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[2022-02-11-BJW-Ikkitousen Strong Climb] Takuya Nomura & Kosuke Sato vs Kazuki Hashimoto & Kohei Sato


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Kosuke and Kazuki kick things off, trying to grind each other down with arm wringers. Wholesale tags follow, and things largely stick to the mat. Back in the ring, Kosuke wants Kohei, but his youthful exuberance costs him, and one forearm shot from Hashimoto downs Sato. K-Hash and Kohei dismantle the poor youngster, wearing him down with submissions, but Kosuke’s resiliency is the story of the match. Hot tag to Nomura, who batters Hash with elbows in the corner. Kazuki goads Nomura into a kick battle, which proved to be a mistake.

Kosuke Sato’s on fire, unloading a bevy of dropkicks and headbutts, but once again, it’s one headbutt that topples him. Kosuke stands up to his fellow Sato, eating kicks from Kohei like they’re candy. Kosuke tries to take them on two-on-one, and yet again, he’s struck down by his overconfidence. Kohei hits a piledriver, and with the break-up just out of reach for Nomura, Kosuke takes the fall. Everyone played their role to perfection here, with Kosuke being the fiery rookie, Nomura the steady hand to guide him along, and Kohei & Kazuki being the veteran butt-kickers. More bite-sized tag matches like this, please!

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