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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired October 23, 1993

Jellico High School, Jellico, TN

  1. Rock & Roll Express vs Chris Canyon & Juicy Johnny
  2. INT:  Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette - Cornette says that the Rock & Roll Express have followed them to the WWF.  They would follow them to the end of the earth, they’ve dogged them here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and every footstep they took they were right behind them.  Well he’s decided to dog them with the Moondogs; the wildest, craziest tag team of all.  They will bring anything to the ring, will do anything and they don’t care if they get fined, suspended or banned.  All they want to do is chew the Rock & Roll Express up and get them out of their hair.  Once they have been decimated and defeated, those belts will be laying there ready for the Heavenly Bodies to pick up.  He wants to know who this team is that has requested to face them on TV today for the number one contendership.  Bob Caudle says that he is going to find out soon enough, but Cornette wants to find out now.  Caudle tells him that they’ll find out when they get in the ring, but that isn’t good enough for Cornette.  He isn’t going to take it and isn’t going to leave, they’re going nowhere and will stay all the way through the commercials if they have to.  Back from the commercial break and Cornette and the Bodies are still out there wanting to know who this team is.  He decides that they’re going to get in the ring now, and dares these “Johnny come lately” to show themselves and they will beat them just like they’ve beaten everybody else.  They make their way into the ring and then the Immigrant Song hits (to a decent pop) and out rush the Bruise Brothers and slide their way into the ring.  Dutch Mantel says that he has got to check this out and he too heads into the ring.  He asks the twins what is going on.  They want to prove to Jim Cornette that they’re still the top tag team in the country and that he should be taking them to the WWF.  The best way to prove this was for them to go head to head with the Heavenly Bodies and let the best team win.  The penny drops and Cornette says that they are the team who went to the Board of Directors and got this contract just so they could get in the ring with the Heavenly Bodies?  He reminds them that he is management while they are labour.  He gave them a job to do and when you don’t do that job, you get demoted, docked or fired.  They’re lucky that they didn’t get fired, he made an example out of them, put them on the sideline and told them to watch and learn from the best.  Instead of listening to what their boss said they took matters into their own hands.  He tells them that they’ve embarrassed him out here and if they pull another stunt like this he’s going to make sure they’re back in one of those biker bars where he found them.  This results in one of the twins shoving them and the two teams square off.  Cornette backtracks, apologizes and says that he shouldn’t have said that, he just lost his head.  He thinks it would be best if they have the match like they say.  He throws his tennis racket out the ring, says may the best team win and again apologizes profusely.  It’s all a ruse though as he makes out he is about to leave but powders one of the twins in the face.  They triple team the other twin with Cornette getting some solid racket shots in, before the other Bruise Brother regains his sight and they chase the Bodies to the back.
  3. INT: Tracey Smothers, Rock & Roll Express
  4. One of the security guards comes out to Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel and tells them that the fight is still going on and they’re killing each other back there.  Almost immediately the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette return to the arena with the Bruise Brothers chasing them.  The likes of Juicy Johnny, Chris Canyon, Chris Comet and Larry Santo try to separate them, but to no avail with Cornette attacking them with his racket.  They brawl out into the parking lot but it’s dark and a struggle to make out what is going on, before the twins make their way back inside and over to Bob and Dutch.  They say that they’re the best in professional wrestling and no-one talks to them like that.  They might not be the best wrestlers, but no-one can stand toe to toe with them. Jim Cornette is going to learn that and if they get their hands on him they’re going to break him into a million pieces.  Wild brawl and the Bruise Brothers looked real good in this.  Not sure on them as faces, but a decent little promo the twins and Cornette was excellent in the build up to the split as you would expect from him.
  5. Tony Anthony vs Larry Santo
  6. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch & Ron Wright - Tammy says that Ronnie has been such a sweetheart buying her all these gifts, diamonds, a new bracelet and a new necklace (all while Lee is flashing Wright’s credit card in the background again).  They’re not really worried about the Dirty White Boy because they know how to treat Ronnie and he’s on new medication and feels better than ever before.  Bob Caudle asks Wright if he misses the Dirty White Boy but Ron starts rambling and talking about his brother and the various titles he has won.  He starts repeating himself and can’t remember things and it is as if he is losing his mind.  As this is going on, Lee and Fytch are laughing and making faces behind his back as though their plan is working.  Wright says he thinks he wants to go home, when out rushes the Dirty White Boy who says that he is taking him home with him.  Fytch says Ronnie doesn’t want to go home with him and wants to go home with them, which he agrees with.  The White Boy tells them if either of them hurt Wright in any way there will be hell to pay.  This turn is being done so well and Lee and Fytch are coming across as the biggest pieces of shit you could imagine using and exploiting Wright like this.
  7. Tracey Smothers vs Chris Comet
  8. INT: Tracey Smothers - says there’s a triangle now involving the SMW Heavyweight title between him, the Dirty White Boy and Brian Lee.  He saw what happened earlier and everyone said poor old Ron Wright, poor old Dirty White Boy but he doesn’t give two cents about those guys and is going to back Brian Lee into a corner so that he can get his Heavyweight title back.
  9. Tammy’s Tips - this week Tammy is looking at ‘dining etiquette’ as although it probably hasn’t happened yet, one of these days ladies, before you die, you will be asked out by a man and he may want to take you out to dinner.  She has told Margie that she is preparing chicken kiev, parsley potatoes, a vegetable medley and salad and she should be with her any minute.  Margie turns up but couldn’t find any chicken so has bought deep fried chicken instead.  Tammy isn’t impressed!  Margie is struggling with what fork to use for her salad and when Tammy tells her to eat her chicken she picks it up with her hands and is then even more disgusted.  She tells her that a lady never eats anything with her hands and you should always use a knife and fork.  Margie then finds it tough to cut the chicken and Tammy says that a woman with her figure shouldn’t eat fried food anyway!  Next week it is diet and exercise tips.  Tammy is wonderful in these segments, so patronizing and condescending to everyone.
  10. INT: Daryl Van Horn - all the paperwork has been signed, the right palms have been greased and the backs have been rubbed.  They’re getting together a group of nubian princesses to tend to his Egyptian Prince’s needs and he’s going to make his debut at the Thanksgiving Thunder tour.  He is putting together a harem for his Prince that includes Vanessa Del Rio, Nina Hartley, Amber & Ginger Lynne, Traci Lords, the list goes on and these people better start showing him and his man some respect.  He’s going to change the face of Smoky Mountain Wrestling as we know it and all he needs to do now is find their first victim.
  11. Bobby Blaze vs Chris Candido - Candido gets the pin after hitting Blaze with a chain wrapped around his fist to become the new U.S. Jr. Heavyweight champion.  Very good match that saw Candido takes a suplex over the top rope to the gym floor and Blaze follow up with a crossbody off the turnbuckle to the floor at one point.  Shame there wasn’t a clean finish, though I should know better by now.
  12. INT:  Chris Candido - he told everybody that he would win this crummy belt and it’s going to go right where it belongs, at the bottom of the river.  Smoky Mountain Wrestling will then have no choice but to recognize his ‘real’ World championship.
  13. INT: Jim Cornette
  14. INT:  The Bullet - says he’s ready for the Thanksgiving Thunder tour and is in the hot seat as he’s accepted the challenge from Jim Cornette for the ‘Four Faces of Fear’ match.  He doesn’t care what kind of match it is as he’s a man on a mission, and that is to put Bob Armstrong back in the Commissioner’s chair where he belongs.  Jim Cornette may think that he’s got him over a barrel, but when you fight for the right, you can go a long, long way.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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