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  1. MikeCampbell

    NXT Takeover: New York

    There were things I really liked about the main event, but it came off like Johnny was having the same match with Cole that he would have had with Ciampa. Like Ricky said it's a bloated epic, that I wasn't terribly fond of last year. Hopefully, with Johnny no longer chasing something, he can have a different type of main event in a few months at the next Takeover.
  2. MikeCampbell

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    Last year Barnett was making noise about reviving the Japanese UWF. How do the Bloodsport matches, in general, compare to the style of UWF/UWFI/U-Style/etc?
  3. I went into this hopeful, having enjoyed their January match for the 3-Crown, and also having enjoyed Akiyama's Carnival matches against Hansen, Kawada, Kobashi, and Ace. But, I can't say that this did a whole lot for me. It just didn't strike me that Misawa really cared to make Jun look good this time around, he totally no-sells the opening Dragon screw. Later on, when Akiyama works over the leg for a bit, Misawa makes his comeback by kicking him away and him doing a dropkick of all things! The knee doesn't factor into his having trouble doing any of his usual moves, including a bridging Tiger suplex for a near fall. Akiyama gives Misawa his best shots, and Misawa just sucks it up and makes it look easy to put him away. And I echo the sentiments on why Misawa even needed to be here in the first place? Given that he was taking some time off after the Dome, there's a storyline right there of having him miss the finals and lose the titles, leading to his time off.
  4. I just randomly watched this today, and heard something eerilly ironic from Bischoff. "Look at Benoit's eye, that guy is a nut!"
  5. I've watched this twice now, because I wanted to watch it with a fresh mindset after getting over my markdom of the Revival finally getting the titles. The only real flaw that I find is that neither of them does much to put over the struggle of kicking out of near falls. Even when Gable gets the early German suplex on Dawson, he just lays there until after the ref gets to two, and then kicks out. There's a couple times when they make that idea work, like the blockbuster/German suplex and the near fall where Roode pushes Dash (I think) into Dawson to break up the pin. But, other than that, they worked a good pace, the work was generally smart, and the match was well worked for the time constraints that TV forces them into. I haven't seen a shit ton of stuff from this year (which is one reason that I enjoy lurking in these threads so I know what to check out), but, the only thing I'd probably put above this would be the NXT Tag Titles match from Takeover Phoenix.
  6. So, have they actually acknowledged what "EC3" stands for, or is everyone just supposed to more or less know and/or accept it?
  7. My initial reaction to him being sent to 205 Live was "I wonder who he pissed off?" Does anyone think he'll go to AEW rather than New Japan? I don't know if he and Cody would be tight at all from being in WWE together. But, certainly Omega vs KENTA, or even KENTA/Someone vs. The Bucks would be something of a dream match. Edit: After talking about things with a friend, KENTA/Pac vs. The Bucks would be a helluva dream match for them.
  8. MikeCampbell

    All Elite Wrestling

    I was thinking about this the other day. It used to be that people would be future endeavored every other week. Now, barring Enzo and Cass, I couldn't even tell you the last time or the last person that they released.
  9. MikeCampbell

    All Elite Wrestling

    I don't think they'll be letting Dash and Dawson go. If anything, Monday night seemed like they were finally getting ready to go all the way with them, with them finally getting one over on the Lucha House Party. I could see them letting Mike and Maria go, they obviously don't value them as much of a commodity. I haven't seen anything reported yet, but a friend of mine said he'd read that Dolph Ziggler also requested a release. He's another that I don't see them wanting to lose.
  10. In the ten years since you originally started this, have you used the phrase "ambitiously stupid" at all?
  11. This reminded me a bit of 'Mountain's matches with the Undisputed Era, except that it wasn't nearly as good. This felt too long, and there were at least two other sequences that would have made perfectly good finishes.
  12. MikeCampbell

    [2003-03-23-NJPW-Hyper Battle] Koji Kanemoto vs AKIRA

    I used to be a huge mark for Kanemoto when I first got into New Japan. But, watching this after so many years, I have to roll my eyes at the taste of my younger self. It has things that I really do like, like Koji needing to change up the ankle lock for the finish, his selling when AKIRA does the Musasabi to his legs, and the bit where he does the senton, but instead of getting a heatless near fall, he drops punches on AKIRA instead. I also liked that Koji's first ankle lock, game from the ground, since he was still hurt from AKIRA's STF. Even the stiffing each other early on worked, in the vein of showing their disdain for each other, before they moved onto working each other's leg. But, Koji's no-selling is so frustrating! There's the kip-up after the blockbuster, and even the finishing stretch has Kanemoto throwing out spin kicks and jumping knees, on a supposedly bad wheel, before he gets the last ankle lock.
  13. I think it's possible to keep her strong. I think that the Rumble should be Ronda vs. Nia, with Ronda going over. Becky runs in afterwards and KO's Ronda with the SD Title belt, and then puts Nia in th Disarm-Her and "breaks her arm" as revenge. The crowd will love her for that, and then you can build to Ronda/Becky at Mania.
  14. Heyman yelling to Corino "Excuse me, dickhead!" always cracked me up.
  15. MikeCampbell

    [2018-06-23-CMLL] L.A. Park vs Rush

    Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega is most likely winning match of the year, but if this is any indication, then L.A. Park vs. Rush is going to win feud of the year! This is an absolutely insane brawl with intensity that makes you completely believe that they want to rip each other's heads off. The dq finishes to the falls don't feel like screwjobs or copouts. If anything, it's impressive that the ref's let them get away with as much as they did before finally having to step in and call it off. I was taken aback a bit by how quickly Park seemed to recover from the piledriver. But, I'll admit that my on-again off-again lucha viewing has been 'off' for a few years now, so maybe that's more the norm now. And, it's not like Park just took the move and jumped to his feet like the bullshit that used to run rampant in NOAH. As soon as Rush started showing off that picture frame, I knew that it wasn't going to end well.