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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 21, 1994

Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN

  1. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton has a match against Chris Candido in the main event on today’s show, but the good thing about this match is that Brian Lee will be handcuffed in one corner and Robert Gibson in the other to prevent either from interfering.  He’s not worried about Robert, but everyone knows what Brian Lee is capable of doing before warning Candido that he’s going to drop him on his head with the piledriver.
  2. Tracey Smothers vs Chris Hamrick
  3. INT: Tracey Smothers - he tells Bruiser Bedlam that the Volunteer Slam is over and he doesn’t have to worry about Randy Savage, he has to worry about the ‘Wild Eyed Southern Boy’ and he’s taking up the crusade against Cornette’s Criminals.
  4. Bruiser Bedlam w/ Jim Cornette) vs Brian Logan
  5. INT:  Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Bob Caudle wishes that Jim Cornette could’ve been out here earlier as he thinks Tracey Smothers has Bruiser Bedlam’s number.  Cornette says that the only number he’s got is 911 because he’s going to be going to the hospital.  That was the easiest $5,000 the Bruiser ever won in his life and he’s the undefeated TV champion.  To anybody who thinks they’re big and bad, whether they are a professional wrestler, a truck driver, a bouncer, it doesn’t make any difference Bruiser Bedlam can kick your butt and is willing to at any opportunity.  ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong is so noble, he’s on a mission, he’d get in the ring and take care of Bruiser Bedlam and all of his guys, but unfortunately he can’t resign as Commissioner because so many things need to be done around here.  It makes Cornette sick to his stomach to see Bob Armstrong and Tracey Smothers on this campaign.  If Bob Armstrong wants to get in the ring just resign as Commissioner, that’s all he’s got to do, but now he’s got Tracey Smothers doing his fighting for him.  Cornette tells Smothers that he’s a hillbilly and the Bruiser says that hillbillies like to wear white shoes and have white flags so they can run fast and give up the fight.  Tracey says that ‘The Bullet’ is like a second father to him, but Cornette wonders how he knows whether he is a first father or second father?  From what he understands old man Smothers spent all his time drunk around Springfield staggering from one bar to the next, while Mrs Smothers had so many visitors to her bedroom she had to put a revolving door in the front of it.  Tracey rushes out and clubs Bedlam and Cornette.  The Bruiser pulls brass knux out of his trunks and nails Smothers which busts him open and he takes a tumble over the announcing desk.  Anthony Michaels, Chris Hamrick and Brian Logan try to help but the Bruiser sees them all off while Cornette continues to attack Smothers.  The attack only ends when Bobby Blaze and Bob Armstrong come out and Smothers is left bleeding and helpless on the floor amongst the busted announcer’s desk.  We return from a break and Tracey is being held up by Blaze and Armstrong.  He tells ‘Bullet’ Bob that this guy has got to be stopped and if he’s so big and bad why did he have to hit him with brass knux to put him down?  He’s still standing and will still be standing long after he’s gone.  He wants a ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match, that’s his match and that glove will just be like brass knux and we’ll see how Bruiser Bedlam’s blood flows.  Armstrong says that he doesn’t usually condone these kind of things, but after what just happened, he’s got that ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match anytime he wants it.  Tracey was great here and this feud is the first time I’ve really felt like Smothers is/can be the true face of the company.  It does appear that Cornette’s answer to everything is a gimmick match of some sort, and after the Dirty White Boy winning the title in a Chain match and now another Coal Miner’s Glove match, it’s all a tad repetitive.
  6. Recap of Dirty White Boy and Jake Roberts from last week
  7. INT:  Tony Anthony - Bob Caudle says that he felt the Dirty White Boy was at a disadvantage from the opening bell with that eye.  “Maybe, maybe not” but the White Boy isn’t making any excuses.  Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts did what he wanted to do, he wanted to get under his skin, he wanted to make him mad and that cost him the SMW Heavyweight title.  He’s been in the back talking to Bob Armstrong and there is going to be a rematch whether he likes it or not.  These big city boys go all over the world and think they can fool these country boys.  Maybe they can once because they give them the benefit of the doubt, but it will never happen again as it’s time to get mean and nasty.  They’ve got snakes running around the hills in East Tennessee and the way the country boys take care of them is by taking a 12 gauge shotgun and blowing their heads off.  Jake the Snake get ready because he’s coming snake hunting.
  8. INT: Daryl Van Horn & Kendo the Samurai - Van Horn says the Dirty White Boy had no idea what he was doing when he got involved in his concerns, when he came out on television and made fun of the ancient Egyptian invocations.  He then completed the ultimate act of blasphemy by laying his hands on him, but he got a wakeup call at the hands of Kendo the Samurai; the most dangerous man in the history of wrestling, feared by the Yakuza themselves and master of many nerve holds.  He tells the White Boy that the title is of no importance to them anymore, it’s all about paying your dues.  When he touched him he made the biggest mistake of his career, and if he thinks Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts is an evil man he obviously doesn’t know Daryl Van Horn.
  9. Personality Profile w/ Jake Roberts - Les Thatcher wonders where the SMW Heavyweight belt is?  Jake Roberts has never had to wrap a belt around his waist as the people know he’s the best, so why should he carry a piece of metal with him?  There’s no need to bring it out here as there’s no-one that can beat him for it anyway.  He wants to clear the air of a few things though.  He was accused of trying to blind Tony Anthony with a camera, he just wanted to get the last picture of the champion, that’s all.  It’s come to light that he’s gained a bit of weight, well when you have victory meals every night you do gain a bit of weight.  He then says as the new champion of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, it’s his privilege to do something for these…to do something.  If Donnie Ellison had a race car that went around the track at 200mph, won every race that year and then next year came out with a new model with wing designs and far more horse power he’d retire that car, it would be the humane thing to do.  If a bull had sired a million calves and was no longer up to the job you’d retire him, it would be the humane thing to do.  If a woman can no longer have children they give her a hysterectomy, it’s the humane thing to do.  He’s got people working 24 hours a day for his fans as he’s going to give one of those sleeping masks to everyone, as when he and Tony meet again, it’s the humane thing to do not to let them see it.  He tell the Dirty White Boy don’t be foolish, he’s had his fun, it’s over.  Another very good promo, although it was a bit weird to hear some of the fans cheers Jake at times in this as well.
  10. The Thrillseekers vs Killer Kyle & Brimstone the Inferno (jip)
  11. INT: Well Dunn - Steven Dunn says that they came out a few weeks ago with some legitimate grievances as all they want is a little respect around here.  The Thrillseekers mouthed off a little too often so they left them laying in the ring.  They may not have got their respect but they got their attention and they’re going to get the gold, the videos, the limos and everything.  It doesn’t matter who they’ve got to run through to get them and if they have to start with The Thrillseekers that’s good enough for them.
  12. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - dressing room interview.  Tammy says that Ricky Morton wants his revenge against Chris Candido, well he’s got his match.  It doesn’t matter than Brian is handcuffed to the ring post as Chris doesn’t need his help and he’s going to piledrive him one more time, and this time he’ll fix him for good.
  13. Chris Candido (w/ Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch) vs Ricky Morton (w/ Robert Gibson) - Lee and Gibson are handcuffed to the ring posts in the corner of their respective partners.  With Morton in control, Tammy uses a hairclip or something to pick the lock and uncuff Brian Lee.  He then attacks Morton and when Mark Curtis goes to try and unlock Gibson, Fytch grabs him to prevent him from doing so.  The two of them double team Ricky and just before they’re about to spike piledrive him, Curtis finally manages to release Robert who makes the save and prevents it from happening.
  14. INT: Bob Armstrong & Rock & Roll Express - Armstrong says that he hates the piledriver worse than any hold because it can injure someone permanently and it’s put a lot of good wrestlers out of professional wrestling, but he recognises that the Rock & Roll Express have the right to fight fire with fire.  What he will do is sign the ‘Piledriver’ match, in which the participants can use the piledriver and will also put the belts up, but he can’t sanction it.  Ricky Morton says he knows how dangerous the piledriver can be, but Brian Lee and Chris Candido stole their belts from them and they’re coming after them in this ‘Piledriver’ match.  Pinfalls don’t count and whomever gets piledriven, the other team wins.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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