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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired April 30, 1994

Anderson County High School, Clinton, TN

  1. Well Dunn vs Anthony Michaels & Bobby Blaze
  2. INT:  Bob Armstrong - says that everyone knows that the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage is on his way to Knoxville for the Volunteer Slam to take care of Bruiser Bedlam, but the news he promised everyone about the Dirty White Boy’s title defence has all been signed and finalised and he will face Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts.  Armstrong believes it will be the Dirty White Boy’s toughest defence yet, and rather than just talk about Jake, they’ve got some words from him.  Jake appears to be sat at home and says let’s see how smart the people of Kentucky, Tennessee and Smoky Mountain are.  “Who was the man who dropped Andre the Giant?  Who was the man that played with Randy Savage like a toy?  Who was the man that made Rick Rude’s life miserable?  Who was the man that had Sting this close to quitting professional wrestling?  Who was the man that the WWF wouldn’t even think of putting Hulk Hogan in the ring with?  Who was the man that invented the DDT?  Who was the man who does exactly what he wants to?  The answer to those is very simple, it’s Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts.”  What he needs to know though is who the hell is the Dirty White Boy?  He said he’s the SMW Heavyweight champion.  Not for long as come May 20th that man will be Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts like it or not, and you won’t.  Mesmeric stuff from Jake, just talking in his quiet, hushed tone.  Doesn’t shout one bit and you’re hanging on every word that he says.  Back in the studio and Tony Anthony has joined them with his eye all bandaged following last week’s attack.  Bob Armstrong tells him that he knows it’s going to be a tough test but he didn’t get that title easy and Jake Roberts is a mean, mean man.  The White Boy says that Jake is one of the most evil and sickest human beings he’s ever met in his life.  It’s bad enough to go up against him with two good eyes, but he’s handicapped because he’s only got the one.  No matter what it takes, one eye, one arm, one leg, it doesn’t matter to him, he’ll be there defending this title.  They then replay the attack on him from last week.  Bob Caudle says it was a despicable act, they didn’t know what that stuff was and whether he was going to be permanently blinded or not.  The White Boy says that the doctors don’t know and he’s got to wear this bandage for a few more weeks, but he got pearl harboured by a slinty eyed, sock wearing, nothing happening geek.  He worked long and hard for this title and isn’t letting someone like him and that closet queen Daryl Van Horn get the better of him.  The Dirty White Boy doesn’t back down from anyone so bring your army on! After one interview I’m already looking forward to more of Jake and the Dirty White Boy, not so Kendo and the White Boy. 
  3. Kendo the Samurai (w/ Daryl Van Horn) vs Brian Logan
  4. INT: Daryl Van Horn & Kendo the Samurai - Van Horn says he told everyone that he was going to bring in Kendo the Samurai, that he was going to make big changes in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and his first victim was the Dirty White Boy.  He likes to huff and puff with his big baritone voice, but his corn bread and coloured greens wrestling ethic did him no good.  He thought he’d gotten through Prince Kharis, but he found out that the Van Horn Corporation is just like a hydra, if you cut off one limb, eight more will come and take its place.  Kendo the Samurai has the speed of a cat, he can’t be stopped and people are going to get hurt.  The Dirty White boy isn’t worthy of being a champion; he’s got that bald head and big bosoms that he looks like Dolly Parton without her wig on.  Kendo the Samurai is going to change wrestling and he’s going to be the next SMW Heavyweight champion, because if Jake Roberts doesn’t stop the Dirty White Boy, Kendo the Samurai surely will.
  5. Personality Profile w/ The Thrillseekers - Chris Jericho would like to thank all the fans who have been really good to them since they arrived and made them feel at home.  Lance Storm thinks they’re in Rocky Mountain Wrestling before correcting himself, and says the two of them are hoping to make their mark here in the tag team division.  Well Dunn interrupt them and say that ever since they arrived in Smoky Mountain Wrestling The Thrillseekers have been dodging them.  They haven’t been getting treated fairly, they’ve been in the WWF and all over the world and yet they get no respect.  Steven Dunn has some requests and they want music videos, big contracts, entrance music and interview time.  Everyone else is getting them and they want some of the pie.  Jericho calls them “Beavis & Butthead” and says that maybe they haven’t got these things because they haven’t been working hard enough?  Dunn says they’ve been chasing them all over SMW and if they think they don’t deserve it, any time, any place, they don’t care if it’s on TV or not, they’ll fight them, beat them and show all their stupid fans what no talent little punks they are.  The Thrillseekers accept and the match is set for next week.  Well Dunn are surprisingly good promos and Jericho was good here though I’m not too keen on the pandering to the crowd although I guess that was their role.  Lance comes across fairly uncomfortable though he’s probably not helped by getting the name of the promotion wrong with his first sentence.
  6. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that everybody’s talking about Volunteer Slam and everyone knows that Jake the Snake is coming to town to try and get the title.  He’s going to be facing a tough man and although he’s hurt, the Dirty White Boy can still get the job done.  He is going to have the best seat in the house when his man Randy Savage takes on Bruiser Bedlam, and he’s hoping that James E. sticks his nose in things because he’s open for business.
  7. Randy Savage vs Yokozuna (highlights, from WWF)
  8. INT:  Randy Savage - he’s ready, willing and able for Knoxville, TN and is flattered that Bob Armstrong chose him.  He has the same problems in the WWF that Armstrong has with him in SMW and now he’s got a guy called Bruiser Bedlam who he thinks is going to get the better of him?  The Coliseum is going to rock and roll on May 20th, ‘Bullet’ Bob is going to be real proud of him and Bruiser Bedlam will wish he was anywhere but there that night.
  9. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - when Bob Caudle tells Jim Cornette how Bob Armstrong is going to be in the Macho Man’s corner, Cornette quips that maybe he can help carry him out afterwards.  The Bullet can’t get back in the ring and can’t get his own revenge, so he tries to take a page out of his book and get this big WWF superstar.  At the Volunteer Slam there’s going to be two superstars carted out of that ring, Randy Savage and ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong.  He’s had some dealings with the Macho Man in the WWF and he didn’t much like them as he’s shell shocked and has a tendency to go off, but when he gets in the ring with the Bruiser he’s going to tackle something the likes of which he’s never seen.  The Bruiser says he comes across people like Randy Savage in Detroit and he’d bust their heads!  He’s the toughest man, he’ll fight anyone’ all these people are punks, he’ll try them all as he’s the baddest man around.  Cornette says that the Bruiser is a sadist, he enjoys pain both giving and receiving, there’s no way to stop him, no way to hurt him, his strength has no limits and at Volunteer Slam Randy Savage is going to meet his Waterloo.
  10. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says how he was watching the monitor and saw how Brian Lee was out here thinking he’s this big superstar, but he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into whilst Chris Candido would get lost in a phone booth; they’re just another tag team coming after their SMW tag team titles though.  A lot of teams have tried it, ask Jim Cornette they went through several of his, and the same thing is going to happen to them.
  11. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Tracey Smothers - Bedlam becomes the first person to kick out of the jawjacker and when Smothers goes for it a second time, with Mark Curtis’ back turned, Cornette nails him in the back with the tennis racket.  Smothers falls to the canvas and the Bruiser covers him for the win.  Bedlam applies the stomach claw to him after the match which brings out Bob Armstrong who runs down and into the ring, takes off his shirt and attacks the Bruiser.  Armstrong is getting the better of things until Cornette whacks him with his racket and then Bedlam applies the stomach claw to him.  He only breaks the hold when Smothers clocks him flush on the head with the racket for the third time.  Cornette powders Tracey and the two of them beat on Armstrong and him until The Thrillseekers make the save.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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