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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired December 25, 1993

Ash Central High School, Jefferson, NC

  1. As Dutch Mantel is about to draw today’s ‘Beat the Champ’ challenger, Chris Candido approaches him and says here’s that $200 back that he lent him.  Dutch is not too sure what’s going on at first until the penny drops, he has a root around in his hat, and today’s challenger is….Chris Candido!  “What a coincidence” says Dutch, whilst Bob Caudle smells a rat.
  2. Bobby Blaze vs Paul Lee - Dutch likes people who pay their bills especially if they owe him money.  Bob can’t believe he would take money to do something like that, while Dutch maintains that it was all above board fair and square.
  3. INT: Daryl Van Horn - Bob Caudle says how Bobby Blaze has made his name with upsets and he may just pull off another against the Prince.  Van Horn wants all the Smoky Mountain rednecks to come in from out of the barn, stop fondling the livestock and turn up their TV’s as he’s going to talk about how Bobby Blaze will be the next soul to fall at the hands of Prince Kharis.  Bobby Blaze is from Kentucky, meaning he’s the lowest form of filth on the planet.  He’s had his career being known as an underdog, the big high school star who pulled off the upset victories, well he’s not in high school anymore.  All of the wishing, all of the high hopes and support from this poor white trash he calls his fan base will not prevent Prince Kharis from crushing him at Christmas Chaos.
  4. Personality Profile: Tracey Smothers
  5. INT: Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl - the White Boy is still fuming about what happened to the Dirty White Girl last week and it’s not the first time Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch have put their hands on her, it’s time and again, “well no more.”  It’s not a threat at Christmas Chaos, it’s a promise and he’s coming straight for Brian Lee.  Tracey Smothers comes out here and says that he doesn’t like him, that they’re even Steven.  That’s fine as he’s not concerned with that, the only thing he’s concerned with is coming out of Christmas Chaos as the new SMW Heavyweight champion.  He asks the Dirty White Girl if she has anything to say and it appears her mind goes blank as she says she’s so mad she can’t think of anything.  She then remembers a bit  and promises Fytch that the next time she meets her, she won’t be walking out of the ring, somebody will be carrying her out.
  6. Bruise Brothers vs Larry Santo & Rock Regal
  7. Recap of The Moondogs and the Bruise Brothers from last week
  8. INT: Bruise Brothers - they say the Moondogs had their fun, but they’re going to have theirs at Christmas Chaos.
  9. Down & Dirty w/ Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch - Dutch opens today’s episode by recapping Lee & Fytch’s attack on the Dirty White Girl from last week and when Tracey Smothers made the save for her.  Dutch speculates that the Dirty White Boy and Tracey Smothers seem more concerned with each other and that Brian Lee may very well be the forgotten man in this Triple Threat match.  Lee agrees and doesn’t know if the two of them are going to kiss and make up or stab each other in the back.  They are overlooking him and when they step in the ring one man’s coming out victorious, that him, and the first lady will walk back down the aisle with the champion.  Tammy says that the Dirty White Girl looks so good now, she looks like the street corner slut she always said she was!  She tried to help her out of the goodness of her heart, gave her some beauty and make-up tips, but she doesn’t look any better than that clown she saw at the circus last week.  Lee tells Fytch that she has nothing to worry about this week as he’s walking in the champion and walking out the champion.
  10. INT: Dick Murdoch - he’s out with his lady friend looking at houses, although the woman is a bit concerned about whether they’re going to pay him enough to be able to afford one.  He tells her not to worry about is as when Mama Cornette calls him she pays him, when Mama Cornette tells the big man to come there’s money on the line, and all for just going to Tennessee to whip Bob Armstrong.  The only other person Mama Cornette calls to get things done is her son, but when she wants a man’s job done she calls the big man, Captain Redneck.  They find a house they like and Murdoch tells Armstrong to get ready because this is their Christmas present and when Mama Cornette calls and offers him the money, he gets on Delta Airlines and goes where he is needed.  Bob Armstrong may be fooling all those hillbillies in Tennessee because he’s under a mask, but when Jim Cornette called him, told him and asked him if he was interested in coming?  Bingo, he’s on his way and Armstrong’s days are numbered.  These have been really fun and especially like Murdoch referring to himself as ‘the big man’.
  11. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette says that this weekend at Christmas Chaos either one of two things is going to take place.  Either ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong is going to have that sock pulled off his face and have his true identity revealed, or he’s going to be balder than a cue ball.  Cornette is almost in tears at the prospect as the crowd chant “baldy” at him.  He doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but Dick Murdoch has a shot at The Bullet every night of the Christmas Chaos tour and he’s going to leave no stone unturned because he’s paying him real well.  He’s going to get The Bullet out of his hair once and for all and Bob Armstrong’s stinking carcass won’t darken the doorsteps of Smoky Mountain ever again.  As bad as Armstrong wants to humiliate him, he wants to humiliate him just as much.  He wants to see all those people who love him abandon him, he wants to see him left a broken man and Dick Murdoch is the man to do it for him.  Talking of broken men he wants to take a look at what they did to that dumb jock Mike Furnas last week and gets them to play the tape.  Prichard tells them that they’re stepping into a different playing field altogether and while they may be really good when it comes to grass and dust, when they get them down on the mat they’ll find that they’re not so big and tough after all.  Del Ray says that football is one thing, but what they do is a whole different sport.  Doug may wrestle in Japan, but that’s because he is so bad that he can’t make it in the U.S.  Cornette then goes off on what is a typical University of Tennessee football player - the kind of guy who stays up all night studying for a urine test, the kind of guy that wins a gold medal and gets it bronzed, the kind of guy that wins a letter in football and has to have someone read it to them - and says that all of those apply to the Mike and Doug Furnas.  At the Christmas Chaos they’re going to expose the University of Tennessee for what it is.
  12. INT: Tim Horner - says that he was injured at the hands of Prince Kharis at Thanksgiving Thunder and his career is on hold for a while as he’s under doctor’s care.  He hates to be out of a job and Smoky Mountain Wrestling have offered him a position working with the wrestling camp and made him event coordinator in the Cookeville area.
  13. Tracey Smothers vs Chris Candido - Bob Caudle is still casting aspersion on Dutch and how this match came about.  The match goes to a time limit draw but was only five minutes in duration.  I don’t think anything was cut out so it must’ve been TV time remaining.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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