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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired March 5, 1994

Jellico High School, Jellico, TN

  1. Chris Candido vs Pat Rose
  2. INT: Chris Candido - says Smoky Mountain Wrestling has done it to him again.  He proved he wasn’t a joke when he gave Tracey Smothers a concussion, when he threw a bucket of water on him and when he beat him for the TV title, but now they’re trying to make a fool out of him again with this Ladder match.  Tracey Smothers stole his money but he’s got it back, he doesn’t need this match as its back with its rightful owner.  At Golden Week ’94 they’ve got this Ladder match and there will be $2,500 hanging above the ring and he’s going to be the one to get it.
  3. INT: Lex Luger - repeat from 2/19
  4. Recap of the post-match attack on Ricky Morton from last week
  5. Bob Caudle says as a result of what happened, a match has been signed for the Bluegrass Brawl between the Heavenly Bodies and the Rock & Roll Express.  It will be held inside a steel cage with the tag team titles on the line and there has to be a winner as the losing team must leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
  6. INT: Bob Armstrong - taped interview that is cut almost immediately as Jim Cornette is at the interview desk demanding they get the camera back on
  7. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette is in shock and it appears this is the first he has heard about it “they’ve signed a match between the Heavenly Bodies and Rock & Roll Express where the losers of the match have to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling?”  He states that Bob Armstrong is behind this, he’s been on him since day one and has always been against his men.  He did this to him a year ago and is sick and tired of it, it’s a conspiracy.  Prichard says that Bob Armstrong, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the Rock & Roll Express only have one thing on their minds and that is to undermine Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies, it doesn’t matter though because they’ve beaten them every time and can beat them this time too.  Cornette says that all the Rock & Rolls have done is sign their death warrant, last time they got one over on him when they got rid of Stan Lane, but this time it’s them and the Bodies inside a cage.  They’re trying to get them out of here as they are the only ones they are afraid of but it isn’t going to work, as 4/1 at the Bluegrass Brawl, it’ll be the day he’s longed for, the day he’s hoped for, the day he’s wished for, it’ll be the day the music died as the Rock & Roll Express will finally be out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Great stuff.
  8. INT: Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl
  9. Well Dunn vs Robbie Eagle & Larry Santo - Daryl Van Horn joins them on commentary for this match
  10. INT:  Well Dunn - they say the only reason they are in hillbilly heaven, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, is because the top tag team competition is right here.  They’ve heard there is a new tag team called The Thrillseekers who’ve got this big reputation coming to the area, well that’s fine with them as that’s what they’re looking for.  As far as the ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match between the Rock & Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies, somebody is doing somebody a favour because they won’t have to face them.
  11. INT: Jeff Jarrett - repeat from 2/19
  12. INT:  Dick Murdoch - says the telephone lines are burning and every day he’s getting a call from Mama Cornette giving him a few more dollars.  He’s the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest, slimiest, stinkiest individual you’ll ever know and he and Bob Armstrong both know what wrestling is all about; it’s not about 94 clotheslines, it’s about getting down in the mud, the blood and the beer.  Armstrong made a mistake when he let Jim Cornette choose a partner of his choice for this match, he didn’t realise Dick Murdoch was available.  Every time those hillbillies start cheering for him it just makes him want to whip him that little bit more because people in Texas know who their mothers and fathers are.  Do you?  He tells Mama Cornette to keep the telephone ringing and Jimmy can sleep well, relax and put his feet up as he will protect him and Bob Armstrong better get ready because he’s on his way.
  13. INT: Bob Armstrong - says everyone is talking about Golden Week ’94 and it’s the biggest event Smoky Mountain Wrestling has promoted so far.  It’s on everybody’s lips and he’s especially proud to talk about it with them because he’s directly involved.  When he became Commissioner again they also came to an agreement that he can wrestle if he needs to.  There is one thing he needs to do, and that’s to take care of Jim Cornette for everything that he put he and his good friend The Bullet through.  Cornette is like the kid on the block who gets everybody else to fight and he just sits down and laughs.  This time he’s got to do his own fighting but he still couldn’t do it by himself and got Dick Murdoch to be his partner, thinking The Bullet wouldn’t be able to get past Captain Redneck to get his hands on him.  Well he’s prepared to take a beating from him just to get to Cornette and at Golden Week ’94 it’s time to return the favours, he always pays his debts and he owes Jim Cornette.
  14. INT: Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch - Tammy is all excited as they’ve put together a training video of her and she’s going to be ready for the mixed tag match and they’re going to win.  This is set to the Rocky theme tune and it starts off with Tammy running up and down some stairs but that’s as athletic as she gets.  She’s sat on Brian while he does push ups, breaks a nail playing Basketball, gets tired of running up and down stairs so gets Brian to give her a piggyback instead.  She goes for a jog whilst Chris Candido drives a alongside in a car, but they change places and she drives whilst he runs after her.  She gets on an exercise bike while Chris pushes the pedals, does sit ups whilst painting her toe nails, does weight curls whilst on the phone and leg exercises whilst watching TV and eating crisps.  This was awesome.  Tammy is very proud of herself although Bob Caudle can’t see why as that wasn’t much of a workout.  He says that the Dirty White Girl has sent in a video and he wants Tammy and all the fans to see that.  The White Girl is jogging, practising her punching and kicks (badly), pumping iron, and working out in the ring and on her submissions with the Dirty White Boy while Donna Summer’s ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ plays over it.  Back in the studio and Tammy’s in a state of shock seeing the White Girl training for their match.  She asks Brian what are they going to do as the Dirty White Girl is there looking like Mike Tyson, lifting weights and boxing.  Primetime tells her to quit whining, he’ll take care of it and before the match comes round he’ll think of something and take out the Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl.  Tammy is almost in tears again and tells Brian not to yell at her.  This whole segment was great. 
  15. The Hornet vs Tony Anthony (w/ Dirty White Girl) - Brian Lee interferes and attacks the Dirty White Boy from behind.  With Tammy Fytch watching on from the apron, the White Girl gets in the ring and drills The Hornet, knocking him out cold.  He stops attacking the White Boy, almost dumb struck by what he’s seen, before Tracey Smothers comes to Anthony’s aid and Primetime just leaves.
  16. INT: Tony Anthony & Dirty White Girl - the White Boy says that was quicker than Sugar Ray Leonard has ever put anyone out and Tammy Fytch just got a bird’s eye view of what the Dirty White Girl is all about.  Imagine if she’s just knocked out a full grown man what she’s going to do to that turkey head of hers?  The White Girl is so mad she could spit nails and tells Fytch that the next one is for her.  The Dirty White Girl is pretty animated here. 
  17. The Thrillseekers music video - Billy Squier ‘Fast Times’
  18. INT: Jim Cornette
  19. Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Tracey Smothers - Jimmy Del Ray comes to ringside to support Prichard which leads to the Rock & Roll Express coming out to be in Tracey’s corner.  Smothers climbs the ropes ready for the jawjacker and Cornette gets up on the apron.  Mark Curtis and the Rock & Rolls go over to try and get him down, but the distraction allows Del Ray to push Smothers off the turnbuckle to the canvas.  Curtis sensing Del Ray was up to something goes over to have words with him.  Prichard sets up a DDT, but with Curtis distracted, the Rock & Rolls enter the ring and hit the double dropkick and Smothers covers the Doctor for the win.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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