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[2003-02-07-CMLL] Shocker vs Ultimo Guerrero

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Man, this was a great mano a mano. You look at the match length and you figure it will be a disappointment, but the thing they did here that really set them apart from their contemporaries was to work incredibly stiff with each other. Both guys dished out some great looking shots, and their intensity never let up. Shocker was 1000% dialed in. Ultimo brought just enough matwork to make me happy by tying Shocker in knots, and they worked a dramatic tercera that wouldn't have looked out of place in a higher stakes bout. Really cool finish, apeshit crowd, and some killer promos afterward. As a piece of business, this had it all. There's no doubt that these two guys are the best workers in CMLL, and their rivalry matches AJ Styles vs. Low Ki and Benoit vs. Angle for the best in wrestling. Not only that, but there's a return match to look forward to. 

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