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[2002-01-18-Tijuana] Rey Mysterio Jr & Vampiro & El Hijo del Santo vs Charlie Manson & El Hijo del Diablo & Pentagon

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This was a Bob Barnett handheld. Rey Mysterio looks like such a knob in this match. Can you imagine what his career would have been like if he'd never gone to the WWE? Jeez, talk about a different narrative. My boy, Vampiro, tries working some holds with Charlie Manson. I fucking love everything Vampiro does. Rey and Santo get their shit in, and this is very much house show lucha. Still, it's not every day you get to see Santo work from ringside. His signature stuff looks pretty, and we get a really cool view of his corner tope. The rudos make their comeback and the match descends into a brawl (with Barnett doing his best to capture everything that's happening at ringside.) Santo & Rey bring back their tandem dive spot from AAA, and the match ends in a messy disqualification. At least one of the rudos had the good sense to rip open Mysterio's fishnet top. Not a lot to see here, really, outside of the usual signature spots. Santo teaming with Rey again was something, I suppose. 

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