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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired September 24, 1994

  1. Clips of The Gangstas and Rock & Roll Express parking lot brawl
  2. The Gangstas vs Brian Logan & Anthony Michaels
  3. INT: The Gangstas - Bob Caudle says that whatever way you look at it, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are not going to be pushovers.  New Jack says did the Rock & Roll Express think they were soft?  That they were easy?  That maybe they were cotton pickers?  Wrong!  Maybe they thought they had some homegrown Negroes?  Wrong!  Maybe they thought they would do to them what they’ve done to everybody else?  Now they’re in for a fight, the fight of their lives and these folk better get a last look at the Rock & Roll Express because next time they get hold of them they’re going to hurt them.  He doesn’t care what it takes or what he has to bring to the ring; he wants to hear some bones breaking, some eyes being pulled out of their heads and some teeth being knocked out.  He’s not coming here to play, he’s coming here to get paid, but most of all he’s coming to put an end to a myth that Rock & Roll was created by some Caucasian with a guitar on a hill in Kentucky.  Wrong, they created it, they just let them borrow it for a little while.  They’re going to borrow the Rock & Roll Express and beat them like their slave owning ancestors used to beat them.  They should kiss their ugly kids goodbye, smack their fat wives and get ready, because when they get them they’re going to know they’ve been got! Real good interview and Mustafa looks proper menacing for a change just carrying a noose and swinging it back and forth.
  4. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette whipping the Dirty White Boy from last week
  5. INT: Tony Anthony - says he’s never been so humiliated in his life, and last time he got a whipping with a belt his momma did it.  Jim Cornette has been whining and crying saying how he’s never had the SMW Heavyweight champion in his stable, well don’t expect that to change anytime soon.  Bruiser Bedlam wants a shot at his belt and that’s fine with him, but there’s a stipulation that goes along with the match.  If Bedlam beats him, then he will be handcuffed to one of the turnbuckles and he can whip him ten times with the leather strap.  However if he beats him Bedlam, then Bruiser and Cornette will both get handcuffed to the turnbuckle and each will receive five licks with the strap.  He says that Cornette can get out of the whipping just by saying the words “I Quit”, but if he says “I Quit”, then he’s got to leave the Smoky Mountain area and can never step foot in it again.  If he wants that title shot for Bruiser Bedlam those are the stipulations, take it or leave it!
  6. Recap of Chris Candido & Boo Bradley vs Lance Storm & Brian Lee from last week
  7. Lance Storm vs Boo Bradley (w/ Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch) - Storm with a dropkick off the top rope but Candido climbs up on the apron and Lance goes over and decks him.  Brian Lee comes out to get to Candido and the two of them start fighting at ringside.  Fytch jumps up on the apron distracting Mark Curtis and this enables Bradley to grab the chain which he clocks Storm with to become the new TV champion.  Candido and Bradley then double team Lee and start beating on him with the chain.  Brian Logan comes out to try and help Primetime but Candido nails him with a piledriver.  The beating only ends when Storm eventually comes round and saves Lee from taking any more punishment.
  8. INT: Rock & Roll Express - dressing room interview.  The interview opens by replaying The Gangstas and Rock & Roll Express match and brawl from Johnson City.  Ricky Morton says that The Gangstas came into Smoky Mountain Wrestling and said that they’ve beaten every tag team across the United States but they’ve never wrestled the Rock & Roll Express.  Every time they’ve met The Gangstas they’ve beat them in the ring, but they’ve said they know we can beat them wrestling, but we can’t beat them fighting.  They proved in Johnson City that they’re just like they are, that they can throw the rulebook out the window and The Gangstas have started something that they’re going to finish.  The Gangstas have come into Smoky Mountain Wrestling with no respect and they guarantee that when they get through with them they’ll have more than respect for the Rock & Roll Express.  Robert Gibson is just sat there and doesn’t say a thing.  At one point the camera even zooms in on Ricky as though it is ‘his’ feud and not ‘theirs’.
  9. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Jim Cornette’s got a lot of problems!  The Gangstas still won’t talk with either himself or Tammy Fytch about the upcoming ‘Rage in the Cage’ match at Apple Brawl ’94 and they don’t want to be associated with any of them.  The only thing that he likes about them is that they want to get rid of the Rock & Roll Express, but he doesn’t know how they will work together and it looks like they’ll have to wait for Paintsville to see.  He’s got a match today with Killer Kyle against Bob Armstrong and he’s going to reveal to the people that he’s more of a man than they realise.  He’s going to unleash his big arms, his massive chest and his powerful abdominals and he’s going to teach Bob Armstrong a lesson, you can be sure of that!  The worst thing on his mind though is the stinking, filthy Dirty White Boy and this ‘Whipping’ match.  The White Boy has gone to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, buttered up whomever this mystery Commissioner is and got this match signed where if Bruiser Bedlam loses, the Dirty White Boy gets to handcuff both himself and the Bruiser to the turnbuckle and whip them five times apiece with a leather strap.  Bedlam says that’s not going to happen, before Cornette quips “is this Singapore?”  He tells the White Boy that he’s going to do something about this and something bad is going to happen to him before they get to the ‘Whipping’ match because he can’t take five lashes from that “big, fat, no good redneck.”
  10. INT: Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch & Boo Bradley - Candido is very happy as not only did Boo Bradley avenge his loss to Lance Storm, but he’s also now the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder.  He got some revenge on Brian Lee by choking him out with the chain, and whomever that other guy was (Brian Logan) who wanted to get in his and Tammy’s way, he piledrove him through the mat.  He’s the greatest wrestler in SMW!  At this point they are joined by Bob Armstrong who is here to deliver a message from the new Commissioner.  He says that Chris Candido violated the most basic rule in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, he piledrove a man and could’ve finished his career.  The new Commissioner is a man who likes to put his foot down, doesn’t like people who break the rules, and as a result has suspended Candido for four weeks as of now.  They’re not happy anymore and Tammy says that this isn’t going to happen and she’s going to call her lawyers.
  11. Handicap Match: Bob Armstrong vs Killer Kyle & Jim Cornette - Cornette comes out to ringside with his arm in a sling and his neck in a brace.  Bob Caudle smells a rat as Cornette was only just out here talking to them and there was nothing wrong with him then.  Cornette gets on the mic and says he’s got the worst luck in the world.  He wanted to have this match real bad so he could beat up Bob Armstrong, but when he went back to put on his wrestling tights he slipped, fell down the stairs and hurt his whole body.  He should be in hospital right now, but he came out wracked with pain and misery just so he could see Killer Kyle take Armstrong out.  Not long into the match Cornette takes off the sling and brace and gets involved, although for some reason Mark Curtis calls for the bell and the DQ (wasn’t this a handicap match anyway?).  The Bullet holds his own against the two of them until Bruiser Bedlam comes out and they triple team him.  The Dirty White Boy carrying the leather strap makes the save and he even gets a few shots in on FITE before the three of them get out of there.
  12. INT: Bob Armstrong & Tony Anthony - Armstrong says that it seems Jim Cornette is full of surprises this week, but he’ll have one of his own next week and he’s not going to like it one bit.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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