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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired November 6, 1993

Jellico High School, Jellico, TN

  1. Dutch Mantel announces that because of what happened last week, the Dirty White Boy has vacated the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title as he only wants to wrestle one man, and that is Brian Lee.  As a result, today will determine a new TV champion and that match will be between Juicy Johnny and Tim Horner.
  2. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Chris Comet & Chris Canyon - the Bodies get jumped by the Bruise Brothers just after they’ve been introduced.  The twins gets a few shots in before the Bodies roll out the ring and run to the back with the Bruise Brothers in pursuit.
  3. INT: Bobby Blaze - says that last week was one of the most embarrassing moments of his wrestling career.  Chris Candido takes a lot of pride in that WWA World title and those feathers he wears, so he’s got a match for him at the Thanksgiving Thunder and it’s called the ‘Turkey Title’ match where the loser of the match will become the ‘Turkey champion’ and get tarred and feathered.  Blaze does a terrible job of explaining this and I only understood it when Bob Caudle was talking about it later.
  4. Tracey Smothers vs Larry Santo - Chris Candido joins them on commentary briefly for this and he too seems a bit confused by the Turkey match
  5. Recap of the Moondogs destroying two jobbers in the USWA
  6. INT:  Rock & Roll Express - like they said previously, they’re not going to back down from nothing and no-one.  Ricky Morton is looking forward to Thanksgiving Thunder as last Thanksgiving they kicked the crap out of the Heavenly Bodies and this thanksgiving they’re going to kick the crap out of the Moondogs.
  7. Tammy’s Tips - this week it’s ‘makeup’ and we’ll be amazed at how Tammy can make Margie into an acceptable human being, as if she can do it for her, there is hope for everyone at home too!  First, before we get into any makeup tips we have to start with something that most people have never done before, and that’s wash your face.  Tammy would normally use a gentle moisturizing cleanser, but in this case she’s going to use soap and some old fashioned scrubbing.  Tammy is rather impressed with Margie’s ability to wash her face, but then clocks that she hasn’t shaved today.  She advises all the girls that have a problem with beards like Margie that they need to use a lot of base makeup.  Margie starts to apply it but Tammy thinks that they will need an economy sized tub instead and that Margie will also need a bit of practice at this.  Fytch again at times seems as though she’s trying to stop herself laughing for real.
  8. Tim Horner vs Juicy Johnny - Darryl Van Horn joins them on commentary for this match.  He says how he did ask for two men to wrestle his Egyptian Prince at Thanksgiving Thunder but he couldn’t find two men as everyone was scared.  One person was either too brave or too stupid to face him though, and that person is Tim Horner.  Bob Caudle asks him what the name of his man is and he says it’s Prince Kharis from Cairo, Egypt, the most feared man in all of wrestling.
  9. INT: Tim Horner & Mike Furnas - Horner is looking forward to working with Furnas at some of the upcoming training camps.  Bob Caudle and Horner do their best to put over Furnas as an athletic prospect, even better than his brother, although I find that hard to believe.
  10. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette is sick and tired of the Bruise Brothers sticking their noses in their business just like they did earlier.  He’s upset about this match they have against them at the Thanksgiving Thunder and that the promotion has already made the arrangements and it didn’t matter if they wanted to be in it or not.  This match is a ‘Gang Fight’, it’s no time limit, no DQ, anything goes, you come as you are, can wear what you want and can bring any weapon you want to bring, short of a knife or gun!  That’s what has disturbed him as you never know what the Bruise Brothers may have up their sleeves.  The most important rule of a ‘Gang Fight’ match though is that pinfalls don’t count and the match is only over when your opponent is flat on his face, out of it and can’t get back to his feet before the count of ten.  The only purpose that the referee serves is to make that count and award the winners the match.  The Bruise Brothers have backed them into a corner, they’re intimidating, big, strong and crazy, but their advantage is that the Bruise Brothers are just like these low down, white trash, hillbillies in Jellico.  They identify with them, are just like them and are never going to be any better than them because there are always guys like Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies to stop them.
  11. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Chris Comet & Chris Canyon - the Bruise Brothers jump the Bodies after the match this time and again the Bodies make a quick exit out of there.
  12. INT:  Bruise Brothers - they’ve got their kind of match at Thanksgiving Thunder in the Gang Fight.  They’ve been in a lot of these kind of fights all across the country and a couple of them were even in the ring!  It’s going to be blood and guts as they’re going to tear the building down and they guarantee that no-one can put them down for a ten count.
  13. INT: The Bullet - taped interview from the dressing room area earlier in the week where he is about to find out who his opponent will be for the Thanksgiving Thunder.  A hooded messenger approaches Brian Matthews (who is conducting the interview) and The Bullet and hands a letter to Matthews.  It says, “You wanted to know my identity, we have played this game before you and I.  I never did get the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed it and now we can play it again.  The last time we played together in the Rage in the Cage you were almost out of action for good, but there were so many others around we didn’t get the chance to meet privately.  Thanksgiving Thunder you will see the ‘Four Faces of Fear’, all of them will be mine, they’re all my favorite games, and I know you will enjoy them.  The Master.  PS my follower Renfill has a gift for you and he will give it to you now.”  At which point Renfill throws fire in the face of The Bullet.
  14. INT: Kevin Sullivan - and he’s at the beach.  The producers of Smoky Mountain Wrestling have told him that he can’t say it’s ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong who he will be facing in the ‘Four Faces of Fear’ matches, even though that is who it is.  They have said he can’t say he’s going to reach inside him, pull out his entrails and spread them to the four corners of the earth so that his four mistakes (Brad, Scott, Steve and Brian) can go pick them up and try to put them back together.  They said he can’t say if he rips off his mask he’s going to reach in and pluck his eyes out and they say he can’t say he’s going to bite ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong’s tongues off.  They say he isn’t PC, well he’s always been politically incorrect.  In the ‘Four Faces of Fear’ match at the Thanksgiving Thunder he’s going to be real hungry and is going to eat everything up.
  15. Recap of Brian Lee vs Tony Anthony from last week and the attack on Ron Wright
  16. Brian Lee (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Bobby Blaze - Lee gets the pin after Fytch hits Blaze in the head with her handbag behind referee Mark Curtis’ back.  At Fytch’s insistence, Lee then beats on Blaze some more after the match and Fytch slaps him twice which leads to Tony Anthony rushing out to make the save.
  17. INT: Tony Anthony & Bobby Blaze - the Dirty White Boy says if anyone is wondering why he came out to help Bobby Blaze, it’s because he has been in the ring with him on many occasions and knows exactly how much guts he’s got, unlike Brian Lee who hasn’t got one gut in his body.  The Dirty White Boy has moved back to Bucksnort, TN and is going to be raising all kinds of hell in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  He’s not going to wrestle another man in this organization except Brian Lee and doesn’t care whether he likes it or not.  Poor, sweet, old Mr Wright is going to have a knee operation and maybe after crying wolf so many times that’s what happens, but Brian Lee is going to have to keep his eyes open every time he steps in the ring because he’s going to stomp a mud hole in him.  They are joined by Tracey Smothers and he tells the White Boy not to expect him to feel sorry for Ron Wright or himself as he’s done a lot of bad things to him in the past.  The White Boy says that he doesn’t need any friends because he’s got hate to keep him company.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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