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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired September 18, 1993

Garden High School, Oakwood, VA

  1. Dutch Mantel is in his tuxedo and introduces the new Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Jim Cornette.  Cornette announces that ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong is unemployed, so is ‘Bullet’ Bob Caudle after all those smart alec comments he made about him, and he and Dutch will be running the show today.
  2. Bob Armstrong vs Terry Funk (w/ Jim Cornette) (jip, from Knoxville, TN) - Armstrong has the sleeper on Funk and Cornette beckons for help from the back.  Out comes Tom Prichard and Armstrong lets go of the sleeper and goes after him.  Scott Armstrong comes out to counter Prichard’s interference, but in turn is followed by one of the Bruise Brothers, Ricky Morton, Jimmy Del Ray, Brian Armstrong, the other Bruise Brother and finally Robert Gibson.  Big stomp to the chest of Funk by The Bullet and he goes for the pin.  Cornette gets involved and prepares to nail him with his tennis racket but he sees him coming and gets in first with a low blow. Armstrong pulls off Cornette’s neck brace and is about to piledrive him when Funk hits him with the branding iron (Mark Curtis is distracted by everyone fighting at ringside) and covers him for the pin and win.  The match was overbooked with all those run ins (after the second you knew how it was going) which were unnecessary.  Don’t know why Cornette didn’t just limit it to the Bodies interfering and the Armstrong boys saving their father, really no need to get the Bruise Brothers and the Rock & Rolls involved.  The action between Bob and Funk was good, but no surprise whatsoever that this didn’t end cleanly.
  3. INT: Jim Cornette & Terry Funk - dressing room interview.  Cornette can’t thank Funk enough and it was worth every penny of his mama’s money to get this Commissioner’s cap on his head.  Funk is so happy that he could come up with that victory over Armstrong as he’s got the brains of a jackass, the speaking ability of stuttering Sam and it’s a wonderful thing to do all these moronic fools of Tennessee a favour by defeating that imbecile and has been Bob Armstrong.  Cornette says that now he’s running things, Smoky Mountain Wrestling is going to be a little different, while Funk confirms that for the right price he would only be too willing to help out Jim Cornette again if he has any more problems that need sorting out.
  4. Back in the studio and Jim Cornette reiterates that there are going to be lots of changes in SMW.  A lot of deals have already been made and contracts already signed so he can’t change everything over night, but while he’s running the show there will be change.
  5. Video of the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette jumping Rick & Scott Steiner at a WWF TV taping - Cornette powders Scott and the three of them put a beating on the Steiners with Cornette’s racket also getting plenty of use
  6. INT: Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette - Cornette says how everyone says that the Steiners are the biggest, baddest, roughest, toughest team in all of wrestling, the big WWF superstars, and here are a couple of guys who laid them out on their faces and made them eat canvas and dirt.  That’s what Rick & Scott Steiner are, that’s what the state of Michigan is, that’s what the WWF is and that’s what everyone who isn’t associated with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are, dirt.  Prichard says that you don’t cross the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette and walk away from it and if they had any guts they would have signed another match immediately.  They never, so they took it upon themselves to show the Steiners who the real World tag team champions are and left them laying in the ring.  Cornette says that the beating they took at the hands of the Bodies took so much out of them that the very next time they stepped in the ring they lost the WWF tag title belts.  It’s been playing on their mind so much that they’ve even been crying on videotape and then plays an interview from them.  Scott says that the Bodies and Cornette went too far by putting powder in his eyes and he still has the welts on his back from where Jim Cornette hit him with his tennis racket.  Well they’re coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the Heavenly Bodies back yard, and are going to do what they do best and that is beat people up.  Cornette tells the Steiners that he had a few dealings with them in WCW and every time they ended up on the wrong end of the deal but now he has the greatest tag team combination he’s ever managed.  They left them laying, caused them to lose their belts, caused them embarrassment and humiliation and they think that they’re going to come to their back yard and get something over on them?  The Heavenly Bodies have the Steiners number and always will have.  This isn’t the WWF with all those doctors at ringside, anything can happen in Smoky Mountain.  Come to the Parade of Champions and see if you can handle the Heavenly Bodies, but as the tape showed earlier, they don’t think they can.
  7. INT: Tony Anthony - he’s looking for Ron Wright but he hasn’t seen him for three days and doesn’t know where he’s at.
  8. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch, Jim Cornette
  9. Bruise Brothers (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Rock & Roll Express (jip, from Morristown, TN) - double dropkick to one of the twins and Mark Curtis tries to usher Ricky Morton back outside the ring.  Cornette gets up on the apron distracting Robert Gibson and allowing the twins to switch places.  Gibson is unaware and gets nailed with a big clothesline for a near fall.  Cornette is back on the apron remonstrating with Curtis, another double dropkick, Curtis shoves Cornette down, counts the pin and the Rock & Rolls Express are once again the tag team champions.  Huge ovation for the win and only the ending aired, but the more these two work together the better the matches are and the twins look.
  10. INT: Bruise Brothers & Jim Cornette - Cornette says how only the Rock & Roll Express could win the tag team belts in the middle of his most successful week ever.  He tells the Bruise Brothers that they let him down, have been spending far too much time listening to Kevin Sullivan since he was laid up, and not enough time paying attention to what he told them.  He’s sending the Heavenly Bodies after the Rock & Rolls as they are a proven commodity and the Bruise Brothers are on double secret probation.  They need to get their stuff together and if there is no further action of this type, then they will be back in good standing with the organization.
  11. Chris Candido vs Robbie Eagle - Candido has the match won with the Suicideplex but then spots Tim Horner at ringside wearing his feather boa and WWA title belt.  He gets out the ring and chases after him only to be counted out.  As a result, he must continue to wear the baby bonnet for another week at least.
  12. INT: Chris Candido - he can’t believe what is happening to him.  He asks Jim Cornette as he is Commissioner can’t he do something?  Two weeks in a row this has happened to him!  Cornette says that he’ll take care of it and will do everything in his power to make sure that he doesn’t have to wear it any longer than necessary.
  13. Down & Dirty w/ Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says his hat’s off to the Bruise Brothers as they are one of the toughest teams they’ve ever faced, but they have proved one more time that they are the better tag team.  He does feel a little bad about something though and invites Scott Armstrong to come out as the Armstrong’s themselves had title matches scheduled against the Bruise Brothers.  Scott joins them and Ricky says he knows how they had matches signed against the Bruise Brothers and after all they helped each other do, thinks it’s only fair that they should be the number one contenders and get the first shot at the belts.  Scott is happy for the Rock & Rolls and if he and Steve can’t have the belts, he’d just as soon those boys had them.  He appreciates them giving him the title shot and is more than happy to accept their offer.  When they say that it is going to be a good, clean, scientific match Dutch doesn’t quite believe them and is maybe setting the motions for a heel turn by one of the teams.
  14. Tracey Smothers vs Gator McAllister
  15. INT: Tracey Smothers - says his knee is holding up real good and it feels great to be back in the South.  His father always told him that if you want to catch a snake get a mongoose, well he’s got the biggest mongoose around; ‘Sensational’ Sherri Martel is coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to be in his corner and she’s forgotten more tricks than Tammy Fytch will ever know.  A video interview from Sherri airs and she is excited about coming to SMW for the Parade of Champions after receiving a phone call from Smothers telling her that he was having some problems with Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch.  There is not another woman in the world that loves to get in as much trouble as she does, and there is not another woman in the world that would love to stand side by side to the ‘Wild Eyed Southern Boy’ as much as she would.  She tells Fytch that she can be at ringside dressed all pretty, but she invented mean and there is nothing that she won’t do to stand by her friend.  Decent little promo from Sherri who looks great.  Smothers has a big smile on his face in the studio and he knows that Sherri is going to protect her ‘Wild Eyed Southern Boy’.  He hasn’t forgotten about the Dirty White Boy and will get to him later, but Brian Lee has that belt that he never really lost.  It always took two of them to whip one of him, but by the good grace of God and with Sensational Sherri in his corner he’s going to be the SMW Heavyweight champion for a third time.
  16. INT: Bobby Blaze - he’s the new U.S. Jr. Heavyweight champion after winning a tournament that was held by Big Time Championship Wrestling in Columbus, OH.  They invited talent from all over the country and he came out on top and is now going to defend the title in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  He is interrupted by Chris Candido and he’s not happy that SMW are going to recognize that piece of junk over his beautiful World title.  He knows about all the people Blaze in the tournament for that belt, Bobby & Jackie Fulton, Jushin Liger, J.R. Benson, but no-one ever asks him about the people he beat for his belt.  If he is such a great champion does he want a shot against the real World champion?  Blaze laughs and says “No!”, but he will be defending his belt all over the U.S. and all Candido has to do is sign a contract and he’ll defend his belt against him.  Candido says that he will sign that contract, not because he wants to win that piece of garbage, but so he can take it and throw it in the river where it belongs.
  17. Jimmy Del Ray (w/ Tom Prichard) vs Robert Gibson (w/ Ricky Morton) - Prichard gets up on the apron to complain about a ‘slow’ count from Mark Curtis.  Distracted, Morton gets in the ring and the Rock & Rolls hit Del Ray with the double dropkick and Gibson becomes the new ‘Beat the Champ’ TV champion.  Jim Cornette is fuming on commentary saying it was 2 on 1, that’s his $1,000 and has Dutch Mantel backing him up saying how they’ve robbed him.
  18. INT: Tim Horner, Ricky Morton
  19. INT: Tony Anthony - he still can’t find Ron Wright and doesn’t know where he’s at.  He’s been missing for three days, he doesn’t know if he has his pills, he could be lay dead in a ditch somewhere.  Dutch Mantel hasn’t seen him either, but if he does he will let him know.  He always calls him every day, always makes sure he’s got his medicine and is just worried about him.  Wright then shows up along with Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee.  She says that she and Brian have been worried about Ronnie living all by himself so they’ve decided to let him move in with them.  That way he can get his medication on time, can get his neck rubs when he needs them and they can take good care of him.  Lee tells the Dirty White Boy not to worry about Ron and not to worry about the $20,000, as next time he steps in the ring with Tracey Smothers he’s taking him out once and for all and Sherri Martel won’t make any difference at all as she’ll never get to his manager.  Fytch checks her watch and says it is time for Ronnie’s pill and they leave while the Dirty White Boy says that he doesn’t like this one bit.

Notes: There was way too much Cornette on this show and its overkill having him as manager, Commissioner and commentator.  Hopefully he brings someone in to take over commentary duties from him as this episode was a bit of a struggle towards the end.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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