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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 14, 1994

Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN

  1. Tony Anthony vs James Atkins - Jake Roberts comes down to ringside midway into the match to watch it from there
  2. INT: Jake Roberts & Tony Anthony & Bob Armstrong - the Dirty White Boy wants to know what Jake is doing out here as he doesn’t just show up for no reason.  Jake says that it’s great to be here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling because they’re giving people who are handicapped the chance to do something.  He says that the Dirty White Boy looked fair out there in the ring, on a scale of one to ten, a soft four.  The White Boy gets a bit closer to him, whilst Bob Armstrong is between the two of them trying to prevent anything from happening.  Jake says how the Dirty White Boy is wanting him to hit him so that he can then get a lawyer onto him for slapping a blind man.  He says that Tony looked good out there as champion and he can be champion this week, next week and the week after as he would never hit someone who is physically or mentally handicapped, and if he thinks he can beat him he is definitely mentally handicapped.  He tells the White Boy if he is smart he can be champion for another year, as all he’s got to do is pat him on the back and say “Mr Roberts you’re exactly right, I know you’re a much better man than I am.”  He doesn’t want to beat him up, he wants him at 100% so there will be no excuses, but he’ll never be 100%, never has been, never will.  The Dirty White Boy tells him if he wants a match he doesn’t have to wait for this handicapped, all he’s got to do is slither his backside into the ring and he’ll give him a title shot today.  Armstrong tries to calm the White Boy down, but he doesn’t care.  Jake says that he feels really bad about that, but not as bad as he’ll feel.  Anthony tells Bob to sign the match as he’s worked hard for this title and he’ll be damned if he’s letting scum like that downgrade him and all these people.  Jake is so freaking good here and the Dirty White Boy brings the goods too.
  3. Recap of The Thrillseekers vs Well Dunn from last week
  4. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Anthony Michaels - Tracey Smothers joins them on commentary for this match
  5. INT: Randy Savage - repeat from 5/7
  6. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Bob Caudle says that it’s not going to be easy against Randy Savage.  Cornette agrees but says how Bruiser Bedlam likes challenges, as every time there was a strike that they needed to break, every time there was something going on in the picket line, every time there was someone acting up on the docks, the bosses would call in the Bruiser.  Randy Savage is Bob Armstrong’s hired gun as he can’t do his fighting anymore as long as he is Commissioner.  He tells him that all he’s got to do is resign as Commissioner and he can get back in the ring, but until then he can do nothing and just has to sit back.  Bruiser Bedlam will have Randy Savage’s number at the Volunteer Slam and he and Bob Armstrong are going to be carried out of that Knoxville Coliseum.  Maybe only then will he smarten up and resign and Cornette is sure that he could find someone to take over the Commissionership who will see things his way.
  7. Recap of the Rock & Roll Express vs Brian Lee & Chris Candido tag title change
  8. INT:  Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton saw what Brian Lee and Chris Candido did to them and how they won the titles.  People makes mistakes in their life and he made one that night, but they’re coming back for those titles as they belong to them.  He tells Candido that in their singles match next week he’s going to let him know how it feels to be dropped on your head and he doesn’t care how many fines he has to pay.
  9. Personality Profile w/ Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - Candido says how he heard Ricky Morton complaining about how they lost the titles, when the truth is he was too scared to even get in the ring with them and he ran out the back door.  Robert Gibson tried to run out the back door, but he’s so dumb he ran out the wrong curtain.  The only reason he piledrove Ricky Morton was out of self-defence as he was trying to head butt him in the groin, but he stopped it, piledrove him and almost broke his neck.  They don’t care about the $1,000 fine they got, all they care about are the SMW tag team titles.  Fytch says that she spends more than a $1,000 in a day at the mall and now she has these gold belts to make her look prettier.  She thanks Candido for winning them for her, and when Primetime interrupts and questions why she’s thanking him when he was the one who did all the damage, she tells him to shut up as that’s his job.  She tells Morton that he made the worst mistake of his life by kissing her as it cost them the SMW tag team titles and almost got him a broken neck.  If he ever thinks of coming near her again or trying to win these belts he can forget about it as they are theirs and theirs to stay.
  10. Tony Anthony vs Jake Roberts - Jake has a right old gut on him at this point. Shoulder tackle from Jake and the Dirty White Boy takes a tumble out of the ring.  Kendo the Samurai runs out and rips the White Boy’s eye patch off, but before he can do anymore damage Tracey Smothers, Bobby Blaze and Bob Armstrong all come out to stop him.  Jake takes a camera from one of the photographers at ringside and flashes the camera in the White Boy’s already injured eye.  DDT and Jake lies there for a few seconds thinking about it, before nonchalantly just putting one hand on the White Boy for the win and to become the new SMW Heavyweight champion.  I thought this was an excellent match, psychologically so strong and built around the Dirty White Boy’s injured eye which they get so much out of it.  I found the match so gripping, was totally sucked in and Jake is an absolute master at getting so much out of doing so little.
  11. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that we may have a new SMW champion but they’re going to take a look at that film and no matter what, at the Volunteer Slam the Dirty White Boy has got an immediate chance to get that title back.  The Macho Man is also going to be at the Volunteer Slam and he will be in his corner.  Jim Cornette is saying why doesn’t he step down as Commissioner?  Well how can he step down with everything like this going on and Jake the Snake pulling all these dirty tricks?  Don’t count the Dirty White Boy out just yet.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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