  When the bounty was put on Tracey Smothers, the Rock & Roll Express, Tim Horner and the Armstrong’s were all out to watch his back.  Where were they when Kevin Sullivan put the bounty on him?  Nowhere.  He was put in hospital and laid up for two months and no-one watched his back, well now he will be watching his own back.  He then plays footage of him defeating the Dirty White Boy for the ‘Beat the Champ’ title, but claims Smothers was only out there to try and steal his thunder and hog the limelight.  He talks about how Smothers interrupted his interview time when he had become the first undefeated TV champion and he did that because he was jealous of him.  Lee says that he is the top dog in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and got tired of that glory hound Smothers and gets them to show the video of his attack (the heel turn) on him.  He tells Smothers that he is a pushover, is going to get the $20,000 bounty, the Heavyweight title and he’s going to regret the day that he crossed Tammy Fytch.  Fytch says that you do a few favours for a man and they will do anything for you!  When Noe questions her about how will she be able to control a man like Brian Lee, she says that she has no problem controlling any man before stripping down to her bikini.
  5. INT: Tracey Smothers, Steve & Scott Armstrong
  6. Killer Kyle vs Tracey Smothers
  7. Recap of Bobby Blaze vs Dirty White Boy from last week
  8. INT: Bobby Blaze - he’s all bruised and bandaged following the post-match attack.  He says that last week when the Dirty White Boy looked across the ring and saw him, he saw a joke, so fooled around and made one mistake which cost him.  People have been saying that it’s a fluke and they’re right.  If they wrestled 100 times the Dirty White Boy would probably win 99 of them, but Bobby Blaze will never give up and will wait for that one time you make a mistake.
  9. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - Wright says that they’ve added an extra match to Summerblast ’93, the Dirty White Boy will face Bobby Blaze.  He’s going to enjoy it so much with all the rules and regulations that it may end up restoring his health!
  10. INT: Chris Candido - he claims that his promotion, the WWA, is putting on a PPV event (“something that Smoky Mountain Wrestling never does”) with Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme vs Mike Tyson and in the main event he will be defending his real World Heavyweight title.  He is interrupted by Tim Horner who says that he has heard enough from Candido and most of the wrestlers and fans feel the same.  He tells him that if you want to be somebody, to be a champion here, you go for the Heavyweight title, the TV title, or you get a partner and go for the tag team title.  You don’t bring some souped up car tag and call yourself a champion.  Candido says he’s the World champion and Horner can’t speak that way to him.  He’s not scared of him and will wrestle him any time, any place.  Horner says that there is a ring right here and they can get it on now.  Candido appears to have second thoughts (he hasn’t warmed up!) and isn’t so cocky now, but reluctantly agrees and says that he’ll put the title on the line.
  11. Chris Candido vs Tim Horner - Candido gets the pin after nailing Horner with a chain and putting his feet on the ropes.  Referee Mark Curtis spots the chain after counting but Candido quickly runs to the back with Horner and Curtis in pursuit.
  12. INT: Kevin Sullivan - he’s still in ‘Tokyo’ looking for Yukihiro Kanemura and is looking forward to their match at Summerblast.
  13. INT: Bob Armstrong - he tells Jim Cornette that the war starts this Thursday July 8, Armstrong’s Army will be taking no prisoners and he’s going to learn a lesson he should’ve learned a long time ago.  He says that he’s been cleared, feels good, feels strong and payback is going to be slow and painful.  This Summerblast tour is going to be Cornette’s farewell as it will be the end for him as Armstrong’s Army are heading his way.
  14. INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong & Rock & Roll Express
  15. INT: Jim Cornette
  16. Jimmy Del Ray (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Steve Armstrong - Armstrong hits a cross body off the top to Del Ray and as Mark Curtis is counting the pin, Cornette gets in the ring and hits him with his racket for the DQ.  Tom Prichard comes out and they triple team Steve until Scott runs down for the save.  Cornette beckons out the Bruise Brothers which again gives his team the advantage, only to see the Rock & Roll Express come out and they all brawl in the ring until the show goes off the air.  Good match up until the terrible, cheap finish.  I suppose it was a way to build to Summerblast but it was seriously groan worthy.

Bold matches are PWO recommended 

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