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[2022-02-23-Pro Wrestling NOAH - Gain Control 2022] Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kazuyuki Fujita


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This is easily one of the worst matches I've seen in recent memory. Fujita wins the GHC by basically taking a huge shit on Nakajima and thoroughly outwrestling him, and when Nakajima pelts him with ridiculously stiff strikes, Fujita smiles and hands is back to him. There's only one time when it seems like Nakajima can win, after an utterly sick looking running kick to the face (picture a Randy Orton punt, where Orton doesn't give two flying shits if he injures someone or not), and they don't even try to milk it for a near fall or a ten count. Nakajima just tries a suplex so that Fujita can reverse it, and then finish him off to win the title. I can honestly say that if I never see another Kazuyuki Fujita match again, I'll be perfectly happy with it.

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