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[2015-06-26-WWE-Superstars] Cesaro vs. Luke Harper

Chess Knight

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I'm not used to Cesaro getting to play underneath and use hope spots in an attempt to catch out a larger opponent who'll kill his momentum with a boot to the face, so this was especially a treat. Watching Harper on top in WWE makes me wish very badly we got him in the 00s facing all of your babyface tv workhorses like Mysterio, Matt Hardy, Christian, Eddie Guerrero. It's a lot easier to buy any given cut off on a guy Cesaro's size when the opponent delivers such a nasty knee to the face to shut him down. Cesaro getting shine in at the beginning was pretty great to see too and I like how many mini-uppercuts he had in the bank to use. Unfortunately the finish stunk. Cesaro basically shrugged off Harper's awesome headscissor takedown/superkick combo to awkwardly flop a weird pinning combination that didn't look like it should work at the best of times because of how long it took to set up. Well worth the time, still.


edit - Cesaro really did have like the worst entrance theme ever at this time god

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