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[2002-01-06-ARSION] Mariko Yoshida vs Rie Tamada

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This was JIP, but it was a chance to see one of the best workers in the world practicing her craft. Rie Tamada was a tough lady, but she was basically putty in Yoshida's hands. It's a damn shame that Yoshida was practicing a dying craft at this stage, but she spent some time on the mat. The Joshi style stuff wasn't bad either, to be fair, and I dug Yoshida's punches, but you really want 1999 Yoshida to continue forever. It doesn't, and the scene is shittier for it. I wish Yoshida had worked some JWP dates instead of floundering about in ARSION. That would have been the perfect promotion for her in 2002. There's no way Yoshida vs. Ran Yu Yu wouldn't have ruled in 2002. I shouldn't be complaining too much. At least we got to see this, and at least it was halfway decent. 

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