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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired October 15, 1994

  1. Tracey Smothers vs George South
  2. INT:  Tracey Smothers - Jim Ross says that this week we’ll be seeing the wrestling debut of Bryant Anderson and he wonders what this problem is that they had when Bryant was in college.  Tracey says that he’s just like his father, a great athlete but with a bad attitude.  Bryant thought he knew all there is too know about wrestling, but he went down there, worked out with him and showed him that he didn’t.  He hasn’t forgotten that and has now come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling looking for him.  Any time he wants some of him they can get in the ring and see who the better man is.
  3. Handheld footage of Ricky Morton in the dressing room from after last week’s show being tended to by Robert Gibson, Tracey Smothers and Mark Curtis.  He’s dazed and beaten after being attacked by three men on his way to the arena and while not sure, he thinks one of them was from The Gangstas posse.
  4. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that ever since The Gangstas arrived in Smoky Mountain Wrestling all they’ve talked about is the Rock & Roll Express and getting their hands on the SMW tag team titles.  When The Gangstas first appeared they came to the ring using blackjacks, they got them in a match where they beat them and then they used blackjacks, and when on the way to the arena last week he was jumped from behind but got too see what it was, he got hit across the back of the head with a blackjack.  He tells The Gangstas that they better start looking under their beds and behind the shower curtain to make sure they’re not there as they’re coming to get them and that’s a promise.
  5. The Gangstas (w/ D-Lo Brown) vs Sean Casey & Brian Logan
  6. INT:  The Gangstas & D-Lo Brown - Jim Ross asks The Gangstas if they had anything to do with what happened to Ricky Morton recently?  New Jack says that somebody called him up and told him that Ricky had got beaten up at the side of the highway but he was at home asleep.  The police did come to his house and question him like they always do but he had nothing to do with it.  He tells Ricky not to blame himself getting drunk and hitting his head on a table in some nightclub in Memphis on him and Mustafa as they didn’t do anything to him.  They told these red neck, hillbilly, Uncle Tom, Negro sellouts that they would get the job done and now look who’s the tag team champions.  He doesn’t care if they like it or not but they’re here to stay.  Great stuff here and in the previous Rock & Roll Express interview but it really feels like a Ricky Morton vs New Jack feud with Robert and Mustafa just along for the ride.
  7. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam vs Tony Anthony where Cornette and the Bruiser handcuffed and whipped the Dirty White Boy
  8. INT: Tony Anthony - says that was probably the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him on nationwide TV.  He’s been able to get a bit of revenge on Bruiser Bedlam these past few weeks but as of yet, he hasn’t been able to get his hands on Jim Cornette.  He went to the promoters and talked to the Commissioners, explained the situation and said that he needs to humiliate Jim Cornette on television just like he did to him.  As a result, on next week’s show there will be a ‘Whipping’ match between him and Bruiser Bedlam and as per previous matches, if Bedlam wins he gets to whip him ten times with the leather strap, but if he wins, it’s five lashes for the Bruiser and five for Cornette.  He also says that he a surprise in store for Cornette next week.
  9. Confrontation w/ Jim Cornette & Bob Armstrong - Confrontation is hosted by Jim Ross and appears to be a replacement for Personality Profile which was an almighty letdown after Down & Dirty w/ Dutch.  Cornette wants Armstrong to promise that he’s not going to hit him, but Ross tells him that he’s got nothing to worry about as ‘The Bullet’ is a man of his word, it’s just a shame he can’t say the same about him.  Armstrong says that a while ago he gave up the Commissionership as he figured he had a job to do, but now he figures he’s just about got that job done.  At Night of Legends and Fire on the Mountain his team beat Jim Cornette’s, a team that consisted of two former World champions and the strongest wrestler in the world, he busted up his Union and even got his hands on Cornette himself.  He’s done all he had to do, and as of 12/1 he will once again be the Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Cornette says what do you mean “again?”  He’s still the Commissioner, he just can’t get any proof and doesn’t believe this hokey story about a new Commissioner.  It’s a con job!  He tells him that he can’t do it as he’s finally got the man who can beat him (not again!), he couldn’t get him until now but he’s got to give him one last shot.  Bob says that there is a new Commissioner, and no matter Cornette may say he’s not the Commissioner, he’s just upset because he hasn’t been able to find out who it is.  Whether he likes it or not, as of 12/1 he will be the Commissioner once again.  Cornette is desperate at this point and tells Armstrong if he gives him one more shot before 12/1 to get rid of him he’ll agree never to challenge him or darken the Armstrong doors again, all he wants is one more chance.  If his man wins then he will have to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling for good, no returning under a mask as The Bullet, no hokey stuff with the Board of Directors and he’ll do anything if he gives him one more chance to get rid of him.  Armstrong thinks about it for a bit and says does he remember back in February when he bought Terry Funk in to face him in a Texas Death match and if he lost he had to crawl across the ring and kiss Cornette’s feet?  Well if he gives him this match, and he wins, he wants Cornette to crawl across the ring and kiss his feet.  Cornette reluctantly agrees and the match is set for Thanksgiving Thunder.  Will this feud ever die?  It feels like I have seen this all before, time and time again.  Why is Armstrong agreeing to this?  Does he not remember when he is faced mystery opponents in the past (see ‘the Ninja’)?  Does he not remember when he faced people Cornette bought in (see Terry Funk and Dick Murdoch)?  Why is he agreeing to Cornette’s stipulations when all he gets in return is Cornette kissing his feet?  Is he Mel Phillips in disguise?  I have so much apathy for this feud it’s beyond true.
  10. INT: Ole & Bryant Anderson - Ole wants everyone to understand that his son Bryant is going to carry on the Anderson legacy; he’s an athlete, no music, no fancy robes, he just does one thing better than everyone else and that’s wrestle.  Bryant says that wrestling is one of the toughest sports there is, he doesn’t go out in the ring and punch, kick and scratch, he doesn’t dance around like a trained monkey, he gets in there and wrestles.  He wrestles with holds, with skill and with his head and everybody is about to see what wrestling is all about.  Ole then warns Tracey Smothers that Bryant is a man now and start thinking what it’s going to be like when the Anderson’s come after him. 
  11. Bryant Anderson (w/ Ole Anderson) vs Steve Skyfire
  12. INT: Lance Storm & Brian Lee - they’re looking forward to Chris Candido’s suspension being up, as when it is they get to face him and Boo Bradley in some tag team matches 
  13. Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Scott Studd (Cactus Jack comes out to ringside and starts talking to Boo, although this distraction leads to Studd rolling him up from behind and becoming the new TV champion.  Fytch starts berating and slapping Boo after the match as he cowers in the corner. 
  14. INT: Cactus Jack - says he didn’t come here to cause any problems, he came here for one reason, a mission of mercy, because in Boo Bradley he senses a kindred spirit.  He senses that maybe he’s not being treated so well and Cactus Jack knows what it’s like to be mistreated and he knows what it’s like to be slapped around.  For all the times he dove off ring aprons and had what’s left of his brain splattered on the concrete floor, the most difficult move he ever made in his life was to stand up to scum like Kevin Sullivan and say he won’t take it.  Yes it was difficult, but Boo Bradley can stand up too, he doesn’t have to take it and he’s a man on a mission in Smoky Mountain Wrestling to help him.  Good interview and a bit of a shock to see Cactus just stroll out and turn up in SMW.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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