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  1. MikeCampbell

    AEW Dynamite - November 11, 2020

    I knew it was coming, because of the video last week. But, I still marked a bit when Pac came out. It's a ready made program between King, Blade, and Bunkhouse Butch and the reformed Death Triangle, now that the feud between Moxley and King is done, and they look to have wrapped up the storyline with Allie and QT. But, I'm a little bit worried that they'll screw it up by trying to be too cute and have Fenix side with Pac and Pentagon torn between his brother and his supposed best friend.
  2. MikeCampbell

    AEW Dynamite - November 11, 2020

    For real! The only time I'm recalling any sort of spoiler leakage was the tag titles change in January on the boat.
  3. MikeCampbell

    [1989-07-24-UWF] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Kazuo Yamazaki

    This is definitely one of my favorite UWF matches from this year, and it really says a lot about how great the year 1989 was from an in-ring standpoint. This is pretty much the Fujiwara show. He busts out a ton of cool shit, and some great moments like taking the kick and going down and then jumping back up at nine, to show that he really wasn't hurt that bad. Him going for the ropes and then changing his mind and rolling away from them and countering the heel hook with one his own was another. Yamazaki is great as always. He usually comes across as the stoic and caclculating bad ass, but Fujiwara manages to bring out a little bit of emotion in him. And, as great as Yamazaki is, Fujiwara is just a tiny bit better. And Fujiwara's fisherman's suplex into a float over is all kinds of awesome, and something that I wish of the AEW boys would steal.
  4. MikeCampbell

    Current New Japan

    That's the first thing that popped into my head, actually. Okada wins the G1 and wins the titles from EVIL. It's just like last year when White upset Tanahashi a month after WK, and was just keeping the strap warm for Okada.
  5. After a second viewing, I can't say that much has changed as far as my feelings on it. It's got tons of simple and smart work from both teams, some cute throwbacks in the form of the slingshot suplex and the vege-matic, and the intensity as the match wears on is perfectly believable. The match genuinely feels like it could have gone either way. And, FTR winning the match in a totally clean manner puts them over even more, because Daniels and Kazarian put them through the ringer, and they still managed to pull off the win. Honestly, the only thing that I didn't care for was the spot where Kazarian stoped Cash from coming off the top, while Daniels countered the super plex into a near fall. It looked too coreographed and rehearsed. It'd have been better if Daniels had done it first, and then Kaz ran over to cut off Cash before he could try to break things up.
  6. I'm literally headed out the door right now, so I'll write more later. But, the short of it is that this is easily the best match I've seen all year!
  7. This is easily the best UWF Miyato match that I've seen so far. There's not much of that to attribute to Miyato, which is even more remarkable, since it was still Suzuki's rookie year and only his second UWF match! Suzuki quite literally wrestle circles around Miyato, and his mannerisims honestly aren't far off from what we'd see from him nowadays. Miyato basically stays in the match by sheer force of will to not let the rookie show him up by beating him. Miyato winds up winning when he figures out that Suzuki is susceptible to suplexes, and getting a few lucky shots when they were both throwing wild swings at each other. After a year of snoozefests with Nakano and Anjo, this is certainly a breath of fresh air. With the new blood coming into the company in the form of Suzuki, Funaki, and Tamura, I'm wondering if/hoping that this match is the catalyst for bringing something fresh out of him that he can keep up.
  8. Let's not forget Austin being booked to win the Final Four match, and his knee injury happening mid-match and causing on-the-fly booking for Bret to go over.
  9. MikeCampbell

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I'll jump on the bandwagon and put in another vote for Daniel Bryan. The only other name I can think of would be Okada.
  10. Me and my friends always loved this segment. Pillman says "Seek and you shall find" - Well Austin was seeking, and he found Pillman!
  11. This was entertaining for a bit, and there were some parts where it looked believable that both teams wanted to rip the other's head off. But, that's about it. And, whomever came up the idea of Ortis and Santana trying to drown Matt, right after Shad's passing, deserves a kick in the balls.
  12. MikeCampbell

    [2020-05-27-WWE-NXT] Matt Riddle vs Timothy Thatcher

    Twelve years ago, I wrote something about the Lockdown match between Joe and Angle to the effect of "TNA wanted to do something completely different than what WWE was doing. But, WWE is smart enough to know that they don't have anyone who can do this. But, TNA didn't either." Well, I've finally been proven wrong! Aside from a few of the over-the-top pro-style aspects, like Riddle's senton off the platfrom and Thatcher ramming Riddle's head into the cage, this would look right at home on a UWF show. The struggle in the matwork, and the nastiness and intensity that they both show is completely believeable. This was just about the perfect sendoff for Riddle, and an awesome way to establish Thatcher as a bad motherfucker. Now, let's get that North American Title on him, and put him with Imperium already!
  13. MikeCampbell

    [1985-03-02-UWF] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Akira Maeda

    I can't really say I do too much on forums anymore, outside of posting in this section of PWO, so I may be super late to the party with this one. But, if Fujiwara isn't already considered one of the best workers of 1985, then he ought to be! The matwork was methodical, but never boring, and you always got the feeling that they were struggling and trying to win. Fujiwara gives a lot of respect to Maeda's kicks, by dodging and blocking them, as well as by selling them like death when Maeda started to land them. I can see why some people may not care for the finish, with Meada busting out a Capture, German, and Dragon suplex, and still losing. But, it works (for me anyway) on the level of the UWF trying to show that their style of wrestling is superior, by having the pro-style spots shown to be useless, even against a man as beat up as Fujiwara had been.
  14. Why has nobody else started a thread for this match? It seems like a nice exhibition at first, with a couple of skilled wrestlers doing their thing. The matwork is fluid and effortless, but it doesn't seem like either of them is really trying for anything. Then, Soranaka escapes Takada'a Octopus hold and Takada gets pissed and starts kicking the hell out him. Soranaka decides he isn't going to just curl up and die for him, and it turns into a heated fight. Complete with Takada bumping and letting Soranaka keep him locked up in holds for extended stretches, to make it look more likely that he's going to win, and Sornaka looking like superman for kicking out of a running Tombstone and then returning fire. Takada eventually wins out and taps him with a chickenwing, when something more brutal seemed for fitting. But, holy smokes, this was all kinds of awesome, and it's truly a shame that Soranaka's career didn't last much longer, if this is any indication he'd have been fit right in in the Newborn UWF, and maybe the openers with Nakano and Miyato wouldn't have stunk up the joint.