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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 7, 1994

Anderson County High School, Clinton, TN

  1. Tony Anthony vs Dark Secret
  2. INT: Tony Anthony - he tells Daryl Van Horn to take a good look as he thought the Dirty White Boy would cut tail and leave town, but there’s not a chance of that ever happening (incl. a clip of Kendo the Samurai spraying him in the face with the mist).  As for the Jap who he’s got running round with him, he plans to take him out, but him main concern is the Volunteer Slam on 5/20 and his match with Jake Roberts.  He wants a shot at the title and Jake Roberts is the nastiest, meanest, raunchiest person he’s ever laid eyes on; the man carries snakes around with him.  In East Tennessee, if they see a snake they take a shotgun and blow its brains out and at Volunteer Slam that’s exactly what he’s going to do to him.  He’s going to treat him like a snake and the way you take care of a snake is to chop it’s head off.
  3. Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Ricky Morton (jip, from Johnson City, TN) - Brian Lee and Robert Gibson come down to ringside towards the end of the match and Morton picks up the win with a small package.  Fytch gets in the ring after the match but Morton plants another kiss on her.  Candido attacks him from behind and then Fytch sprays something in his eyes before Candido gives him a piledriver.
  4. Rock & Roll Express vs Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) (highlights, from Johnson City,TN) - the tag title match had already been signed, but Ricky Morton is unable to wrestle due to the piledriver he received from Candido earlier in the show.  Fytch demands that the champions must defend their titles and if they don’t, should forfeit the belts and hand them over to them.  Robert Gibson runs out and into the ring and will defend the titles on his own.  Late into the match Morton makes his way out and to the apron wearing a neck brace.  He tags himself in, but Lee hotshots him on to the top rope, Candido makes the cover and we have new SMW tag team champions.
  5. The Thrillseekers music video - Bon Jovi ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’
  6. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam vs Tracey Smothers from last week
  7. INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers - dressing room interview.  Every time Bob sees Bruiser Bedlam he sees a juicy steak and just wants to eat him up, but can’t do that as Jim Cornette’s barred him from wrestling any more.  He’s not going to give up his Commissionership though, because if he does, Smoky Mountain Wrestling will go to hell like it almost did before.  Tracey tells him to keep that Commissioner’s job and keep doing what he’s got to do.  Bob Armstrong has been like a second father to him, he wants Bruiser Bedlam and he’s going to do it for himself and The Bullet.  Good little interview.
  8. Randy Savage music video - Edward Elgar ‘Pomp and Circumstance’
  9. INT: Randy Savage - says these are glory days for Smoky Mountain Wrestling and it’s going to be the biggest thrill of his entire career to walk down that aisle at the Knoxville Coliseum and to look Bruiser Bedlam right in the eye (not too sure on that one Randy!).  ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong is a friend of his and just because they haven’t seen each other for a while doesn’t mean that they’re not tight.  He’s got a problem and he’s going to solve it one night for him.  He’s not going to just beat Bruiser Bedlam, he’s going to teach him a lesson.
  10. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Chris Hamrick - Hamrick takes an outrageous bump over the top rope to the floor)
  11. Bruiser Bedlam training video - Jim Cornette says how Bob Armstrong is so upset that he can’t get back in the ring because of the injunction that he filed and that he can no longer fight his own fights, so for the Volunteer Slam he’s got one of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling to come to Knoxville and take on Bruiser Bedlam.  They’re doing a little training around Knoxville today and Cornette wants Bob Armstrong and Randy Savage to see exactly what they’re up against.  Bedlam bench presses 405lb as a ‘warm up’, before pressing 545lbs, drives nails through a board with his bare hands and breaks beer bottles over his head, busting himself open.  This was very reminiscent of the old Jos Le Duc Memphis vignettes and despite all these feats and Cornette working overtime on the promo and claiming that Bedlam is the most dangerous wrester in the world, I’m really struggling to get into him.
  12. INT: Jake Roberts - he’s in his house again and says that one of the greatest things about being a professional wrestlers is when you’re on the road and in the dressing room, and you see a young kid just getting started having his first match and within seconds you know whether they are going to make it or not because you are a good judge of talent, say like the Dirty White Boy back in Oklahoma or somewhere.  The frustrating thing is when you see that kid who was really trying, then you see him ten years later down the line and you were right.  You knew the guy wasn’t going to make it “and you haven’t Tony.”  He starts to mock the Dirty White Boy’s eye injury and says how he is looking down the line and realises that Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts is coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and he’s starting to make his excuses already.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, that comes out of the good book, a book that means a lot to him.  It should mean a lot to the Dirty White Boy too, because if you remember there was a serpent in that book who started a whole lot of trouble and the Dirty White Boy’s troubles have only just begun.
  13. INT: Daryl Van Horn & Kendo the Samurai - Van Horn says that the Dirty White Boy had a serious price to pay for the things he did to him.  He understands that he has a big match coming up against Jake Roberts, a personal friend and one of the few men in this business as depraved as him.  He is sure that Jake the Snake is going to strike, but you never know when Kendo the Samurai will strike.  The Dirty White Boy calls him a sneak Jap, but he calls him smart; a master of deception, a master of disguise and he’s just the latest in his legion of lost souls.  When the Dirty White Boy wakes up at night in a cold sweat, Kendo the Samurai’s face is the one he’ll see.  You’ll never know when, never know where, the Snake will strike but Kendo will strike first.
  14. The Thrillseekers vs Well Dunn - The Thrillseekers get the win but Well Dunn jump them after the match and continue to beat on them as the show goes off the air.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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