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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired August 20, 1994

  1. INT: Rock & Roll Express - the Smoky Mountain Wrestling officials agreed that they got a raw deal against Brian Lee & Chris Candido at Fire on the Mountain, so today they’ve got a rematch.  They haven’t forgotten about the Gangstas, but first things first is getting those tag titles back.
  2. The Gangstas vs Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire
  3. Recap of the closing moments of the Rock & Roll Express vs Brian Lee & Chris Candido match from Fire on the Mountain
  4. INT: The Gangstas - New Jack says that the TV stations are trying to censor him, while those Negros down at the NAACP don’t like him.  They wish they were water melon eating, chicken eating, chicken bone sucking black folk, but that isn’t New Jack, he’s from the street and he believes in getting things done.  The Rock & Roll Express got a little taste of how bad the Gangstas are when they left Ricky Morton lying unconscious.  They are going to see exactly what it’s like to have to deal with New Jack and Mustafa and they’re going to see how they deal with people down in the hood.  If they want some, bring it on.  The Gangstas are here to be had and they’re in the house.
  5. Recap of The Thrillseekers vs Heavenly Bodies from Night of Legends
  6. INT: The Thrillseekers - Chris Jericho says that he broke his arm in a motorcycle accident just prior to the Night of Legends and the doctors have said that he can’t wrestle for six to eight weeks.  That night they had a point to prove to Jim Cornette, to the Heavenly Bodies, to the fans and to themselves, that they had the guts and fortitude to come out on top, and they did, but by wrestling with a broken arm he’s paying for it now.  Lance says that he will be wrestling in singles action for now until his partner is healthy again.  And so ends The Thrillseekers time in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Considering the hype and push they got they have to be seen as a huge failure, although it would have been interesting to see where they would’ve headed had Jericho not got injured.  My best guess is a prolonged feud with the Bodies while the The Gangstas are feuding with Rock & Roll Express, and once that was over they would have transitioned to The Gangstas before defeating them for the titles.
  7. INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers - Tracey says that they feel like they achieved a lot at Night of Legends and Fire on the Mountain as they managed to beat the Funks, Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette at their own game, although they weren’t quite able to get their hands on Cornette.  The Bullet tells him not to worry as they eventually will and he’s currently rattling his brain and driving himself insane because he doesn’t know who the new Commissioner is.  Well he does.  He knows that in the past he and his Momma have paid a lot of people a lot of money to change their minds but he’s got an honest man to be the new Commissioner, and he’s not going to tell them who as he doesn’t want to give them the chance to get to him.
  8. Tony Anthony vs Chris Hamrick
  9. INT: Tony Anthony - the Dirty White Boy is running wild in the Smoky Mountain area!  First he ran Jake Roberts out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, then Terry Gordy, Dick Slater and Chris Walker all came in but none of them could get the job done.  He’s got an open contract and anyone who wants a shot just has to put their name on it.
  10. Personality Profile w/ Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies & Bruiser Bedlam & Killer Kyle - Les Thatcher says that despite Jim Cornette’s impressive entourage two things are missing; any kind of belt and the head of Bob Armstrong.  Cornette says the reason there are no title belts in his contingent is that the greatest tag team in wrestling, the Heavenly Bodies, have been banned from wrestling in SMW.  Bob Armstrong and the Rock & Roll Express are such cowards that they won’t agree to lift the ban on the Bodies returning to action here, although they can’t do anything about them coming out and saying a few words.  There would also be a title belt if it wasn’t for that abject failure of a man who he placed a great deal of personal pride in, ‘Conan’ Chris Walker, who couldn’t get the job done against the Dirty White Boy.  He was only sending Walker out to soften him up anyway because the knockout punch is Bruiser Bedlam.  If the Dirty White Boy is the man he says he is then he and Bedlam are going to meet one on one, and then the belt will be coming off his waist and coming home to the Union.  Cornette questions Thatcher on who the new Commissioner is, but he tells him that he doesn’t know and that only Bob Armstrong and the Board of Commissioners do.  He wants to find out what they’re dealing with and what they’re up against, because if they don’t they could make any kind of ruling and there would be no way for them to combat it.  He’s going to find out who it is and find out quick.
  11. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Dan Dubiel - Bedlam continues to put the stomach claw on Dubiel after the match which brings out the Dirty White Boy, who rips off his shirt and challenges Bedlam there and then.
  12. Tony Anthony vs Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) - Bedlam misses a diving headbutt off the top and the White Boy rolls him up for the three to give the Bruiser his first loss.
  13. Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Rock & Roll Express - Lee is holding Morton as Candido prepares to come off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline.  Morton moves and Candido hits Primetime instead.  Gibson clocks Candido who takes a bump out of the ring to the floor, double dropkick to Lee and the Rock & Rolls are once again the SMW tag team champions.
  14. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - Tammy tells Lee that she doesn’t know what he thinks he was doing, but he’s not listening to her and not listening to the game plan.  He tries to blame Candido, but she tells him that she doesn’t pay him to think for himself and he just cost her the tag team championship.  She tells him that she’s had enough of him before firing him.  Tammy points her finger at Lee before Primetime responds by grabbing her arm.  When Candido comes to her defence the two of them get into a pushing contest.  Lee gets the better of things until Tammy sprays the hairspray in his face and Candido puts the boots to him until they go off the air.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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