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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired October 16, 1993

‘Parade of Champions Special’

  1. Daryl Van Horn joins Dutch Mantel and the returning Bob Caudle to host this episode
  2. Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (jip, from Knoxville, TN) - Blaze regains the U.S. Jr. Heavyweight title after he dives off the top turnbuckle over Candido and catches his with a sunset flip.
  3. Bobby Blaze vs Chris Candido (jip, from Barbourville, KY) - Candido hotshots Blaze into the top turnbuckle to regain the belt himself.
  4. Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (jip, from Johnson City, TN) - Blaze small packages Candido to win the title once more.
  5. INT: Tracey Smothers, Rock & Roll Express
  6. Tony Anthony vs Tim Horner (highlights, from Barbourville, KY) - The Dirty White Boy gets the pin after pulling Horner’s trunks.
  7. INT:  Tony Anthony - says that after that win it makes him the number one contender for the SMW Heavyweight title.  He doesn’t like Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch, so he’s going to have to beat Lee, get his title back and run him out of town and that way he will be able to get his manager back.  Bob Caudle says that Tracey Smothers doesn’t like Brian Lee, the Dirty White Boy doesn’t like Brian Lee, does that mean something is going on between he and Smothers?  The White Boy says absolutely not.  They have nothing in common, and as far as Tracey Smothers is concerned, he’s just someone else standing in his way.  He’s coming after that Heavyweight title and is coming to get his manager back.
  8. Brian Lee (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Tracey Smothers (w/ Sherri Martel) (highlights, from Knoxville, TN) - Smothers with the jawjacker and Fytch puts Lee’s foot on the ropes.  Sherri starts to stalk Tammy and Mark Curtis gets out of the ring to stop her.  Lee with a DDT and then Fytch throws her bag to Primetime.  Sherri has had enough and finally gets her hands on Fytch (to a great reaction).  Smothers with a sleeper on Lee, but he nails him in the head with a foreign object he took from the bag and rolls him up for the pin.  Sherri jumps on Primetime’s back after the match and just as he is about to hit her, Tracey makes the save.  The two of them fight again until Sherri slaps Lee and he rolls out of the ring.
  9. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch & Ron Wright - Bob Caudle says how the Dirty White Boy has said that he has earned a shot at the title, but Lee says that he’s the one who says whether you get a shot at the title not him.  He’s just like Tracey Smothers, he should be picking tobacco or riding a tractor somewhere and should get out of professional wrestling.  Maybe one day he might give him a title shot, but right now he has bigger fish to fry.  Fytch shows off the new dress that Ronnie has bought her and she says he’s showing his gratitude because they’re taking such good care of him.  They’ve taken him into their home, they’re feeding him and clothing him because the Dirty White Boy couldn’t do the job.  Fytch says that Ronnie has bought her this dress and a rolex all while Lee is flashing Wright’s credit card behind his back.  Last night she was sat on tiger’s lap and he is just about to sign those adoption papers so she can become part of the family.  Lee asks whether he is going to sign the will too, but Fytch cuts him off and tells him they’ll talk about that later.
  10. The Bullet vs Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) (from Johnson City, TN) - Cornette throws his tennis racket to Kyle, but as he tries to pick it up The Bullet schoolboys him for the win.  Cornette powders The Bullet after the match and as Kyle tries to pull off his mask Cornette waffles him with the racket.  They manage to remove his mask but the Rock & Roll Express rush out and come to his aid handing him a towel before Cornette and Kyle are able to ‘prove’ it’s Bob Armstrong.
  11. Rock & Roll Express vs Steve & Scott Armstrong (jip, from Johnson City, TN) - the Heavenly Bodies jump Ricky Morton and Steve Armstrong goes to help Morton out as Robert Gibson and Scott Armstrong continue to battle it out in the ring.  They eventually see what is happening and go to help their respective partners.  Both teams are counted out so a typically unsatisfactory finish, but what aired looked real good.
  12. INT: Rock & Roll Express & The Bullet - dressing room interview. Ricky Morton is sick and tired of Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies jacking people around.  It doesn’t matter where they go now, they’re going to be there to end things.  The Bullet can understand why his good friend Bob Armstrong had the Rock & Roll Express in his Army because they’re good men and he appreciates them saving him.  He tells Jim Cornette that this mask will not come off until Bob Armstrong’s name has been cleared.
  13. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Rick & Scott Steiner (highlights, form Barbourville, KY) - the Steiners are accompanied by their pitbull Arnold who is a feisty thing (according to the Observer he legit bit both Cornette and Tom Prichard during the tour, which is no surprise in the slightest when you see him).  Arnold is tied to the bottom turnbuckle and is at times in the ring as the action is going on, while the match is similar in places to their one at Summerslam.  Del Ray ducks a clothesline from Scott and he hits Mark Curtis with it instead.  Scott with a Frankensteiner to Del Ray and he makes the cover,not sure why seeing only seconds earlier he had taken out Curtis and he was still laid out at this point.  Cornette gets in the ring and nails Scott in the back with his tennis racket and then pulls Del Ray on top of him.  He shakes Curtis to wake him up, who starts to count the fall but just as he is about hit the mat for the third time he spots the racket in the ring and stops.  The Bodies double team Scott but Rick grabs the racket and starts hitting them with it.  Cornette powders Rick and they go to work on him until Scott gets Arnold and he then clears the ring.  The Bodies end up winning the match as the Steiners were DQ’d when Rick used the racket, although no idea therefore why Curtis either stopped the count or didn’t DQ the Bodies when he first saw the racket in the ring.
  14. INT: Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette - Cornette says the Steiners thought that they were going to come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and bring their big, bad reputation and take care of them, but they showed and handled them better than anyone else ever has.  Cornette says that the Steiners proved that it takes a good team to beat them, but it doesn’t take them long!  He can’t believe that the Rock & Roll Express are so consumed with jealousy that they’ve followed the Heavenly Bodies all the way to the WWF.  They’re up there, beating up the big boys, getting in line for a World title shot and what happens?  The Rock & Roll Express, after all these years of never wanting to go to the WWF, all of a sudden now show up!  It’s pure and simply to try and keep the Heavenly Bodies from getting what they want up there, just like they’re trying to keep them from getting what they want down here.  He has made a few phone calls though and has a tag team coming to Smoky Mountain in the next few weeks that’s going to take care of them.  This is a team so wild and so crazy that they’ve been banned, fined, suspended, denied licenses and denied access to hotels and motels.  They are so crazy that no-one wants them around.  They’re coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and they’re going to keep the Rock & Roll Express out of their hair so that they can go to the WWF and win the tag team titles there, and when they come back, there will be nothing left of Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson and they can pick up the SMW belts too.  When Bob Caudle asks him about the Bruise Brothers he says that it’s not often he has failures, but he bought them in to do a job and they didn’t do that job correctly.  When you don’t do a job correctly you get demoted and that’s where the Bruise Brothers are now, they’re still on probation and observing the top tag teams to learn what to do.  Caudle tells him that a tag team has contacted SMW and have asked for, and received, a match against his men to determine who the number one contender’s are.  Cornette tried to find out who it is but Caudle doesn’t know.  He then decides that he doesn’t care who it is and this team has no business coming to Smoky Mountain, where they dominate, to demand anything much less be given a shot against them on TV.  He keeps track of every top team in the world of wrestling and if it was anyone important he would know about it.  It’s probably a couple of “Johnny come lately” and they’ll take care of them next week before going on to bigger things in the future.
  15. INT: Jim Cornette, Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch
  16. INT: Daryl Van Horn - says he has come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling from the University of Cairo and will be bringing in a 7ft, 350lb Egyptian Prince.  He has just got off the phone to his lawyers from his corporate offices on the corner of Libido & Cleavage in New Jersey and they have assured him that palms have been greased, they’ve dealt with the Consulate, they’ve dealt with the Embassy and it’s almost time to bring his Prince in.  It takes a lot of time and talent, but he has the lawyers to do it.  In fact they once got a sodomy charge reduced to tailgating!  This man is a renaissance man, he will change the face of pro wrestling and he will do whatever it takes to bring him in. 

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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