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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired January 15, 1994

Chihowie High School, Chihowie, VA

  1. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton is glad that Dutch picked him name as today’s ‘Beat the Champ’ challenger as he sure could do with an extra $1,000.  Just as they leave Robert Gibson hands Bob Caudle a letter and it says “Bob, don’t tell Ricky but his father Paul is here tonight.  Paul has been in bad health and Ricky couldn’t go home for Christmas because we were wrestling, so they haven’t seen each other for a long time.  I flew Paul over here as a surprise to Ricky, he’s in the extra locker room and we’re going to surprise Ricky later in the program.  Robert”
  2. INT: Jim Cornette - he’s just come out of a meeting with the Board of Directors and is a happy guy.  A couple of weeks back The Bullet, who everyone knows is Bob Armstrong, made a little offer that if he could have a match where Bob Armstrong could be Commissioner again, he’d do anything else he asked, would face any challenger and would do so under any stipulation.  He had a think about it and his close personal friend Harry White, who is on the Board of Directors now, assisted him in the process.  First of all he had to choose an opponent, and while he has access to those who are under contract to the WWF, the one man who Bob Armstrong has never defeated is Terry Funk, and Terry Funk will do anything for the right price, especially for a good friend like him.  As for the stipulations, he thought long and hard about it and came up with something that would hurt Bob Armstrong worse than anything else.  If Terry Funk beats The Bullet, then The Bullet must take off his mask and show his face to everyone in the Coliseum and he must leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling forever.  However before he does so, he must get on his hands and knees, and in front of the fans that have supported him for the last 25 years, any family members he cares to brings, friends, the wrestlers and the photographers, crawl across the ring and kiss Jim Cornette’s feet.  Great, gloating promo from Cornette.
  3. Tracey Smothers vs Jeff Victory
  4. Recap of Chris Candido defeating Tracey Smothers for the ‘Beat the Champ’ title on last week’s show
  5. INT: Chris Candido - he’s got a few things that he wants to say, and first of all is that he’s got himself a new U.S. Jr. Heavyweight belt made as the previous one had that Kentucky idiots hands all over it and he refused to touch it.  Next is that Tracey Smothers is not from Tennessee at all, he’s really Vito Maranara out of Pennsylvania and Dennis Coraluzzo and himself will have proof of that in the next few weeks.  Not only is he still the WWA champion and the U.S. Jr. Heavyweight champion, but he is now the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder as well.  He defeated Tracey Smothers last week, after he had spent his time running from him the week before, and is going to beat Ricky Morton this.  Smothers and everyone else thought he was a joke when he came here, well he’s not a joke anymore.  If he wants to get in the ring with him once more, he’ll drop him on his head again just like he did in Knoxville.
  6. INT: Rock & Roll Express, Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl
  7. Down & Dirty w/ Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl - Dutch opens by recapping what happened in the Triple Threat match at Christmas Chaos and then the impromptu Dirty White Boy vs Brian Lee match from last week.  Back on Down & Dirty and it’s a ‘dirty reunion!’  The Dirty White Boy has a lot of things planned for Brian Lee, he’s talked to the Board of Directors and is trying to get one particular match signed against him.  The only reason he doesn’t have the SMW Heavyweight title is round his waist is because of all the outside interference from Tammy Fytch.  The Dirty White Girl has been doing an excellent job, but Fytch should sign up for the Olympic track team she’s that quick.  He’s still talking to people, but if he can get this match signed, there’s no way Brian Lee will be able to get away from him and he’s sure he will become the SMW Heavyweight champion.  Dutch asks what type of match it is but the White Boy tells him that it is none of his business.  When Brian Lee hears about the match, the whole world will hear about it, he guarantees it.
  8. INT: Daryl Van Horn - Bob Caudle says that Van Horn has talked about Prince Kharis for weeks and weeks, but he’s yet to see him and he doesn’t think any of the fans have seen him on TV either (guessing Thanksgiving Thunder against Tim Horner has been quietly forgotten about).  Van Horn says everybody in the Smoky Mountain area is going to be in for a big treat as Prince Kharis will make his debut on SMW TV next week.  He held him back for a few weeks as these people weren’t worthy of seeing him, but when he comes out here he wants to make sure all these Smoky Mountain crackers give him a reception worthy of an Egyptian Prince, worthy of a holy man.  He is the High Priest of the Temple of the Sun, and if these idiots don’t believe him, read it in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the book that tells you the true mysteries of the Universe, that solves all the enlightenment problems in the world; unlike that other pack of fairy tales these idiots read on Sunday!  In just a short while Prince Kharis is going to start letting the blood of the Nile fill the arenas in the Smoky Mountain area, screw your wigs on tight and get ready for the reign of Prince Kharis!
  9. Chris Candido vs Ricky Morton - a few minutes into the match Robert Gibson and Bobby Blaze run down and into the ring, tell Morton something and the three of them rush to the back.
  10. INT: Bruise Brothers - they’re counting down the days until their suspension is up.  The good thing is they’re running around free, getting to have fun and visit people they haven’t seen in a while.  They’ve been having a good time and celebrating, celebrating because they’re coming back and they’re coming back after the Moondogs.
  11. Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel have heard something has happened in the locker room and have sent a cameraman back there to find out a bit more.  He finds ‘Paul Morton’ (actually Brian Hildebrand) laid out in the dressing room being tended to by the Rock & Roll Express, Bobby Blaze, Tracey Smothers, Tony Anythony, the Dirty White Girl and Jason West as one of the security guys tells Rick that an ambulance is on the way.
  12. INT: Tony Anthony - Bob Caudle asks the Dirty White Boy what’s happening in the locker room when they are joined by Robert Gibson.  He says he bought Ricky’s dad here trying to surprise him and it’s all his fault.  The White Boy tells him it’s not his fault, don’t worry about it and go back there and wait for the ambulance.  Anthony says Mr Morton was in a separate dressing room and they were going to bring him into theirs after Ricky’s match started.  He went to the bathroom and ran into Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies.  Some words were exchanged and it ended up with Morton slapping Cornette, but he evidently picked up some drain cleaner as it’s all over the floor and it ended up going in Morton’s eyes.
  13. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Jason Herd & Jason West - Cornette on commentary says that Paul Morton tried to kill him and he wants to press charges for assault.  That old man jumped him from behind in the bathroom and he thinks he had a knife!  He defended himself and knocked the old coote straight out.  He didn’t mean for the Draino to get in his eyes, but he got what he deserved.  He wants to press charges and is calling the cops, the CIA, the FBI as somebody’s got to do something about those goofs.  Robert Gibson runs out during the match trying to get to the Bodies, but he’s held back by Tracey Smothers, Tony Anthony and Bobby Blaze.
  14. INT: Mike & Doug Furnas - Doug apologizes to the people of Knoxville as the Heavenly Bodies used their university helmet to beat two players from the University of Tennessee and that’s just not right.  They have a match on 2/13 at Sunday Bloody Sunday where the football helmet is on a pole, and the first person to climb that pole can use the helmet as a weapon.  In order to get that match though, they both had to agree to put on University of Alabama football jerseys should they lose.
  15. Brian Lee (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Bobby Blaze
  16. INT: Jim Cornette
  17. INT: Tracey Smothers - says that Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies have gone too far and it was one of the most disgusting things he has ever seen.  Winning and losing a wrestling match is one thing, but when it comes to someone’s family it’s another and the Rock & Roll Express, and Ricky Morton in particular, are going to get their revenge.  Chris Candido has been giving him a lot of problems recently, but if he wants a shot at the big time he’ll make him famous.  He cost him the SMW Heavyweight title when he dropped him on his head at Christmas Chaos, he hit him with a foreign object and beat him for the TV belt, well 1994 is the year of the South and it’s going to rise again! Good fired up interview from Smothers.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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