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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired September 11, 1993

Clintwood Elementary School, Clintwood, VA

  1. Steve & Scott Armstrong vs Mike Sampson & Dark Secret
  2. INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong - they’ve been in the gym training harder than ever and are ready for the Bruise Brothers
  3. INT: Tim Horner, Steve & Scott Armstrong
  4. INT: Tim Horner - he asked for the ‘Country Whipping’ match and Chris Candido tried to jump the gun and get the first licks in.  He guarantees that he is going to get the last and those ones are going to hurt a little more.  He asks Bob Caudle who has Candido beat since he’s been in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the pair of them can’t think of anyone.  He was walking through a flea market the other day and saw something that caught his eye, a baby bonnet.  He says that Chris Candido is wrestling on TV today against Robbie Eagle and if he beats him, then he will wear the bonnet on his head until he himself wins a match on TV.  However if Eagle wins, then Candido has to wear it, and again until he wins another match on TV.  Horner made an absolute mess of explaining this.
  5. Chris Candido vs Robbie Eagle - prior to the match beginning Candido gets on the mic and asks Eagle how many matches he has won in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  When he replies “none,” he quickly accepts Tim Horner’s challenge.  Horner pulls a chair up at ringside so he can watch the match from there.  Candido hits the Suicideplex but then Horner gets in the ring and drops an elbow on Eagle.  Mark Curtis DQ’s Candido and Eagle is declared the winner, while Horner throws the baby bonnet to Candido who has a tantrum in the ring.
  6. Down & Dirty w/ Tony Anthony & Ron Wright & Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch - Dutch opens with some pre-recorded comments from Tracey Smothers.  He is still here and still coming back on 9/12.  He has lived with pain throughout his life and has always come back sooner than what the Doctors said.  The Dirty White Boy is going to be in the cage at ringside and he may very well just poke him like an animal.  He has already spanked Tammy Fytch’s butt and in Knoxville, a ‘September to Remember’, is going to close his fist and shove it so far down her throat it’ll come out her toes!  He’s going to light her up like a Christmas tree as he no longer gives two cents about her, Wellesley College, Brian Lee or the Dirty White Boy.  The light is on but there is no-one home, the elevator doesn’t go to the top and on 9/12 he will be their worst nightmare.  Back on Down & Dirty and Dutch says that there has been some controversy about the $20,000 bounty.  The Dirty White Boy tells Lee and Fytch that they want Ron’s money back, are tired of waiting around and are not going to wait any longer.  Lee again says that the money is spent, until Tammy hits him and he corrects himself to “it’s as good as spent” and next time he faces Tracey Smothers he’ll take him out once and for all.  Fytch (who has spent the duration of the interview giving Wright a shoulder massage) wants to hear what Ronnie has to say though.  She tells him that she can give him his money back this week, but if she does she won’t be able to get that real nice dress she saw on Rodeo Drive, or they can wait another week, she can give him another neck rub, Brian can have another match with Tracey and if he beats him and puts him out of wrestling everything will be fine.  If he doesn’t, then she’ll give him his money back, and she then kisses him on the head.  Wright tells the White Boy that maybe they could wait one more week, much to Anthony’s disappointment.
  7. Jimmy Del Ray (w/ Tom Prichard) vs Jason West
  8. INT: Heavenly Bodies - Tom Prichard has never been so proud of anyone in his life, his cousin Jimmy Del Ray is now the TV champion.  They’ve silenced their critics and everyone in pro wrestling by going and taking the Steiners on in their own back yard.  They don’t care who it is, but they are going to be the next WWF tag team champions and if the Steiners had any guts they would come to a neutral place like Smoky Mountain Wrestling and face them here so that they can have a traditional wrestling match in the middle of the ring.  Prichard promises them that they may come to the ring with the belts, but they sure won’t leave with them.  Del Ray says that Jim Cornette will be back sooner than people think and his cousin has told him what a thorn in his side the Rock & Roll Express have been, this makes them a thorn in his side too and they’re going to stomp a mud hole in them.  Prichard says that after Terry Funk gets through with Bob Armstrong, Jim Cornette will be the Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, they will becomes the WWF tag team champions and they will control pro wrestling as you know it.
  9. INT: Jim Cornette - he’s still in bed and the Heavenly Bodies are doing their best to entertain and look after him.  He’s feeling better every day and has even got his Smoky Mountain Commissioner’s hat on ready.  After Terry Funk and his ‘secret weapon’ get through with Bob Armstrong he’s going to be out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Jim Cornette will be calling all the shots.  He tells Armstrong that he knows that he’s real pleased with what he did, dropping him on his head, putting him in this neck brace and sending him to the hospital, but how pleased is he going to be when Terry Funk and his ‘secret weapon’ get through with him?  How pleased will he be when he’s the Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and his sons are fired and can’t get a job anywhere?  His revenge is not going to be seeing Terry Funk or the ‘secret weapon’ beat him within an inch of his life, it will be seeing him out of SMW with his head hung low and trying to explain to all his fans, friends and family that Jim Cornette got the final word.  He reminds the people that if they love that old fossil, if you think that old man is John Wayne like he pretends to be, then come and see him on 9/12 or 9/17 because that’s going to be the last time you’ll ever see him.  Cornette then tells Del Ray if he doesn’t have any more colouring books at least give him his Observer!
  10. INT: Terry Funk - wonders how can a dilapidated old man like Bob Armstrong stand a chance against a great athlete like himself?  He needs some inspiration if he wants to be the Commissioner, which he never will be, but he wants to inspire him so that he can have a contest in the ring.  “All your sons are a bunch of bastards!” No that doesn’t inspire you because all Tennessee sons are a bunch of bastards.  “Your sister is a whore!” No that won’t inspire you because all Tennessee sisters are whores.  “Your mother is a whore!” No that won’t work because no-one in Tennessee has any respect for their mothers.  “Your wife is a whore!”  No that won’t work because no-one in Tennessee respects their wives.  I know, “Your mistress is a whore!” because all Tennessee men have mistresses and that will inspire Bob Armstrong to get in the ring with him and do his best.  He can do his best, but when he’s through with him, he’s going to walk out the ring and Bob Armstrong is going to be carried out one piece at a time.  A skull and crossbones are almost superimposed over Funk and this is another awesome crazy interview.  You could possibly argue he went over long in the shock value (sons, sister, mother, wife and Mistress) but it was captivating stuff from him.
  11. INT: Bob Armstrong - he hopes that Jim Cornette has paid Terry Funk a lot of money as for the last few weeks he’s had to listen to him run him, his family and everyone in Smoky Mountain Wrestling down.  Terry Funk is the only cowboy in Texas that buried his own horse and he may wish he had that horse to saddle up and ride off into the sunset on, because he’s going to come out fighting and come out fighting hard.  Then, after Knoxville, even if he has to crawl, walk and hitchhike he’s going to be at Johnson City early to try and find out who this secret weapon is.  Jim Cornette isn’t going to get it done, he’s got him ready, mad and now he’s in for a fight.  They aren’t going to see any wrestling in Knoxville or Johnson City all they are going to see is a fight, and no matter what secret weapon he’s got, nothing can stand up to a good old American right cross! It’s becoming repetitive but another excellent interview from The Bullet, and the interviews leading up to these matches have been tremendous across the board.
  12. INT: Chris Candido, Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch
  13. Rock & Roll Express vs Kevin Sullivan & Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) - just before the match starts the Bruise Brothers come down to ringside and start throwing chairs and causing a commotion.  They talk to Ron Wright and then Sullivan and the White Boy step down and the twins take their place in the match.
  14. Rock & Roll Express vs Bruise Brothers (w/ Kevin Sullivan) - double dropkick by the Rock & Rolls and then Sullivan interferes spiking Robert Gibson in the back for the title saving DQ.  As Sullivan goes to spike Ricky Morton, Steve & Scott Armstrong make the save and clear the ring of the heels.  Much better match than the tag title change (although sloppy in a couple of spots) and Sullivan seems a much better fit for the Bruise Brothers than Cornette was.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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