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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired August 28, 1993

Clintwood Elementary School, Clintwood, VA

  1. Rock & Roll Express vs Robbie Eagle & Dark Secret
  2. INT: Rock & Roll Express - they’ve a title shot against the Bruise Brothers on 9/11 in Morristown, and if they don’t win they’re going to let them shave their heads in the middle of the ring.  Morton says that they’ve backed themselves up against their own wall.  They’ve proven to the fans and themselves that they can beat the Bruise Brothers, but if they don’t beat them this time on 9/11 then they will shave their heads.
  3. INT:  Jim Cornette - he’s at home, bandaged up, lay in his bed surrounded by all his fluffy toys and teddy bears while the Heavenly Bodies see to his every whim.  He says that Bob Armstrong is a homicidal maniac who tried to mutilate him.  If that isn’t bad enough, the day after the K-Town Showdown he went to the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Board of Directors and asked for his old job of Commissioner back.  How can a guy like that, a pathological maniac, be making decisions on him and his men?  They’d be done in Smoky Mountain.  He therefore called his lawyers, had a few injunctions and grievances files and went to the Board of Directors himself.  He told them that there is no way that he can ever be allowed to be in a position of authority again.  He filed those injunctions and they stopped it.  He still wants to get even with Bob Armstrong so made him a deal through his attorneys, and if he’ll take two matches of his choosing, then he’ll drop the injunctions and they can just see who the better man and who the Commissioner will be.  The deal is that Armstrong is going to have to wrestle one match on 9/12 in Knoxville, TN and another on 9/17 in Johnson City, TN.  For the match on 9/12 if Bob Armstrong wins then he becomes Commissioner, however if the man who he is bringing in wins, then he becomes Commissioner.  On 9/17, if Armstrong loses that match then he has to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling forever, but if his man loses that match, then he will leave Smoky Mountain forever; he is that confident and sure about these two men who he is bringing in.  Everyone wants to know who they are, well 9/17 is going to be kept a secret and no-one is going to know.  Could it be Yokozuna, Kevin Sullivan or Abdullah the Butcher?  It could be anyone and Bob Armstrong won’t know until he steps in the ring at Freedom Hall that night.  He can’t though resist to tell everyone about 9/12, as he’s going to be facing a man who is one of the wildest men ever in pro wrestling, a former NWA World Champion and is a homicidal maniac just like him, that man is Terry Funk.
  4. INT: Terry Funk - he says that he’s the judge, Jim Cornette is the jury and they’re trying Bob Armstrong for murder.  He tried to kill the professional wrestling business and tried to kill Smoky Mountain Wrestling by putting his sons on television week after week when we all know that they are just a bunch of bastards looking for an easy buck!  How could they have talent when their father has no talent?  He is not going to be the Commissioner again and he is not going to defeat him.  Armstrong better be ready because he is the best at what he does, is meaner than a rattlesnake, tougher than shoe leather, more dangerous than a hollow eyed scorpion and is coming for him on the 12th. Crazy interview from Funk who is sporting a rather strange bandana while the words ‘I’ll see you punks in Knoxville’ kept intermittently flashing up on the screen.
  5. INT: Bob Armstrong - says he never wanted to be a wrestler in the first place, he just wanted to get back in the ring, get even with Jim Cornette and that would be the end of it.  He played a dangerous game and he lost.  He has now said that he will stop his injunction if on 9/12 he wrestles a match to determine who will be the Commissioner, although Bob Caudle isn’t happy at all with the prospect of it being Cornette.  The thing is he won’t be wrestling him, he’s hired the number one madman in all of wrestling Terry Funk to face him.  Then five days later, he is bringing a surprise opponent for him to take on.  He has called everyone he knows but Jim Cornette is keeping that person’s identity a secret and he can’t find out who it is.  If he beats this person Cornette will be out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling for good, Caudle is very happy at this prospect mind, but if he loses he has to leave forever.  It’s a tough road but the winnings are worth it.  Those five days are the most important days of his life because he can be Commissioner once again, and get rid of Jim Cornette for good.  Wonderful interview from Bob who is such a fantastic babyface.
  6. INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong, Bob Armstrong
  7. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Mike Sampson
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Tony Anthony & Ron Wright - Dutch congratulates the Dirty White Boy on retiring undefeated as the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder and says it is a great day in Mr. Wright’s life, as today he is going to pay the bounty that he had placed on Tracey Smothers.  The video from Fire on the Mountain airs and they recap the Smothers vs Brian Lee match and post-match attack on Tracey.  We return to the studio and Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch have joined Wright and the Dirty White Boy on Down & Dirty.  Ron has never been so happy and he’s so happy that he’s just about lost his voice.  He’s taken the last $25,000 he has to get rid of Tracey Smothers and is proud to present it to the man who got rid of him, Brian Lee.  The Dirty White Boy isn’t happy and says it was he who put Smothers out and not Lee.  Wright says it was Lee who had the match, but Anthony again states that he was the one who took him out.  Lee says that it was his match and no-one asked the Dirty White Boy to get involved.  He had him in the Figure Four and could have broken his legs ten times without him.  The two of them continue to argue, then Fytch says how Ronnie at first saw it like the Dirty White Boy did, but they sat him down, had a little talk about things and he now sees it the way Brian and she does (all the time while massaging his shoulders and kissing him on the head).  Ron says he needs a double dose of his heart medicine and Fytch says they’re going to make their plane reservations and will send Ronnie a postcard.  Fun segment.
  9. INT: Tim Horner - he’s been going round and round with Chris Candido, but it’s serious business now.  He embarrassed him in front of his fans, embarrassed him in front of his family and that doesn’t cut it with him.  When children are small and are being little brats, crying and whining around, you go get a belt, well that’s what he has done.  He’s been to the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Board of Directors and has asked them for a ‘Country Whipping’ match which means they would be able to strap each other at any time during the match.
  10. Chris Candido vs Jason West - Candido starts to whip West after the match
  11. INT: Bruise Brothers - they say how they’ve beaten the Rock & Roll Express all across the state and now they want to put their hair up?  “Well put you hair up!”  They’re going to be running round Morristown bald and without the belts.  After they get through with the Rock & Rolls they’re coming after the Armstrong’s and are going to take care of them too.
  12. Kevin Sullivan vs Steve Armstrong - the Bruise Brothers interfere for the DQ  as we get another non-finish and they triple team Steve until Scott and Bob Armstrong make the save.  Good TV match up until that point with some brawling around ringside and with Steve taking a couple of bumps into the audience.  He throws a nice left and it’s another strong showing from him in Smoky Mountain.
  13. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch, Heavenly Bodies
  14. INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong - they would love nothing better than to have those Smoky Mountain Wrestling tag team belts around their waist if the Rock & Roll Express don’t beat them to it.  Belts or no belts, they know where to kick a man to bring him to his knees, it doesn’t matter how tall he is.  The Bruise Brothers may be big and bad but they can be had, and they’re going to prove that to them.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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