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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired June 4, 1994

Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN

  1. Rock & Roll Express vs Killer Kyle & James Atkins
  2. INT: Tammy Fytch - she’s called a press conference to answer some of the controversies that have come up recently.  There have been some questions as to who is the ‘boss’ in the team of Brian Lee & Chris Candido is?  Obviously this has come from the male media as everyone knows that when a woman is involved the woman is in charge because women, unlike men, are born leaders.  She calls the shots for the tag team champions, but occasionally she’ll let Brian and Chris think it was their idea just to keep them happy.  There has been some concern as to whether there is a conflict between Chris and Brian?  Obviously the people who are asking these questions have never attended a business class like she has, because anyone who has half a brain should know, all CEO’s of major companies keep competitiveness between their employees to increase productivity.  Brian and Chris may argue once in a while, but that’s just to impress her as they both want to do the best they can for her.  As far as the ‘Piledriver’ match that Bob Armstrong has forced them into, she thinks that it’s ridiculous.  Not only are Smoky Mountain Wrestling trying to make them lose the belts, but they are trying to hurt them as well.  When Chris Candido used the piledriver on Ricky Morton it was in self-defence, he didn’t want to do it, he just had to in order to save his life.  She knows that the Rock & Rolls can’t beat them in a regular match but they may be able to piledrive them, so she doesn’t care what it takes, they’re going to make sure that they piledrive them first.  It’s amazing how far Tammy has come in just over a year and she looks fantastic here.
  3. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam vs Randy Savage from Volunteer Slam
  4. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam & Dory Funk Jr. - Cornette says Bob Armstrong is telling his same tale of sorrow, but they proved at the Volunteer Slam that bad things are going to happen to him, his friends and everyone that is associated with him until he wisens up.  Bob Armstrong says he can’t get back in the ring to face the Bruiser because he doesn’t want to resign the Commissionership and have it fall into enemy hands again.  Cornette says that the Commissionership is going and it’s going to fall back in his hands one way or another, so he may as well give it up and make it easy for himself.  Dory almost sends the viewers to sleep talking about the Armstrong boys and how they need to stay away Terry and him.  Cornette then says that blood is thicker than water and that they’re going to see a lot of the Armstrong’s blood before this is over, because with the Funk family and Bruiser Bedlam by his side, Bob Armstrong isn’t going to run Smoky Mountain Wrestling for very long.
  5. INT:  Bob Armstrong - he knows Jim Cornette and his men are trying to goad him into leaving the Commissioner’s chair but that happened once before and he almost ruined Smoky Mountain Wrestling. So he’s not going to let it happen again.  As much as he wants to get his hands on Cornette and his cronies, he’s just not going to do that and he’s got something in the back of his mind.  Armstrong’s Army still lives, the Armstrong family numbers a few and if he needs help he just has to call for it, he doesn’t have to pay for it like Jim Cornette does.  He has friends, his Mama doesn’t have to pay for them and when he asks his friends for help, the Army will be right by his side.  He will not resign from the Commissioner’s chair and Jim Cornette can count on that.
  6. INT: Tracey Smothers - says that it’s one thing to win a wrestling match, it’s another thing to down your family, but when you pull brass knux out and try to kill him, that’s a heavy deal.  There’s no doubt Bruiser Bedlam is a big, bad, strong man, but how come he had to use brass knux to put him down?  He’s got a ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match coming up against him and that’s ‘his’ match.  He knows he can climb better than him, is quicker than him and if he gets the chance he’ll knock him into the next area code. 
  7. Well Dunn vs Anthony Michaels & Brian Logan
  8. The Thrillseekers music video - Van Halen ‘Top of the World’
  9. Les Thatcher’s ‘History of Pro Wrestling in Knoxville’ - to promote SMW’s Night of Legends show on August 5.  Fascinating little segment with old photos, clippings and footage and is much better than Personality Profile.
  10. Recap of Jake Roberts vs Tony Anthony from Volunteer Slam
  11. INT:  Tony Anthony - another man has put their hands on his old lady and Jake Roberts has no idea what’s going through his mind when he sees him drop his wife on her head.  Jake can beat on him all night long it doesn’t matter because he can take it, but he messed with his old lady.  When they said their vows, for better or for worse, it wasn’t supposed to be anything like this, it’s like he’s taken something from him.  The White Girl has said that she forgives him “Don’t worry about it,” but he can’t even look his wife in the eye.  Yes she’s forgave him, but he can’t forgive himself.  Very different than what you would normally expect from an angry and upset Dirty White Boy.  No ranting or raving, very similar in a way to a Jake Roberts interview, speaking quietly and softly and troubled that he wasn’t able to protect his wife.
  12. INT: Jake Roberts - he didn’t get a chance to listen to the Dirty White Boy’s interview as some of the other wrestlers in the back were wanting his autograph and pictures with him.  He tried to accommodate most, but he’s never liked that Rock & Roll Express and is not going to take pictures with them no matter what they offer him!  Jake says that when a child comes into this world does he know how to eat, how to fight, how to lie or how to steal?  It’s the parents who teach them what to be, “Thanks Dad!”  So whatever he has done is not his fault (Bob Caudle starts shaking his head and going “Oh Jake!”), it’s all because of outside impacts, of other people making the mistakes and “Tony” made the mistake of getting in the ring with him.  Whatever he has to do, be it taking his belt or abusing something that he holds on to at night, he’ll do.  He’ll hurt them, keep them, use them and when he’s through using them he’ll spit them out. 
  13. Kendo the Samurai vs Chris Hamrick - Tony Anthony joins them on commentary 
  14. Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Bobby Blaze & Mike Furnas - Candido & Lee get the win and after the match spike piledrive Blaze.  They try to do the same to Furnas, but just before they can the Rock & Roll Express run out for the save.  The Express attempt to piledrive first Candido and then Lee, but without success both times).

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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