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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired October 1, 1994

  1. INT: Bob Armstrong - he said that he had a surprise for Jim Cornette, well he’s been in touch with the new Commissioner and he’s sick and tired of this group ganging up on people and attacking them from behind.  From this point forward, Jim Cornette’s Union is now illegal, is dissolved and is busted!  Cornette, Bruiser Bedlam and Killer Kyle come charging out and are irate.  Cornette wants to know who the new Commissioner is and who’s making these rules as they can’t do it to him.
  2. Recap of Lance Storm vs Boo Bradley and Chris Candido’s suspension from last week
  3. Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Brian Lee
  4. INT: Tammy Fytch & Boo Bradley - Tammy wants to know who the new Commissioner is as she doesn’t think it’s very fair to suspend someone without knowing who is doing the suspending.  Chris Candido has got three more weeks to go and then he’ll be back better than ever.  She’s happy with Boo as not only is he taking all of Chris’ matches for the next three weeks, but he’s also just got her another $1,000 cheque and has taken care of Brian Lee.  She does hope that Chris will be back soon though as she needs help controlling Boo, but when he is, the team of Chris Candido and Boo Bradley will be unbeatable.
  5. INT:  Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Cornette says has it ever crossed anyone’s mind who announced Chris Candido’s suspension?  Who announced the Union was busted?  Who’s the only person who talks to the new Commissioner?  Who’s the only person who knows who the new Commissioner is?  When Bob Caudle says Bob Armstrong, he replies “exactly”.  It’s a con job!  Bob Armstrong is still the Commissioner and that’s why he’s involved in all these matches he doesn’t want to be in, that’s why none of his friends can get a break, it’s because Bob Armstrong has been Commissioner all along!  It’s bigger than Watergate, he’s going to the newspapers, the magazines and is going to file some grievances.  The straw that broke the camel’s back is this ‘Whipping’ match with the Dirty White Boy, as there is no way that a man could get a match like that signed unless the Commissioner and the man signing all the contracts was against him.  The stipulations have got Bob Armstrong written all over them.  When Cornette starts talking about and insulting the Dirty White Girl, the White Boy comes out and challenges Bruiser Bedlam to get in the ring with him there and then.  The Bruiser is happy to accept, but it doesn’t take long for Cornette to get involved and his distraction allows Bedlam to pull some Knux out of his trunks and KO the White Boy with them.  The two of them then handcuff him to the turnbuckles and start whipping him with a leather strap until Bob Armstrong and the ‘Tennessee toothpick’ make the save.
  6. INT: Ole & Bryant Anderson - a taped interview sent in from Atlanta, where Ole has Bryant running up and down a small hill before getting him to join him.  What gets Ole these days is that everyone is dressed up in these fancy jackets, they’ve got all these great entrances with music, but the one thing that’s missing, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling is going to see it, is someone who wrestles and does it better than anybody else.  There is one guy in particular that they are looking for, one guy that made a mistake when Bryant was in college, one guy who came down to try and show everybody how great he was, and that’s Tracey Smothers.  Smothers better get ready to do a little roadwork himself because when the Anderson’s get to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, everybody is going to be in for a big surprise.  Bryant can’t wait to take that amateur career that took him to the state championship, to the junior national team, to the AAU and apply all that wrestling knowledge along with the skill and knowledge that he gave him to Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Bryant says that he didn’t wake up one day and just decide that he wanted to be a wrestler, he didn’t play basketball or football in college, he wrestled and does it better than anybody else today.  He’s got the scientific knowledge in his head, the heart and the body for it.  Four years ago Tracey Smothers said something to him and he hasn’t forgotten, he made a big mistake and it’s time for Tracey to go back to school because the Anderson’s are coming.  Good debut for Bryant who seems capable on the mic and appears to have a ton of potential.  Certainly plenty more than someone like Mike Furnas who also came from an athletic, wrestling family and that they previously tried to heavily push.
  7. INT:  Tony Anthony - says nobody does what Jim Cornette did to him and gets away with it.  He’s going to go back to the gates of hell, spit in the devil’s face, get a strap and bust his behind!
  8. Lance Storm vs Steve Skyfire
  9. INT: The Gangstas
  10. INT: Rock & Roll Express
  11. Recap of The Gangstas and Rock & Roll Express parking lot brawl from Johnson City
  12. Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas (lengthy highlights, from the Tennessee Valley Fair) - the match is held outdoors and there is no skirt on the ring apron so has a feel of being from a big outdoor show in Puerto Rico.  Some nice double team maneuvers from the Rock & Rolls, but it does seem strange seeing The Gangstas trying to ‘wrestle’ and use moves like a bear hug.  Double dropkick to Mustafa, but instead of counting the fall Mark Curtis tries to get Ricky Morton out of the ring.  With Curtis distracted New Jack nails Robert Gibson in the back of the head with a blackjack and puts Mustafa on top of him.  Curtis turns round, sees Mustafa on top, counts the pin and calls for the bell.  Bob Armstrong comes down to ringside and tells Curtis what happened, who, after also checking with the crowd, restarts the match.  Morton then immediately rolls New Jack up with an O’Connor roll for the three count and the win.  A decent match that was better than the first TV match between the two teams, but not as good as the parking lot brawl.  I hated the finish as they did the exact same ‘stop/start/immediate’ pin just over a month ago in The Thrillseekers vs Heavenly Bodies match at Night of Legends.  Another small point is that there is also no consistency in Mark Curtis’ officiating.  Here he is in this match trying to get Morton out the ring after the double dropkick, but the amount of times the Rock & Roll Express have hit that move on an opponent and then they will both cover him for the pin.  I doubt many would even notice, but something that irked me about this match.
  13. INT: Rock & Roll Express & Bob Armstrong – post-match interview.  Ricky wants to thank Bob Armstrong for coming out and letting them know what happened, as ever since The Gangstas have been in Smoky Mountain Wrestling they’ve tried to run over the Rock & Roll Express and use them as a stepping stone.  Bob says not only was he watching because he was interested in the championship match, but the new Commissioner called him up and knowing the problems they’ve had with The Gangstas, asked him as a personal favour to watch the match and make sure nothing gets out of hand and that everyone gets a fair deal.  The Rock & Roll Express didn’t get a fair deal, he saw Robert get hit in the head with a blackjack, and to him that’s not fair.  They got the 1-2-3 in the end, they’re the rightful winners and they’re still the SMW tag team champions.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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