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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired April 16, 1994

Anderson County High School, Clinton, TN

  1. Dutch Mantel is out of the country and Bob Caudle is not too sure why, so he’s being replaced by Les Thatcher.  Sad times and the end of an era.
  2. The Thrillseekers vs Chris Hamrick & The Hornet - both Thrillseekers are stood on the top turnbuckle and Storm gives Jericho a face first suplex onto Hamrick, but proceeds to fall off the turnbuckle and crotch himself afterwards!)
  3. INT:  Jim Cornette - says it’s hard to upset him today because a light has come shining down from the heavens onto him.  Yes, the Heavenly Bodies are out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, but today is the debut of Bruiser Bedlam right here on television.  He is going to cause exactly what the name implies and is going to be the next ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder.  He then warns Bob Armstrong that he has got a big surprise for him later in the show.
  4. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - Tammy doesn’t like the Rock & Roll Express one bit and as she can’t stand them, Brian and Chris have promised her that they will have a match with them and bring the titles to her, because it’s been too long since she’s had gold around her waist, she means Brian’s waist!  They’ve beaten them before and are going to beat them again, but what really upsets her is Ricky Morton.  The nastiest lips in all of wrestling, planted them on her and kissed her!  It was disgusting, but she can’t blame him as every man in the world loves her and every man wants her.  She isn’t happy that Smoky Mountain Wrestling won’t get rid of that tape though, she wants it binned as it’s going to give a nice girl like her a bad reputation.  Just so we know what she’s referring to, Bob Caudle gets them to play it again!  Candido tells Morton what right does he have to put his lips on their girl?  He’s not a real man, he can’t get a date, that’s why he had to molest Tammy Fytch.  They are joined by the Rock & Roll Express and Morton says he had a chance to kiss the lady or hit her, and he chose to kiss her and if Candido steps in the ring he’ll prove he’s a real man.  Candido says if you want a fight you’ve got yourself a fight, but then tells Brian that he wants him to take Morton out.  Lee wasn’t overly keen to help him out and only when Tammy asked her to do it for him did he agree to.
  5. Recap of Bob Armstrong vs Bruiser Bedlam & Jim Cornette from Bluegrass Brawl
  6. Mike Furnas vs Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) - Bedlam ends the Furnas’ reign with the stomach claw and hopefully that’s the last we’ve seen of him.  Bedlam continues to apply the stomach claw after the match and only stops when Tracey Smothers and Bobby Blaze come to Furnas’ rescue.  Bob Armstrong is not far behind and he and Bedlam stare at each other with The Bullet seemingly ready to fight until Bruiser leaves the ring.
  7. Personality Profile w/ Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - This is the replacement for Down & Dirty w/ Dutch and is hosted by Les Thatcher.  Cornette has a special announcement to make and he has a letter from the SMW Board of Directors which he wants to read.  It says that although they find no impropriety on Bob Armstrong’s actions as a wrestler/Commissioner, they grudgingly agree with the complaint filed by Jim Cornette’s attorneys that there is a legal precedent for a conflict of interests to be found in Bob Armstrong being both a wrestler and Commissioner.  Therefore, effective 4/19 when Bob Armstrong finishes his current commitments, he will be banned from wrestling for as long as he is Commissioner.  Cornette is pretty pleased as he has finally rid himself of Armstrong again, not as Commissioner, but at least he won’t be able to step in the ring.  He tells him that he’s not going to get his revenge in the ring on Bruiser Bedlam in the ring after 4/19, but not to worry because he wouldn’t be able to do it anyway.  Bedlam says that he’ll beat any man, dozens at a time, line them up, he gets paid to beat people and Jimmy pays him well.
  8. INT: Daryl Van Horn - he’s got someone new that he’s bringing in to Smoky Mountain Wrestling as he’s building a legion of lost souls.  He’s been on a worldwide talent search and now has a new member to the Van Horn family.  A man from the Land of the Rising Sun, a man who is feared by the Yakuza themselves, Kendo the Samurai.  Van Horn also has some words for the Dirty White Boy who came out and interrupted an interview with Prince Kharis and himself.  It was bad enough that he commuitted an act of blasphemy and knocked his fez off, but worse of all he put his hands on Prince Kharis and the Prince laid him out 1-2-3 with that big arm of his.  The world is going to see the gold put around Prince Kharis’ waist!  Everybody knows that the Dirty White Boy is a lowlife scumbag and the kind of man who is found prowling around glory holes in public men’s rooms, so Smoky Mountain Wrestling get ready to see a new champion.
  9. Recap of Tony Anthony and Prince Kharis from last week’s Down & Dirty
  10. INT: Tony Anthony - says that Daryl Van Horn’s problem is that he’s a small man in a big man’s world; he couldn’t become a wrestler so he became a jaw jacker instead.  Van Horn says that he’s putting an army together, well all he’s got to do is sign on the dotted line, and once he’s gone through his army he’s liable to slap him into the middle of next week.
  11. INT: Well Dunn - they come out to try and get an interview but Bob Caudle says they weren’t scheduled, there isn’t time and they go to the break.
  12. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - Tammy tells Primetime that he better win the match as she’s already told him what will happen if he doesn’t and doesn’t want to tell him again.  Les Thatcher says that Chris Candido talked Brian Lee into this, but Candido interrupts and tells him not to stir things up as everyone heard Brian say he would take the match.  He would’ve taken it himself, but the real man that Brian is volunteered to take it instead.
  13. Brian Lee (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Ricky Morton - Chris Candido joins them on commentary for this match and is very funny.  Candido eventually goes to ringside which brings out Robert Gibson to be in Ricky’s corner.  Candido gets up on the apron and Mark Curtis goes over to him, giving Gibson the opportunity to get in the ring.  Fytch tries to throw her purse to Brian but Gibson intercepts and whacks Lee with it.  Curtis turns around to see him in the ring with the item and DQ’s Morton.  Candido jumps Gibson after the match before throwing Morton over the top rope to the floor.  They double team Robert and hit him with the purse until a chair carrying Morton can finally get back in the ring and save him from any further punishment.
  14. INT: Rock & Roll Express - they say it was a long hard road for the Rock & Roll Express but they finally ran the Heavenly Bodies out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Now they’ve got to teach Brian Lee & Chris Candido a lesson, and while they may be down at the moment there is always a next time.
  15. Recap of the Heavenly Bodies vs Rock & Roll Express ‘Loser Leaves Town’ Cage match

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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