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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired September 25, 1993

Garden High School, Oakwood, VA

  1. Jim Cornette is going to pick the name of the opponent for Robert Gibson in today’s ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title match.  He picks out a name but doesn’t like it so choses another.  He continues to do this until he finds a name he likes, the ‘Dirty White Boy’ Tony Anthony, before having the audacity to claim it was chosen all fair and square.
  2. Bobby Blaze vs Robbie Eagle
  3. INT: Chris Candido - says that lousy, cheap hub cap that Bobby Blaze has got round his waist should not be recognized by Smoky Mountain Wrestling!  It’s not a real championship like his is a real championship.  He’s going to beat Bobby Blaze at the Parade of Champions within an inch of his life and then throw that belt in the river.  Just as importantly he’s going to have a match on the show today and will get this bonnet off his head once and for all.  Jim Cornette says to make sure that he gets a fair shake today he’s going to be the special referee and will make sure that everything is all above board.
  4. Bob Armstrong vs The Black Ninja (w/ Jim Cornette) (jip, from Johnson City, TN) - so Jim Cornette’s ‘secret weapon’ is just a generic masked man?  After promising it could be anyone, including anyone from the WWF, this is an almighty anti-climax.  The Bullet has the Ninja in a sleeper when Cornette gets in the ring and is about to hit him with the tennis racket, but Mark Curtis grabs it and stops him.  Armstrong turns his focus to Cornette and puts him in the sleeper while the Ninja just walks round the ring and doesn’t appear to be overly concerned!  Armstrong goes back to the Ninja and again puts him in the sleeper while Curtis tries to get Cornette out of the ring.  A second Black Ninja shows up and comes off the top turnbuckle with a shot to Armstrong’s head.  He rolls the original Ninja out the ring, makes the cover and Curtis counts the fall meaning Bullet Bob Armstrong must leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling forever.  An interesting note here from the Observer is that the respective Ninja’s were Larry Santo and Brian Armstrong.
  5. INT:  Jim Cornette - he says that when everyone saw that the Black Ninja was Bob Armstrong’s opponent they thought Jim Cornette was crazy, but he was crazy like a fox.  Now Bullet Bob is back pumping gas, lubing cars, sweeping out toilets and doing manual labour instead of bothering people in Smoky Mountain.  He’s gone and he’s gone for good and he can’t wait to see the look on all these redneck morons faces around the area when they realise their saviour, their idol, the great ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong isn’t coming back because Jim Cornette eliminated him from the picture.
  6. INT: Scott Armstrong & Ricky Morton
  7. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette has finally convinced those stingy WWF officials to let him have a copy of the videotape, as they were ashamed and embarrassed and didn’t want the people round here to see how they got ripped off in Detroit at Summerslam.  He plays the tape and we see the final six minutes of the match (there is a nice touch of consitency with Cornette wearing the neck brace to sell the piledrivers he received from Bob Armstrong at the K-Town Showdown).  Cornette claims the Steiners cheated them in a number of ways: they had the hometown advantage, they had a referee from Detroit, they had 20,000 fans there screaming their lungs out so that the Bodies couldn’t hear his signals and finally both Steiners made the cover to pin Jimmy Del Ray and the referee counted anyway!  They didn’t leave it there and just take it though, they jumped in on another WWF TV taping and gave the Steiners a taste of what the Heavenly Bodies can do.  Cornette says that the Steiners were left lying face down, beaten up and broken, and now they’re coming down to Smoky Mountain Wrestling at the Parade of Champions to get some revenge.  The very next match that the Steiners wrestled they lost the WWF tag team titles and that was because they took so much out of them and because the Heavenly Bodies beat them up so bad that they had their minds on them and couldn’t think about anything else.  They lost their belts and they blame us!  At the Parade of Champions they’re going to find out that anything can happen in Smoky Mountain, but the only thing he is upset about is that they’re bringing Arnold the pitbull down to ringside with them.
  8. Jim Cornette Guest Referee: Chris Candido vs Dark Secret - they have the lightest match you could imagine, almost a parody of a match, whilst Dutch Mantel is selling it for all he’s worth.  Tim Horner joins Dutch on commentary and says that this is a travesty.  Dutch tells him that he’s taking his livelihood into his own hands, he could be fined, suspended or even fired for coming out here unsolicited.  Candido gets the ‘win’ and he can finally remove the baby bonnet.
  9. INT: Jim Cornette & Chris Candido & Tim Horner - Cornette says that was the toughest match of Chris Candido’s career, but he finally got that baby bonnet off his head.  He tells Horner that if he touches him he’ll fine him $50,000, but Horner says he’ll gladly pay that $50,000 (not sure how Horner has that kind of money) and Cornette gets behind Candido again reiterating that was a legitimate match he just had.  Les Thatcher interrupts them and he’s here on behalf of the SMW Board of Directors.  The Directors have said that the TV tapings can’t continue like this and he has some special correspondence for Jim Cornette.  Cornette and Candido think it’s a promotion, but he’s been impeached.  “How can they impeach him, he’s the boss?”  Dutch says “No, no, no,” before quickly wondering if the letter says anything about him.  Dutch are Cornette are great here.
  10. Down & Dirty w/ Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch & Ron Wright - before Dutch brings them out we get some video comments from Sherri Martel.  She says that Tammy Fytch has been known to interfere a little in Brian Lee’s matches and give him some type of glove.  Well when she sees her at the Parade of Champions and shows her what wrestling is all about, the only thing she will want to do is go back to books at Wellesley College.  When she gets through with her she’s not going to bother anyone in Smoky Mountain Wrestling ever again (think this was the basic gist of what she was talking about.  The interview was all over the place talking about wearing gloves, the 4th of July, putting on bras and strutting around etc).  Back on the set and Dutch says that he’s nervous right now (about his prospects with Cornette no longer in charge).  Fytch claims that Sherri is nothing but an ex-convict and that Tracey Smothers has less hair on his legs than she does!  Sherri’s like a gorilla.  She’s not a lady she’s a man, like a truck driver!  She hates Tracey Smothers and hopes he gets into an accident and decapitated, then his head rolls down the road and a truck flattens it out!  Lee tells her not to go worrying about an accident as next time Smothers steps in the ring with him it’ll be the biggest accident of his life.  Dutch asks Ron how he is doing and just as he is about to answer Tammy pipes in and says he’s just fine, he looks healthy, is getting his medicine on time and is happy.  Wright says that he is, but is wondering how the Dirty White Boy is doing as he hasn’t seen him in sometime.  Tammy tells him not to worry about the Dirty White Boy as he is fine and that it’s now time for them to go.
  11. INT: Tracey Smothers - says that Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are real worried as he has Sensational Sherri in his corner, a woman who wrote the book on dirty deeds.  Sherri is going to take care of Tammy Fytch and he taught Brian Lee everything he knows, but didn’t teach him everything Tracey Smothers knows.  He doesn’t care about the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright’s troubles, all he is concerned with is getting the SMW Heavyweight title back where it belongs, round his waist.
  12. Bruise Brothers vs Gator McAllister & Jason West - Les Thatcher on commentary says that Bob Caudle is currently vacationing in Europe, but he has been rehired by Smoky Mountain Wrestling and will be back in a few weeks.  Dutch Mantel now claims to have missed him a lot and hated working with Jim Cornette!
  13. INT: Bruise Brothers - they say that they are the number one tag team in wrestling today.  Jim Cornette was unhappy with them and didn’t like the way they were conducting themselves in the ring, well they’ve just taken care of business and should be the ones in line for the Rock & Roll Express.  They’ve a point to prove and anyone who gets in the ring with them they’re going to smash 1-2-3 because no-one can do it like they can.
  14. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch, Jim Cornette
  15. Robert Gibson vs Tony Anthony - the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette come out to ringside during the match.  Cornette distracts Mark Curtis and the Bodies pull down the top rope and Gibson takes a fall over it to the floor.  They roll him back into the ring and the Dirty White Boy covers him to once again be the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder.  Ricky Morton runs out and attacks the Bodies until he gets overwhelmed and beaten down.  Scott Armstrong comes out with a chair and sees off the Bodies and goes to check on Morton.  Gibson comes round, sees Scott over Ricky with a chair and shoves him, thinking that he’s the one who attacked him.  Scott tells him that he didn’t do anything as the two of them continue to argue.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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