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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired January 1, 1994

‘1993 Year in Review’

  1. Bobby Eaton debuts in SMW (from 1/30)
  2. Ron Wright gets out of his wheelchair (from 3/6)
  3. The unveiling of Arn Anderson (from 3/13)
  4. Chain Match: Tony Anthony vs Tracey Smothers (from 4/2)
  5. Street Fight: Stud Stable vs Rock & Roll Express & Arn Anderson vs Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette (from 4/2)
  6. INT: Tammy Fytch, Jim Cornette
  7. Tammy Fytch’s debut interview (from 4/24)
  8. History of the Bob Armstrong and Jim Cornette feud (from 5/22)
  9. Post-match attack on Bob Armstrong at the Rage in the Cage (from 5/9)
  10. Loser Leaves Town Match: Heavenly Bodies vs Rock & Roll Express (from 5/15)
  11. Brian Lee’s heel turn on Tracey Smothers (from 6/26)
  12. Armstrong’s Army training in the jungles of South America (from 8/7)
  13. Bob Armstrong vs Terry Funk (from 9/12)
  14. Heavenly Bodies vs Rick & Scott Steiner (from 10/9)
  15. INT: Tracey Smothers, Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl
  16. Dirty White Girl debuts (from 11/13)

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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