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[2002-10-31-WWE-Smackdown] Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio

Chess Knight

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I love this match so much. 4 minutes of basically perfect Tom & Jerry wrestling. Rey looked as spry as ever, and despite being able to dodge around Lesnar like a bug - and there being an actual moment where he narrowly avoids getting stepped on LIKE a bug - he stills throws his offense around enough for us buy him taking Lesnar by surprise. You see a match like this and think they probably shouldn't squeeze even a tiny slice of comedy into it without it becoming stupid, but Rey sprinting around everywhere, including under the ring, leading Lesnar to get lost and kicking the steps in anger like a rabid bulldog always gets me. Lesnar swinging Rey against the ring post actually sounded gross, like the ring post gave Rey a WALTER chop or something. I'd have to play-by-play this thing move for move to describe every good moment in it. The non finish might be seen as disappointing, but considering what the non finish actually IS, I am alllll for it, and no I won't say it because that would spoil the fun. Again it's maybe 4 minutes long, but I think it's still a really overlooked little match. 

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