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  2. I like a lot of the 'brawl-ier' early ROH and would recommend that stuff too: Homicide/Corino, Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 8/16/03 Joe/Jay Briscoe (cage), At Our Best 3/13/04 Styles/Rave (street fight), Homecoming 7/23/05 100th Show (4/22/06) 6-man tag - I actually liked this a little more than Cage of Death on last watch, but yeah that's a must-watch as well.
  3. I loved this Unified match and haven't seen it years, but I'd be optimistic about it holding up to some degree, unlike the hour long stuff (except for Joe at FOTC, pretty sure that's still awesome). Funnily, I was going to mention that I never liked Danielson/KENTA. I'd called it well worked, and ***1/4 is probably what I'd give it (even though I don't rate) but for the life of me I could never really enjoy it or consider it remotely close to a MOTYC.
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  5. Maybe it was because of how unhappy he was vis a vis where the company was going, but man Misawa seemed to just not want to even be there. His offense still looks good when unmotivated but just running through the move set paint-by-numbers is kind of dire to watch. Was pretty disinterested during this as a whole. I really like peak Honda so I look forward to every chance I get to see him but he didn't impress me here either. I'd love to be the guy who got hit with flowers thrown by Takayama, if only to have the story to tell.
  6. I think even more highly of this now than I used to. Tajiri is near-otherworldly in being a little scumfuck bastard. Sliding the chair across the table didn't even work the first time so he had little reason to try it again, but he seemed to do it just to amuse himself and maybe get an audience member in the forehead. There were barely any moves used in the half of the vid but I don't know if a single one of them could have been taken out without losing something, right down to Crazy repeatedly punching Tajiri on the table to make sure he stays down. I forgot how great the finish was, total last minute desperation from Crazy after taking the mist. I could probably watch this a half dozen more times right now and not get fed up of it.
  7. I haven't got a whole lot to add because this thread got a fair bit of activity and I agree with most of it, but this match has me buzzing so I can't keep my mouth totally shut. Satanico is my favourite wrestler in the world so far in 2000, despite this only being the second match I've seen him in through all of January. It changes when TNN airs that Meixcan death match and Tajiri rules eight planets, but still Satanico's been so excellent both trios and I can't name anybody thus far who's come close to drawing me in like he has. Comes as off as violent on a whole 'nother level; his delivery of every pretty much every move is sublime and I don't care how much we all know that already. It surprises me every time, like those headbutts at the end just look so goooooooood. Big shout out to the bit where Antifaz just ran into the ring to confront all three guys because he was just so utterly and purely fed up of it all. Going off of raw emotion.
  8. Kawada's selling just made this for me, such a goddamn maestro of putting over moves, drunkenly stumbling, grimacing his face, threatening to pass out on a sleeper, etc. He really just gave a shit about every move, y'know? The fighting spirit stuff I usually can't stand but I tend to make exceptions for those moments where a guy pops up, hits one big move, and falls flat down in exhaustion/pain right away. Buuuuut doing it like ten time in a few minutes wares on me super quick. Kobashi getting dropped on his head was massively unnecessary too, especially at the beginning of the match. I loved that little failed kick + near-collapse Kawada did right at the end, like that was the signal that that was truly it - he had nothing left on this night, time to pack it up. I liked this, I did, but it's hard not to feel some sort of upsetting feeling watching this kind of thing knowing what All Japan was a few years earlier.
  9. This was like a fever dream but instead of seeing a zebra dive into a pool of skittles or some shit you see some wrestler you don't remember the name of fall flat on her ass and then bring in some broom handle thing. A light tube? A kendo stick? I dunno, by the time I moved in to have a closer look she'd thrown it away because I guess she figured it wasn't useful enough despite having laid out Aja Kong. The match was almost too much of a mess to be an accident, it had to mathematically perfected to be as convoluted and hard-to-follow as possible. It was a big pile of shit as far as quality goes but I'd recommend it just to have the experience.
  10. I don't like Horowtiz as the tough guy heel, I find him about 0% threatening and it's not like he stooged here to make up for it. There were a few really awkward moments in this where it looked like neither had had even gotten into a ring before and weren't sure how to react to the other's position. The failed crucifix was funny, but Silver King jumping outside to nothing was just sad as hell. I thought this was honestly kind of terrible.
  11. I went through some young Styles a while ago and was really impressed by his bumping that early into his career. This didn't change my mind, he went all in throwing himself back and bouncing off of the floor. His rib selling was really quite good too, he was convincing and the handicap was a clear hindrance for most of everything he tried. His offense was another story, it was pretty awkward when he wasn't flying, and he didn't seem to know how to even capitalise on chances to go at it, even before the ribs came in. Like that time where he back-flipped from the turnbuckle and landed behind *scrolls up* Jesse Taylor but then just kind of limply punches *scrolls up again to see if it isn't actually 'Tyler'* Taylor was deflating. Thought Taylor was solid too, most notably to me he flew RIGHT into that turnbuckle on an Irish whip. Match was a'ight.
  12. Chess Knight

    [2000-01-15-NWA Southwest] Necro Butcher vs Biohazard

    This is my first time watching early Necro, weird seeing him more cartoon-y with the Marilyn Manson-ish face, rather than looking like a homeless guy who just fell out of building in NYC and landed next to you on the sidewalk. I really liked the dichotomy of the hardcore face, and the heel who was adamant about sticking to wrestling. That is until he got a taste of Necro on offense (the somersault plancha looked awesome because of how it was, like, not really a somersault) and then became all too quick to use the chair and go grab Necro’s own bat wrapped in light bulbs. Necro’s early selling reminded me of Andre a bit, like when he was clubbed and bounced back onto the ropes. There was way too much usage of the chair for such a short period of time here, like a shot to the head was treated like a clothesline at times, but without that I thought they balanced the weapons decently in the short time they had. Fun plunder brawl.
  13. Was a big mess thanks to some shit going down in the stands (stands…concrete floor….whatever) distracting the audience and Prodigy just not being any good (there’s no way anybody taught him that’s how you do a missile dropkick) but I had fun with it. Tajiri was his usual Tajiri self in personality and bonus points for chucking candy or whatever in the air just as signal he’s having fun. Like I said Prodigy wasn’t good but him being here was worth it just for when he punched Crazy while Crazy was in the tarantula and some fan went “you’re a little BITCH,” following with “FUCK HIM UP!!” directed at anybody who would take Prodigy out. Like he was genuinely disgusted somebody would do that. It actually got a laugh out of me and you know what I’m gonna go find it again.
  14. Chess Knight

    [2000-01-14-ECW-TNN] Super Crazy vs Little Guido

    I value this kind of thing so much. Even when it sucks (this did not suck) I get a great look at two wrestlers involved doing their thing for 5 or so minutes (damn commercial break). This kind of match where I get to see two wrestlers got on the offensive, sell short-term, sell long-term, one plays face, one plays heel, one deals with manager, one deals with audience is monstrously important to how I judge a wrestler. These two here packed so much into such a fast-paced match, and for the most part I think they did a great job of not really overdoing it. E.g. I loved when Guido got his knees up for the split-legged moonsault but was still suffering from the previous moonsault. The match not ending after the DDT on the chair, or at least the Big Sal spot right after it, was some dumb shit but whatever I suppose, match had like two more spots to go. Guido seriously went in on the DDT. You get a perfect camera angle of his head landing and I grimaced a little at it.
  15. Two hateful awesome trios matches on the same show. Guerrero and Bucanero have never been favourites of mine but surprise surprise, pair them with Satanico and I'm all in on dickhead trio greatness. Bucanero holding Tarzan Boy by the hair while he still tries to swing at a cautious but cocky Satanico but was completely great. Los Infernales work pretty tremendously as a team, I really get the impression any opponent who stands near doesn't have a chance of getting anywhere. They're fans of doing move-after-move-after-move and not giving a breath to who they're mauling. Case in point when Tarzan Boy got in the ring and thought he could do a whole "bring it!" thing to Guerrero and Satanico right before Bucanero launches at him with a dropkick from the side. Stoopid Tarzan man, pay attention. Satanico is unfathomable at making the mundane look incredible. He yanked Tarzan's hair from outside (pulling Tarzan out to the floor in the process) and you could see his muscles tensing up and his face contorting. I mean I imagine that would have actually just hurt Tarzan too but it looked worse than it was, I'm sure. I was really surprised by how long los Infernales had the match for. Wasn't super impressed with the beginning of the tecnico comeback (Guerrero and Bucanero just, like, stood there so Satanico could get dived on) but the meat of it was a lot of fun. Tarzan kicking Satanico while prone on the floor was awesome and of course Satanico sells it excellently because Satanico. Sometimes I really begin to wonder if the only reason I don't call him the #1 all time best is because I've never compiled a list of footage of his to watch a big heap. And we'd be missing an unfortunately large amount.